Totul incepe intr un UNU oglindit…
Adica tu si eu… sau eu si tu …

Cine sa te faca fericit?

Multi cred ca ei sunt motivul fericirii altora.
Iar alti oameni cred ca ceilalti sunt capabili sa-i faca fericiti…


Happiness has her own memory. It is She remembering you!

Mother Happiness

Happiness is somehow “unreal” as It is vacuous.
It is not a result, not an action or reaction, not an aim…
It is, because it is not …:)

Äga eller ägas?

Vi kan äga eller ägas bara genom rädsla.

To be not

Life lives itself.
And makes itself.
If Life is creating itself, it does not always need your involvement.
“To be not”, doesn´t exist… You are always part of it…- when you create by allowing yourself to be created.


We have become slaves under our habit to flee.


Art cannot be defined by politics.

All isms  are perpetually diminishing Freedom, Creativity, Truth.
Humanity without metaphysical essence that only Art can convey, is doomed to fail irrevocably.

En enda gest

Kunskap och erfarenhet är en stor fälla, för helhet kan ej uppfattas linjärt. En enda bokstav…en blick…eller en gest, kan fånga det som erfarenhet aldrig blir varse eller åskådliggöra.

A second later can be too late

One man was enjoying his coffee on his terrace in the sunset. A beautiful woman comes by.

I am Happiness. Come with me, said she with shining eyes. Just a second, I will get my jacket, he replied. When he came back, she had vanished…