I prefer something which is wrong but vivid, to anything right but dead

In my quest to still my inner prompting, I came across Helena Blavatsky when I was 22.

Although rather confusingly written, her book Isis Unveiled gave me some clues, which then corresponded with my worldview…

Now… She is the founder of The Teosophical Movement. Although very popular in those days, many considered Helena Blavatsky a counterfeit.

Was she a fraud…or not?… Who cares after all?…- as long as this movement has directly or indirectly brought forth or influenced such great spirits like Kandinsky – who took inspiration in his abstract painting from Leadbeater’s books -, than another giant, Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, who was highly impacted by Blavatsky’s ideas, not to mention Jiddu Krishnamurti – one of the greatest thinkers of the last century who died in 1981 – who was found and educated by Alice Bailey and Leadbeater.

So again…fraud or not, there must have been something very powerful and fruitful in this teaching to have spawned such magnificent talents like the above mentioned.

So I´d rather prefer a vivid sham, a warped truth, so to say, to a pertinent but still-born academical thesis, which engenders nothing but despondency and doldrums…- like art and contemporary music today.

I don’t pursue Truth for its sake

What really interests me, is the ease and well-being
which naturally derive from living Truthfully.


The crave for continuity, re-enacts fear and frustration.

Heed the small hints

…Cause the greatest of miracles hide in the inconspicuous…

Where true Art is absent, depression is present

The Right Tone

…”tone” which can be conveyed through both word or color -, when coming from a great artist or musician, instantly relieves you…
Opens up, rejuvenates, restores, re-constellating your whole perception.

Everything coexists under the law of compensation


Since SPONTANEITY, ENCHANTMENT, JOY AND THE ECSTASY OF LIVING are totally missing in this present so-called society, they are replaced by depression, gloom, shame, and a blatant lack of sense


The secret behind all successful skill

They all spoke about skill and hard work…No music teacher at The Academy or elsewhere, ever told me the most essential secret:

Namely that Music  – or any other successful undertaking – derives naturally from Your Inner State. From inner ease, balance, and clarity. And above all, from unwavering Peace.

If you´re unwell and your perception is disharmonious, irrespective of how much perfected skill and practice, the result will be null.

Blessing in disguise

You come to a point when you understand that all undertaking is of no avail. Things remain achingly insoluble. The frustration is total. But this overwhelming perplexity is such a blessing in disguise:

You can’t…


Without a fair degree of madness

…life becomes a total Nuisance…