…is beyond singularity or plurality, embracing both.

All things originate and end up in Presence…you may experience this when you no longer identify with the multitude expressions of life, but with Life itself.

The gift of Presence is peace. Peace is Unity, and unity is the mother of all contrasts.

The journey

…to real answers is an incredibly arduous quest, as there is no map or authority to follow.

Cause and effect

The problem is that most of us can not see the relation between cause and effect. The effects are uncountable, the Cause is ultimately, One. We are afraid to see things in relation to each other.
We are afraid to find out the cause. God knows what we may find…

We needs enemies, not peace and freedom

To be at war with ourselves is our motivation.
Quietness and peace of mind is indigestible for the ego.

How do we define Evil?

You need an incredible intelligence and shrewdness in order to grasp
the insidious mechanisms of Evil.

What is the false premise?

The premise for our very existence is false, as we no longer are in contact with our transcendental source. When a civilization has lost touch with its higher purpose, is doomed. Thus, technological progress is mostly a compensation for our emotional, ethical and spiritual deficiency.

If we were really sane, progress would mean a greater life-awareness and morality.

Progress – to put it in Ekhart Tolle´s words -“has become intelligence in the service of madness.”
No mad man will ever admit he is mad. The same goes for our so-called civilization.


We are so busy with our becoming, so we perpetually miss this very moment.