Keep quiet?

Not easy.
Sometimes, for sure, it´s better to shut up.
People will hear what they wanna hear anyway… 

18 aug 2010

Flori ,
de noapte





We too

If a say :
“Behold, Life is an unfathomable wonder ”
most likely you will not believe me. But indeed, that´s what life is.


Real change

If we want to change this world, individually and collectively,
we´ll have to throw away the mask, accepting our pain and misfortune,
deal and work through the illusion of being “separate” .

When illusion dies, we live.

Life is the giver and the witness of my worth

It has taken me years to finally understand that you don´t create for humans, but  for Life herself.

People may or may not give you the right feed-back, what today is “in fashion” tomorrow is decay…

Understanding this, I no longer care for others´ interest. If I receive feed-back and recognition it is great… – if not…I continue anyway,´cause Life is the Giver and the witness of my worth …
What it counts, is to feel the pulsating vividness of inspiration and meaning…second by second.

This insight gives me a lot of new faith, and, a renewed energy, because what a waste of time and creative force, to expect people to take interest in you…Especially nowadays in this narcissistic age. What can narcissists give except hollowness …? 😀

The funny thing is that when you turn your back to Fame, she will pursue you.

The same goes for women 😉  …

Utan titel

Vi promenerar i var sitt labyrint

Bara när vi inte hittar vägen ut, vågar vi vara oss själva


Vem är Du

utan alla dina dagar

utan alla dina svar…?