I looked into her soothing mirror and saw none of us…

The most amazing serendipity

I was thinking of her, holding the phone to text her…calling her in my mind by her unusual surname. Not only that in that very moment she texted me, but her message was mind-blowing:

“Yes…it´s me!”

Overwhelmingly weird – she heard me without even knowing that she did.

An unwonted moment

He was so considerate and charming. We were at his place drinking tea.

Out of the blue he excused himself and went to another room. I could hear a sort of chant – I understood he was praying. You can´t imagine what soothing effect this had on me…The whole atmosphere was permeated with immense peace…

If it’s not written in the stars…

…no matter what you do will never bring about any outcome.

Conversely, if it’s meant to be, nothing will prevent it from happening.

Thoughtless…gainless observation… – HEAVEN

You can´t enliven a person who pretends to be dead


I loath those days when it’s neither good nor bad.

I am stuck in a sort of inner numbness. Feeling insidiously suspended. An uncreative state which brings about a terrible non-commitment…


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