Another story

Blinded as we are by clinging to the false idea of fragmentation, due to sloth and greed, we are not able to see beyond our state of isolation and grasp the whole picture of this self-evident truth : Nothing exists per se. NO EVENT IS A DISCONNECTED EPISODE. EVERYTHING IS INTERTWINED.
Everything always happens within a context and all things arise from a story. The Story requires a totally different approach and attention than our, so limited logic, can convey.


Att bli kvitt Illusionen är ofantligt svårt för människan, nej, det är ju ohyggligt mer än så, nämligen att inse på alla nivåer att ALLT HANDLAR OM DISKONTINUITET.  Att upphöra med alla projektioner, att kunna varsebli den rena “sanningen”, är återigen mer en negation än strävan att förstå. Att negera är modet att förlora allt man tror sig äga, i synnerhet den svårt förvärvda egna identiteten med allt vad den innebär. Bara när man vågar förlora sig, har man chansen att ” hitta” sig själv bortom alla föreställningar.


Floarea umbrei tacea
palise de mult…

Albatrosul zbura
In apusul ochilor tai

Letter to Melanie

Even someone being 15-year-old is already “too old” in this infantile world of ours. It´s a fact, most of the people stop growing mentally and stagnate intellectually when they are about 12-13. Growing up and maturing is somehow against the laws and expectations of society …so most of them already die when 17, but buried when they are 80…it´s tragic or incredibly comic.

So, yes, unfortunately those “special” encounters with those persons – “you can see in their eyes that they have an idea about life and also that they kind of know who you are and that they understand you somehow” – are  rather seldom.

As you know, most people want it “the easy way” – whatever transcends this easy – way attitude, scares them. Alas, how many times haven´t I heard “oh, why are you so difficult and hard to please?”
I´ll tell you what : I saw a picture of myself in Romania when I was  2, and already then I was “too old” =)) God in heaven , I had the glance of a visionary, very grave, as if  I already knew everything.

You say : “at the moment I´m really searching for myself, inventing myself again and I´m on a good way”
But think it over – do you think Self can be searched for?
Who is looking for what here?…

You are already the person you are looking for – but you don´t seem to know that yet 🙂
When we search for and try reinventing ourselves is not Self we are looking for, but the illusion of a Self, the ego 🙂

Searching presupposes the idea of acquisition – the effort to acquire, generates struggle and isolation, but you see…
You are not a sum of qualities, something to hope for, as they wrongly tought you 🙂


Emotional depth

There are great emotional realms within us that are never explored, due to the fact that we do not have a proper means to convey them.


Nothing lasts forever – no structure, no system, no ideas. Authority doesn´t want you to know that, cause, they are there because of your cowardice, your insecurity and fear. They want you scared, doubtful and dumb…

If you understand that all structures are an outcome of sheer manipulation – as freedom has no object, no notion –  and ideas are in fact just an instrument for exercising power, then you are free. You start taking back your own dignity, and no authority can exist anymore.

Dikt eller verklighet?

Festen uteblir men glädjen klingar…Även musiken har tystnat

Vitheten viskar i vingens brokiga färger
Ordet förundras
och ler
Dikt eller verklighet?

You are what it is

Nothing exists outside your perception. You are everything there is, you are the problem to solve. The world looks as it does, because you are the way you are – you participate consciously or unconsciously to everything.


Things become in due time the way you wanna see them. So, stop blaming others, recognize your shortcomings and mistakes, and just take back you force, energy, confidence and responsibility for being happy and the world will change along with you!


What if, everything we have invented, appears to be in due time a huge mistake???

Neither nor

Being cannot be either confirmed or negated. It is mental masturbation to try one or the other. But alas, we like abstract fucking, don´t we? 🙂