Live NOW whatever the moment gives you, cause whenever you postpone Life, it will turn into resentment and misfortune !!!

No blame

If you are displeased with something or someone, your dismay has nothing to do with that particular person or thing.
You have two options: either project the blame and find motivation for your being unhappy, or realize that there is no blame, neither in yourself nor in the other, and find motivation to be happy 🙂

Fear of communication

All our sense of so-called inner security is built on illusion and lie. That´s why we are so scared of real communication, as we fear that the other person will see how easily demolished is our false existential ground.


My lie is far more important than yours – don´t you have the nerve to disagree !!! 😛

Inner security

How can we speak of real progress, when the only thing we strive after is inner security?

“Inner security” is just another excuse for protecting our lies, for feeling entitled to motivate and build more walls around us.

Living and feeling

It is so crazy – the most important things are not discussed and almost nobody pays attention to this:  we are afraid of Living and afraid of Feeling. Of course no one would admit it, because this is a too big an issue.

Answer to Aurelie

Time is illusion…
In order for the mind to exist it needs time and space…You have all the time you need when you LIVE whatever is your purpose, when you express your innermost meaning. But you are short of time when you do “wrong” things in life – those things which have nothing to do WITH WHO YOU REALLY ARE.
Your soul is in a state of riot, and so time will never suffice for being angry 🙂


We give away our valuable time to fear, and other people get rich on our weakness, loneliness and lacking courage to live.
The founder of Facebook makes billions on our vanity, narcissism, and  frustration. We have become so irrevocably crazy and neurotic, so afraid of confronting life spontaneously, so we let our lives be confiscated by whatever illusion of togetherness.

Perfect illusions for perfect idiots.

Next person is your mirror

It is self-evident:
Instead of trusting and inspiring each other, we fight, compete and flee one another. And we become more and more impoverished, more lonely, more boring, more predictable…If the next person is no longer your natural mirror, there is nothing to recount.

Money cannot compensate nearness and loving reciprocal interest, and because of that, there are hardly any stories worth telling nowadays.


You give up what you think you need, and GIVE ME what I know I need – this is generally the idea of this terrible nuisance which is called competition. It is quite obvious: a competing person sees nothing but enemies: whatever does not correspond my preconceived ideas and interests, is to be ignored, has no value; or, if it has a value it´s a threat and I have to fight it. In this hostile climate how can we speak of peace?