Emotia pura este tabu

Redau aici un dialog pe care l-am postat pe Facebook intre mine si un prieten.

Simtirea autentica, emotia pura este tabu in ziua de azi. Esti persiflat daca ai “slabiciunea” sa fi miscat, prezent in propria traire. In ce bataie de joc de timpuri traim? Chiar am devenit atit de timpiti incit sa nu mai vedem acest adevar? Sa ne fie rusine si sa ne lasam taxati pentru ca traim?…

Asta inseamna modernitate, sa lasam prostia si mediocritatea sa ne anuleze umanitatea? Isi merita numele o astfel de civilizatie care isi reprima si anuleaza trairea? Inseamna ca omenirea are o grava problema existentiala, ca – in fapt – , traim un suicid colectiv.

De ce nu vorbim deschis despre aceasta realitate strimba?

El a replicat :

Pentru ca suntem programati sa traim in anumite tipare, sa purtam uniforme vestimentare si comportamentale, pt ca usor, usor, ne-au fost luate modelele valoroase si ne-au fost create niste false modele in spatele carora cei mai multi dintre noi ne grabim sa ne aliniem de parca ne conduc spre ceva.

Eu la rindu-mi am raspuns :

E just ce spui. Ne-au fost luate modelele valoroase. Problema e insa CUM DE AM PERMIS CA ACESTE QUASI MODELE SA NE FIE IMPUSE?
Nici-un model nu poate fi impus atita vreme cit omul are un minim discernamint, si ISI PRETUIESTE VIATA SI TRAIREA, si isi afirma deschis sentimentul si integritatea emotionala.

Realitatea despre care vorbesc se resimte la fel de mult si in Suedia ca si peste tot in lumea “moderna”. Asta e flagelul care a dus lumea in deriva: lipsa de sentiment real.

Tot ce inseamna moralitate, etica, dreptate, este apanajul inimii, al trairii autentice. Repet, cind anulam glasul inimii, anulam si glasul constiintei, si atunci raul se instaleaza, pentru ca Raul e Absenta. Absenta trairii.


 …tot incerc sa-mi explic cum naiba au ajuns oamenii sa se teama de emotie, sa tina la distanta orice traire autentica si sa se ascunda in spatele unor clisee atit de infantile si deliberat-reductioniste…?

One year since I started this blog

Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of me writing here, as more often than not, I get no feed-back.

But then I realize that the feed-back is the very joy I feel putting down these thoughts. This joy I feel, is the direct remuneration of my endeavor for dialogue with “others”.
I communicate with the Joy of re-defining many false ideas, and in due time, the ones prone to make a similar “switch” of perception, will appear.

Yesterday was one year since I started this blog.

I have noticed that the posts I wrote in great emotional fervour (for instance “My grandmother Elena”) had that very day an incredible number of visitors.
It is quite obvious that in many people´s souls is an unquenched thirst for genuine feeling, for something real, for inner relief through CONTACT WITH LIVED SPIRITUALITY.

The  question is this :


Well, it may sound like a big issue, but that´s what it is : the problems that the individual and humanity faces today are huge. We need an incredible amount of energy to find solutions to the present situation.

It is this “new force” which can awaken and enable us to see clearly the questions Life poses on us NOW.

We need this renewed Energy and vitality, to make the required changes for a further step, both individually and collectively. This New Breath, help us deconstructing the old paradigm.

This new passion and enhanced comprehension will show us the way to A NEW LIFE.

A great opportunity awaits us. Let´s embrace this Change !


Just a word for today :

There are people in whose company you blossom, and others who just steal your life force. Certain thoughts give you energy, other drain you.

The keyword is Vigilance. Both inside and outside. 😉

The whole Universe hears a leaf falling…


Why choose a particular direction, when Life is an eternal concomitance of directions?

The unexpected

Sometimes it is rather tedious to unfold an idea in a coherent and exhaustive way. Even if that idea is highly relevant, in the meantime, something else happens, which can be far more interesting and inspiring than the initial thought.

It´s always the unexpected which is the spice of every true creation.

Creation versus the Uncreated

On one hand, I would like to say something to last. On the other hand I would like to create something by “not-creating” anything. It is indeed a seemingly unfathomable paradox.

And yet, Freedom is always new, as It is uncreated…

Lao Tzu

If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.

Poor taste is symptomatic

You hear people speak pompously about God, faith, spirituality and their aesthetic taste is so dreadfully poor. Kitsch is taken for Art and real music.
Now if their taste is so low, you may wonder what Divine is in their perception…

That´s for sure, I would be very hesitant to partake in their idea of God.