Words and Silence

Every time we talk, we reiterate and strengthen the past. Why? Because word is memory, conditioned experience, the image we hold about ourselves through all our yesterdays. Word is thus the known – our security. And security is the other side of fear. If we want to grow and undergo renewal, we have to have the courage to be silent. To let go of word. And letting go of the spoken word, we let go of fear – of the false image we think we are.

We simply need to learn to be silent. In Silence you realize you are not the dream of your yesterdays.

Following words by Michael K. Marsh are truly enlightening:

“Silence invites us to repent from the need to justify, explain, and defend; from the need to be recognized, heard, and approved of; from the need to be accomplished, efficient, and productive. Silence creates space. (This spaciousness) allows us to listen with our heart rather than our ears. Nothing needs to be said. Nothing needs to be done.

All is well.”

First when you´ve found the Answer, can you formulate the right Question

Linger and listen…

The highland stream
Is joyfully pouring


The light is purling too

No one there has seen

The Shadow of

The Good or the Bad.

All words have crushed…

Presence alone whispers, like an unknown scent.

We need another approach

I said many times before and I say it again:

There is no such thing as new thinking.

Thinking by definition is old. It is age-old experience, the deep-seated conditioned individual and collective memory within is, it is what we call “identity”. Thinking is utterly speaking a total failure…as it is fear reiterating itself, constantly missing the encounter with this present instant in its everlasting freshness.

It is not about me venturing to say something interesting.
It´s a clear fact, if we look into it.

We have to understand the nature of thought, and dare see that thinking no longer serves us. I for one, am no longer served by it.

If we want to find new and sustainable solutions to impending life-problems, we need another readiness to enquire. We need to redefine Openness. As “Open” is not something we can decide to be. Clearly, the more open we try to be, the more fearfully closed we become.

Openness is thoughtless-ness – that is, encountering Life in its memory-less instant. It is letting go of word and preconception…Of identity based on the past.

Not an easy one…

What is actually missing?…What is it we don´t get?

Deeplydaisy muses:

There are the thoughts/answers that come to mind: are we missing a connection to something, a deep-rooted connectedness to our mother nature? Or maybe the voice inside has got so tiny and distorted we can seldom hear her, we miss her and the truth that she used to speak with confidence when we were children.

I read something about inner passivity and the inner aggressor and it just made me think of the native American idea of the good wolf and the bad wolf within us all, or the religious idea of an angel and a devil.

Perhaps we are divided internally and the ‘missing’ we feel are the fractures, the cracks and even though the gaps are what let the light through, we feel the airy space when the light is absent….or perhaps we are missing an internal one-ness, we look for it externally but it can’t be found there. I’m certain of it. Perhaps, as my grandmother used to say, we are all just waiting to go home (meaning the ever-after).

Maybe I’m talking shit but thoughts come about once being connected within the body of a mother, oneness perhaps the stretch and disconnection of the umbilical cord has got too much for us…some days everything is missing, others nothing. When the street lamps glisten through the pearls of rain on a busy high street, I’m sat in a steamy café with a nice sweet cup of tea…it’s all perfect, watching the world, smiling, in those moments I have everything I need. Perhaps you can’t know what is missing until you have found it…hmmm.

What are your thoughts?

Lose yourself

When you´ve losed direction, the old way becomes the New Way.


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