Can we define “ugly”?

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Like Beauty, the Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. 

Beauty understands and incorporates ugliness. Can the ugly in its turn, ever perceive beauty?…

Really, why is modern man so ugly?

This blatant lack of personality and expression you encounter everywhere, emotional absence, those empty kind of glances, sufficiency and frightening vanity…All these countenances you see around with no trace of passion, presence or interrogative awareness…

Yes, ugliness is inarticulate and vapid, but the ugliness I talk about is ugly not because it is “ugly” but because intrinsically, IT IS ABSENCE – and Absence is neither beautiful nor ugly

Unfortunately, vividness can hardly be described. Yet, in the nearness of Beauty

though, there is order, there is a sense of balance, a poignant and benignant vibration.

In the nearness of ugliness there is an overwhelming feeling of disproportionate inutility, disorder, unbearable flatness and appalling tastelessness.

Ugliness – the…

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The fake will never tolerate the genuine

Whatever is pure and unadultarated is hysterically driven away.

If your only purpose is to strictly indulge in your personal story without considering a higher good for all, you truly live in vain

You will never find what you seek by seeking it

- Jeff Foster

The Universe points beyond itself

There is something about the Universe that can´t be simply explained by the impersonal forces in Nature and atoms colliding with atoms; and so, you have to reach for something beyond the Universe to try to account for it.

- Guillermo Gonzalez


Memory Negates Love

Is it possible to love without thinking?

What do I mean by thinking? Thinking is a response to memories of pain or pleasure. There is no thinking without the residue which incomplete experience leaves.

Love is different from emotion and feeling. Love cannot be brought into the field of thought; whereas feeling and emotion can be brought. Love is a flame without smoke, ever fresh, creative, joyous.

Such love is dangerous to society, to relationship.

So, thought steps in, modifies, guides it, legalizes it, puts it out of danger; then one can live with it. Do you not know that when you love someone, you love the whole of mankind? Do you not know how dangerous it is to love man? Then, there is no barrier, no nationality; then, there is no craving for power and position, and things assume their values.

Such a man is a danger to society.

For the being of love, the process of memory must come to an end. Memory comes into being only when experience is not fully, completely understood. Memory is only the residue of experience; it is the result of a challenge which is not fully comprehended. Life is a process of challenge and response. Challenge is always new but the response is ever old. This response, which is conditioning, which is the result of the past, must be understood and not disciplined or condemned away. It means living each day anew, fully and completely. This complete living is possible only when there is love, when your heart is full, not with the words nor with the things made by the mind. Only where there is love, memory ceases; then every movement is a rebirth.

 J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

The path with no path

Using no way as the way. Having no-limitation as limitation.
– Bruce Lee.

Utterly speaking, we have only access to rhetorical questions.

What is therefore a path without a path…? If there is no “way” to anything, it means hence that “somewhere” doesn´t exist either…and consequently, no direction at all, no here and no there…

Are we after all living in an inarticulate Nowhere…? And if so, if everything is “nowhere”, also “me” is a pure invention of the Mind, like everything around…”Around” what, around who, one may ask – because if there is no “I”, there is no center either.

Do we really exist?…Or, we simply share a Thought that we exist …?

No easy business this one…


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