Vesti sumbre

Am citit despre faptul ca mai multi adolescenti din Romania si Suedia si-au pus capat vietii. Poate ar fi bine sa avem curajul sa ne intrebam daca nu cumva aceste sinucideri nu oglindesc o realitate sumbra : societatea de azi, si-a pierdut rostul si sensul iar faptul ca acesti copii recurg la un gest atit de definitiv, confirma irevocabil acest fapt. A vegeta nu inseamna a trai. Multi oameni nu mai sunt vii, au murit moral si sufleteste. Inertie si nimicnicie, ce alte perspective oferim generatiei tinere? Aceste sinucideri nu sunt deci numai problema celor implicati si ale familiilor acestora, ci repet, e un semnal de alarma, ESTE SIMPTOMATIC ptr toata – asa zisa – societate.

Nu le putem cere “celorlalti” ca ei sa iasa din intuneric, asta deoarece “ceilalti” sunt o continuare a noastra.
Sarcina de a intelege,confrunta si constientiza propriul intuneric apartine fiecaruia dintre noi. Noi suntem cei care am creat aceasta stare de fapt, aceasta suma de izolari, care e societatea de astazi – am ramas blocati intr-o frica existentiala, frica care se auto-intretine prin refuzul fiecaruia de a-si confrunta partea intunecata a personalitatii…La nivel ultimativ, suicidul este expresia anuntata a izolarii sinelui, a izolarii individului fata de comunitate.Vine un moment in care nu ne mai putem hrani cu himere frumos impachetate. Ci pur si simplu devine imperios sa privim adevarul in fata, sa dialogam cinstit, sa ne deschidem inimile.

No point of view

 Even the things you take as “most important” are nothing else but the outcome of  a point of view.

“No point of view” means  to perceive life intuitively,  with a perspective surpassing mere intellectual understanding. “No point of view” is a “positive” negation. In this sense, Truth  is  non-thought, non-possessing, with other words,  nothing to gain or lose; a state of inner richness beyond any evaluation. Universality. Unutterable freedom.

Established reality

We hate whatever doesn´t conform with our established reality.

In a broad sense we hate the Unknown (as our identity can function only within the range of the known) and consequently we hate Life, as life is an utterly unknown process.
This hatred and fear of the unknown has deprived us of the most precious gift: the immediate connection with the deep mystery of life. The loss of it has become our curse, the beginning of all madness and dysfunction.

What do we know really?

What we know, is most of the times just the old, isn´t it? Because if we are to define ourselves, we define what we have been, never what we are now!!!…Life actually defies all definitions.

We actually have no idea What or Who we are in this very moment.

And due to a huge fear to embrace life without preconceived opinions, we kill this moment with stupid definitions cause outside the well-known patterns of thinking who are we after all…? We live in the “old”, although, of course, we run frantically after the “new”, which is nothing else but a renewed old, isn´t it?

Meaning is finding peace

Ultimately, meaning is not a matter of  doing something.  Meaning is primarily  a state of mind .

When there is that deep meaning within you, there is also peace, equilibrium, presence.
In this presence, action becomes total, consequently successful, as it is done in joy.
Acting then, is no longer the outcome of necessity, a search for motivation, but a natural
flow … moment by moment ….


So…what is it that makes you feel MEANING?

Only when you live your personal meaning, are you able to see your fellow-man, to come near other people, instead of feeling threatened, creating a wall between you and them.

So again:

What is your meaning?…and having said this, WHO ARE YOU?


Unity of life is not a “beautiful concept”.

Unity is grasping on a deep mental-emotional level that Life is singular. I said this earlier: PLURALITY IS ILLUSION.

Oneness is the answer, not the thought of it, but THE FELT ONENESS.

Only this singularity can see and mirror your and others´ true self.