Pentru Dolores

Bach – Invențiune la 2 voci în do minor

The curse of the fragment

The classical musician talks like a classical musician. The jazz player like a jazz player. The writer like a writer. The whore like a whore. Politician like a politician. Priest like priest. No one dares cross over…Everybody stuck in his fragment. In the narrow space of one´s god damn “speciality”…

Our brave new fucking dehumanizing world

I went to a cafe yesterday. There was a nice girl working there. There were not so many clients so we had a chance to converse. There was no flirt, we simply found a nice soul connection. We easily resonated with one another. Some relaxing Buddha bar music permeated the whole atmosphere. There was peace in the air. Delight.

Long story short:

Her boss showed up out of the blue, and the moment he laid eyes on me, he said some nasty words. He was terribly infuriated…so unaccountably aggressive. Why? I HAD DISTURBED THE ORDER HE IS USED TO…I swear to God, he would have killed me if he could, so incredibly pissed off he was…

Today I went to the same spot. You could have hardly believe it: the girl who yesterday was so alive and sweet, looked like a shadow, as if she was short of air…

As there was some humdrum noise being played, I asked amiably whether she could play some lounge music.

`”I AM NOT ALLOWED”…she muttered reproachfully.

I´d got it:

Happiness and harmony not only don´t sell, but are too much of a menace…


Lorena’s dream

A daunting truth

Not only that you get no encouragement in this outlandish pursuit, but they all vehemently oppose your endeavor to heal. Cause if you manage to, you will turn everything upside down, and thus not only will you heal and awake others, but you will expose and overthrow all the stinking lies the whole present society holds onto since times immemorial.