Another story

We tend to see whatever thing as such…but that is just sheer sloth:
Everything is intertwined, every tiny thing is part of a story… – a continuation,
or an apparent end.

So there is always another story alongside with the version of your life…


We don´t have a real life – but yes, we have Facebook

Truth and punishment

‎Don´t you dare tell me the truth cause I will punish you 🙂 and above all, let me punish myself in peace …


…we cry after contact but  we are scared like hell of it…:) so get out of ur bubble and let s talk !


…giving answers to questions that haven´t  been asked yet…

Riding a tomato

Andre Breton once said that if you are not able to imagine a stud riding on a tomato you are an idiot. Mostly we are the slaves of our interests and more often than not, we don´t see anything or anyone that isn´t  included in our expectations.
This very attitude has made life arid, awfully boring and insipid. If you are not able to grasp the so-called un-important things like the noise of a door in the subway, or the glance of a passerby, then you are a stranger and a slave in your own life.

Nothing to give

A friend of mine told me this: You know why most of the people have nothing to give? Because they don´t know how to listen…