A friend of mine said :

 It takes a lot to build a real confidence in someone and it can be destroyed so easily.

I answered him:

It does take a long time to build a real confidence in oneself. That confidence cannot be destroyed by anyone  🙂


It is hard work to build Real Value. It may take a very long time to ripe its fruits.
But only through Lived Value you can achieve an inner platform of true harmony, peace and spiritual firmness.

The crisis of today is the crisis of Life

Coming home, as usual, I don´t miss an opportunity to see what´s going on, to observe people, seize the moment…

In the metro, in front of me there was a fairly young woman. She wasn´t particularly beautiful, she had a long forehead, quite expressive eyes with long eyelashes, and a small mouth with thin lips. Her eyes were looking somewhere far away, she was so incredibly absorbed by her thoughts, trying so hardly to solve some terrible dilemma, that she saw nothing and no one around.

At some point I was literally staring at her, letting my glance linger, trying to remember her distressed expression, but also wondering how long it will take till she would feel that she was being looked at. It was incredible to see, but she never observed she was being “studied”.
Let me point out, that I was in no particular need to be seen, or have contact with her other than observing her absence of reaction.

I just depicted this episode in order to illustrate something else:

People are so occupied with their thinking, so absorbed in their inner labyrinth, so THEY SEE NOTHING AROUND THEM.
If the answer to their wishes would be in front of their nose, be it the solution to their problems, or the lover they so hardly look for, or I don´t know what, they would see nothing.


It is unbelievable to see how PEOPLE HAVE BECOME THE SLAVES OF THEIR OWN THINKING, taking their drama for the only and ultimate reality, becoming so closed and impenetrable, that nothing can reach them anymore.

How on earth have they all become so self-absorbed, so dead and insensitive? So incredibly absent…?

Could it be that THINKING is the curse and main disease of modern man?

The woman I just depicted in the metro is a metaphor for many women and men today.

Would you like to have a lover like her?
How is that woman as a teacher, or an employee, as a mother…? Would you like your kids to be taken care of a person like this? Does she see anything else but her fear?



If you go out wherever, you have the distinct feeling that the world has become depopulated. Absence and absence wherever you turn…Nobody is there cause everybody is immersed in thinking, in planning, in God knows what….

Life is no longer real life, but a question of thinking, an impotent concept.

There are plenty of activities around, noises, million of  “things to do”, places to see, and yet, again: NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS.


This is the REAL CRISIS they all talk about today. The crisis is WE. THE CRISIS IS OUR THINKING, OUR EMOTIONAL BANKRUPTCY, it is the absence of life within us.
Only a lived life creates value. And Value means LIVING. But we have become great liars because we don´t live. There is consequently no value in lie and falsehood.

We are absent and afraid of Life, and LIFE IS PRESENCE IN THIS SECOND.

Why do you think that all these politicians have become so stupid, corrupt and incompetent?

BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CLUE AS TO WHAT LIVING IS. They have become like the woman in the metro. Deaf and blind. On the other hand, a person who lives, who feels, is real, is intelligent, graceful, naturally wise. A person like this IS AWAKE.

It is Life itself sustaining everything. Only the one being alive will find new and proper solutions!

WHERE THERE IS NO LIFE, THERE IS NO SUSTAINABILITY WHATSOEVER. Neither economically, politically, artistically or in whatever aspect of life.

So finally, let me ask you:

Are you going to continue to play absent, or start observing and affirming your genuine feelings, even if feeling means confronting your pain ?


Egentligen, är varje ögonblick en överraskning, och just det skiljer levande människor från de andra döda själarna: förmågan att känna igen livet här och nu. Att glädja sig NU, inte sedan. “Sedan”, är det största lögn vi har hittat på, och dessvärre, lever de flesta sen, det vill säga, aldrig.

Look at this, it is wonderful

Hej mamma !

Yesterday I was waiting for the underground. I like watching  people going by, and usually I take the opportunity of making quick sketches. As I was drawing, an elderly lady came to me. “Hm,very interesting” she said enthusiastically, looking at some drawings I had just done.

It was nice talking to her, she was natural, easy-going. “I am like my mother, unlike many swedes I like talking to strangers”, making her point with a smile :
“I don´t understand why people are in such a hurry, they miss these short blessed encounters with one another. That´s why many of them have no life, cause they are afraid of each other, afraid to live a rich life!”

So I asked her to let me draw her. When I had finished, she said : ” This looks like my mother,
HEJ MAMMA!”(in swedish, hello mother)

I was so touched hearing her voice and seeing her tender eyes, while saying hello to her mother through my sketch…

Follow your bliss!

Years ago I was together with a girl, who then, studied medicine. Her name was Gabriela.

Once I had quite a big party, and she was kind enough to come and help me clean the whole place the day after. As we were washing the dishes, she made quite an unusual confession.

“You know, I love washing dishes, it gives me a feeling of great ease! That would be a perfect job for me, to work in a  restaurant doing just that …” Her winsome simplicity and sincere tone in her voice saying that, really struck me.

Frankly, I was astounded. For me, washing dishes is a necessary evil, I never heard of anyone finding motivation or satisfaction in a job like this. What was obvious was that deep inside she knew her way, she didn´t need to aspire further.

“So why on earth do you study medicine?”, I asked rather intrigued.

“Well, my father wants me to be a doctor, and besides, he pays for my studies. And I am aware that he has high expectations of me, and I can´t let him down…”

I met her sister years after, and asked about Gabriela – she never completed her medicine studies. If she ever had the courage to work in a restaurant, I don´t know.

Another perfect example is a guy I know, Alexander.

He is 35 now. He is a rather shy and insecure person; watching his face, I could see he was unhappy and tense. I found out why – he was unemployed. He used to work in an internet business.

I asked him:

” What is your real dream, what do you like doing, what would you like to work with?”

At first he was ashamed, almost afraid, as if he was about to unravel the most unbelievable secret. But out of the blue his face lightened up suddenly, he was almost transformed as his eyes got immediately a new sparkle of life.

“You know what Julien, I never said this to anyone, but my dream is to be a waiter “

I couldn´t believe my ears. “God in heaven,” I said , “What on earth stops you to be one? There must be lots of special courses to apply for where they teach this trade!”

My genuine interest for him made him drop in a second all the false expectations he was carrying, and there and then, HE WAS ANOTHER PERSON. He was shining.

Such a simple step to listen carefully and help someone. Thinking it over, I realized he has a good hand with people, he likes giving compliments, he is a bit cunning, fact is, he would make a very good waiter.

Ten days later he called me.

“You have changed my life Julien, I am another man!” – he said enthusiastically, as if struck by Fortune, “I have started a course to be a waiter.”

I was really happy on his behalf. He had the courage to make a drastic change in his life.

Unlike Gabriela and many people who just talk, he embarked for real on his new adventure.

Now, isn´t it quite obvious?

WE ARE ALL BEARING OUR VOCATION WITHIN US, but due to our parents´ unfulfilled wishes, and society´s narrowness to allow and give us a fair chance to be and discover who we are, most of us are working with things we are not suited for!

The right man at the wrong place. That´s our motto!

Many doctors should probably be dish-washers – like Gabriela – and dish-washers doctors; many musicians would make perfect economists, many economists would make probably good actors, many engineers would be perfect lawyers and vice versa. A good thief becomes politician, and a potentially good politician remains a thief. Many clerks should be writers and many poets clerks.

The perfect upside – down world.

Imagine now, what a fantastic world we would have if we allowed ourselves to be exactly what we are…The way we are…If we stopped pleasing others and did the things that feel real and healthy for us…We if we could forget that one thing is better than the other, and follow the Thing which makes our heart sing…

Life is intelligent. Let us trust Its intelligence and allow It to show us WHO we are! There are people are meant to be doctors, to bake, to be poets, musicians, lawyers, there are those who are meant to be frivolous…Thanks God for that!

For the record, if we didn´t have a distorted vision about sexuality and allowed women to be what they secretly are, they would become more like the priestesses in ancient temples, who were there TO HEAL, sooth and caress… But the way we treat sexuality, the same way we treat life and ourselves: distorted-ly and stupidly and distorted-ly.


However, if we weren´t afraid to live, there would be a place for every person. When you no longer resist your real vocation, you are happy and allow others to be happy, and by allowing your special gift to manifest freely, you don´t compete with anyone else, as your success is granted.

Competition is after all an invention created by confused people being in the wrong places, struggling for their false identity. 

As a final word, I will ask you the same I asked Gabriel :

What is your real dream, what makes you happy, what do you like doing, what is your secret desire to work with?

De cine ne e dor de fapt?

Cind spui “mi-e dor de un barbat adevarat sau femeie adevarata” afirmi de fapt ca nu iti esti suficient tie insati/insuti, si ca ti-e dor de contact cu TU-ul tau adevarat, cu TINE. Sentimentul separarii nu poate niciodata fi “intregit” de un alt om, chiar daca pare asa. Fiindca “acel om” pe care il cauti este, de fapt, TU.
Cu risc de a demitiza iubirea, afirm ca nimeni si nimic nu te poate fericit, in ciuda Marei Iluzii pe care e fundamentata societatea si care ne indeamna sa cautam mereu “in afara”. Cind realizezi ca dincolo de separare Tu esti intreg si fericit, (realizare care poate lua O SINGURA SECUNDA , sau din pacate, nu una, ci mai multe vieti) ei bine, atunci si numai atunci, ai sansa sa cunosti pe cineva cu care vei rezona pe deplin.

A delayed life

Mostly, we pretend we do not see ourselves. I wonder: why the hell do we all hide, for who are we playing this insipid and vicious theater? How can you evolve when you live in perpetual self-denial? Quite obvious – we deny ourselves, we deny everything around us. Nowadays, Life bears the name of your denial.

Due to cowardly clinging to our comfort zone, we refuse spontaneous things, kill the unforeseen beauty of Life and play it safe. All great invitations of Fate that are postponed become Evil, they will turn you into a failure. So immensely sad:

WE LIVE A “DELAYED” LIFE…Not recognizing and running away from meeting with your destiny, makes your life-energy wane, and without this energy, you´ll float without direction…

I wish you a day full of “non-postponing” !

Hello :)

I am back in business 😛
I have been away in Romania for ten long days. I say “long” because many things have happened in this relatively short time. So I have many stories to tell from this voyage…
It was so good to have a break from all internet stuff.
Just to have contact with the silent mirror of music, to live simply and with ease, to smell and enjoy this late autumn days…

Poetry is always in real life, not on-line 🙂