Vanity is women´s true religion

– Screw that statement, she said.

– Oh, I screw it all right, I replied, but that won´t make
the statement less true…:D

What is normal for the average citizen is a total failure for life…

Writing blocks and how to retrieve one´s creativity

It has been years that I have been waiting for this writing block to crumble down through some miracle or itself. I have fairly good ideas but they don’t appear extraordinary. Since some month I got involved with Carl Jung and I decided to cleanse my mind First…

Different inner complexes – seemingly insurmountable obstacles – prevent your creativity to flourish. Let it simply be that way: Start exactly where you are, with exactly what you have.

True creativity is about simplicity. About ridding oneself of all expectation and comparison. A friend of mine said that comparison is the thief of happiness. It´s actually the thief of self-worth…- I´d like to add. It´s about a soothing reassurance that in spite of all existing books, great writers, “knowledge” of any kind, so on and so forth, if we think it over, Nothing has been ever said. Really…Unlike what society wants you to believe, there is no Authority. So dare start from Nothing – as Life is eternally “empty”…Eternally renewing itself…running further in graceful pace…

We are so oriented to deliver, so keen to reach a result, so overly strained, so we end up in self-flagellation.

So the gist is to become so freed from wanting to achieve, and instead replace expectation with the miracle of immediate inspiration. That sort of inspiration may urge one to look and perceive differently…and in this new space one realizes that A WORD said in great love to the moment, may mean something to oneself. A tone…A color…That word/color/tone feel like a rich promise…It grows by itself if it´s entirely received… So even when what comes out are some loose words, you write them down. Let the process unfold…without putting any further pressure on yourself.

No matter what others say, the inherent meaning must be immediately recognizable within you. And in that awareness allow one´s creativity to blossom. This is what I can share with you after years and years of barrenness…

A second of that ineffable perceived Meaning may be more worthwhile than anything else…

Reading their true intentions

“Who said I want genuine connection?…

Being special turns me on, I am horny for power: I want to be someone, stand out and nourish my self-importance by creating distance and being unreachable…I live on your unmet needs. I love to see you suffer. Thus my only game is to frustrate and to belittle, depriving you of your self-worth so you will look up to me.”

Thing is they are not few. What this kind of people really deserve is a healthy


YES…which knows no “No”

An ever-growing sense of vitality. Of soothing and delightful Lightness.

A joyful trust which no longer rests on something vague and improbable, but on something immediately tangible…Utterly concrete. Immense and unwavering stability.

This blessed well-being is the outcome of years of perilous inner and outer journeys, of incessant work of pondering and understanding in-depth on one hand, but on the other, this ineffable state is the result of Nothing. Really: It simply doesn’t derive from anything known or created.

Hear me out:

No matter how magnificent, Everything existing in this world – and I really mean that – is second to It, a pale reflection of it.

So paradoxical: I needed all this strain, inhuman suffering and relentless effort, in order to understand no effort was needed.

So here I am: suspended between a non-beginning and a non-end…barehanded but inconceivably rich…

Can we surrender to the natural process, allowing it to heal us?

Originally posted on Mirrors of Encounters:

These days I need very much to clear my head. Stress is like a jacket that I can’t take off. I will breath and sit and walk. Seek solitude, stillness. I will regain myself.

Like never before, these last days I have been under a lot of pressure too. Stress has felt like a straitjacket. Really as if there was no escape.

So in those moments you feel totally cornered. Choice-less. As if whatever you try is of no avail.

Oftentimes I realize with astonishment that we might just as well have given ourselves the right answers long before, but have a hard time to integrate and act on them. In this sense your earlier comment is very enlightening:

“What I pursue always eludes me. What I treasure simply comes to me.

This is such an important thing. To pursue an objective is to set up a duality that…

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I still don´t get

…what the hell has been going on all these years.

What I can say beyond doubt is that they stole me from Me…

First now I am retrieving myself, having managed to defect from
and lay aside this hellish legacy called “society”.


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