Vad kyrkan och prästerna har skadat oss genom tiderna…skadat kvinnan, och därmed, oss alla…De här jävla korkade idioterna som uppfann helvetet, skulden, straffet…som kvävde livet för att omhulda en impotent lära…

Skuld, straff, helvetet…Det finns inget sånt…Det är grymma påhitt för att hindra människor att leva.

Det finns däremot ett ofantligt jävla mysterium, LIVET, som uppstår ur så märkliga bevekelsegrunder…
Livet…:  den gudomliga kvinnligheten, som måste igen få det förtroende och upprättelse för att skapa nytt och sant liv inom oss…


Life, at an ultimate level is poetry. It is a strange and wonderful array of connections which are totally illogical. Everything coexist in an incredible interference…

Can someone enlighten me…?

How can you reach people when they choose to live behind the bars of their self inflicted prisons?

Running away

We are busy running away from ourselves, living our life (in fact, “dying” our life) through others. Hence the idea of ​​exacerbated possessiveness at the level of relationship. You are important, because through you I feel fulfilled, you are the reason of my happiness.

Wonderful love, don´t you agree?


Suntem ocupati sa fugim de noi insine, traindu-ne viata (de fapt, “murindu-ne viata) prin altii. De aici ideea de exacerbata posesivitate la nivel de relatie. Tu esti important, fiindca prin tine, eu ma simt bine.

No disscociation

You can´t dissociate Knowledge from Being.


PS Never tell this to the academic world 🙂

Our wonderful prison

It is unbelievable to see all these people searching for contact and communication. But on-line, never in real life, oh no…
Everybody is checking their Facebook account no matter if they are lonely in a café with laptops, or travelling by subway with their smart phones.
The phone has become smarter and smarter, and the users ever more retarded. Not knowing anymore how to behave freely, people have forgotten how to handle another person, what to do in a real contact.

They all yearn for contact, BUT ON A DISTANCE. “Don´t you dare approach me”, that´s the tacit message you get.

Freedom is always on the internet, because real life feels nowadays like a perfect prison.