No, but really…

I can hardly go out to a cafe or more fancy place these days.

It is absolutely preposterous.

Everywhere, you bump into the same nonsensical hoax:

Shallow, bloated, self-sufficient idiots behaving like fucking VIP´s.

Most of them have never done anything worthwhile.

No talent, no achievement, no fruition.
Just conceit, airs and more conceit.

Women as men.

Nobody smiles. God forbid! Who said it was easy to flawlessly maintain a successful pose while feeling like a total failure inside. That´s why they are so strikingly serious, oh my, so precious, so perfectly unapproachable.

The age of the self-appointed freaks.

It is maddening really – you feel like shouting at them:

“Take a break and be yourselves for a change, you pathetic fools.”

This is no poem

Kill all repetition

Kill everything you think you know

Kill your past

Wipe out the memory of you

Don´t be afraid

You´ll rise…


Our enchanting age

The triumph of vainglory and single-mindedness.

Look no further

If you want to understand why the World has become such a nasty place, take a look at yourself.

Yes, that simple

Everybody is doing the best to avoid and obfuscate the truth.

The marriage between a futility and a delusion

So simple yet so complicated

Life is always now, but they fiercely reject it, obstinately relegating it “later”.

Loons in love with their futile projection.


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