The center point beyond opposites. No joy, no sorrow, only inexpressible peace.

This Present moment freed of all attributes.

Vad är hemligheten bakom en lyckad handling?

Att försöka bygga en “positiv” handling utan vidare insyn i kraftorsaken,
har knappast nån chans att bli nåt…

Livet verkar godtyckligt och orättvist, kan man tycka många gånger…
Är det verkligen så, eller svarar Det omisskännligen på det vi sänder ut,
på det vibrationsfält vi skapar med våra tankar, tro eller tvivel…?

Du kan ha liknande redskap som NASA, och likväl, åstadkommer du inget…
Eller, som Kary Lash,  – en känd fotograf jag en gång träffade – så kan man ta ETT ENDA KORT på måfå, som vinner första priset på en tävling, och blir början på en lysande fotografbana.

Frågan är: Vad är hemligheten med en “lyckosam” handling?

Är det rätt och slätt ödet…?

Eller är det nåt man bygger inombords innan något syns…?

Claim back your birthright – your happiness

We were born perfect and happy, but then we were conditioned by parents and society to be unhappy. This crime of being deprived of your natural happiness is more odious than death itself.
We were and are manipulated by fear, we breathe fear, eat fear, act “fear”. Even the happiness we know, is a continuation of fear, because – isn´t it so? – thesis is not that different from the antithesis …

The question is whether you have the courage to dig inside of you, to deal with the illusions and false precepts which are deeply rooted in your soul. This garbage handed down from generation to generation, is  not easy to deal with, as you will encounter a lot of pain, especially when you become conscious of it.
True happiness is a state of flow, finding your own inner rhythm.

You are this intelligent and natural spontaneity which is not defined by any human rule.
What are you doing, what you do, is totally irrelevant. The question is :


Our so-called culture is Fear. It is vital to understand, see through and get rid of all this parasite called Fear, cause it ruins your life.

Find your inner peace and rhythm, your dynamic and your passion. Try to discover the road shown by your presence.

Presence is beyond duality –  IT is the most precious gift you have.

Someone said that…

It´s insanity to go on with the same beliefs and pattern of action, hoping you will have different results.

This is good

Un fragment delicios povestit de o amica de-a mea.

“Eram mica copila si mergeam in satul de bastina al tatei. Acolo mai toti satenii aveau cai si vaci. In fiecare zi vaca pleca la pascut. Doar o duceau la poarta si pleca singura, la serviciul ei de vaca, cam pe la ora 7. Se intalneau mai multe vaci pe ulita si mergeau la izlaz. La un timp hotarat de ele, si numai de ele masurat, nu stiu cum, poate dupa deplinatatea ugerului, vacile se intorceau acasa. Asteptam de fiecare data o greseala. Dar nu, vaca stia poarta, impingea poarta cu coarnele si mergea spre grajd. Si asa se intampla cu fiecare. Nici una nu-si gresea casa…”

Am postat aceasta mica povestire pe Facebook, si mai jos o sa redau un comentar facut de altcineva :

“E incredibil: zilele trecute, in timp ce asteptam autobuzul care ma ducea spre oras, ma uitam mirata – desi de mica stiam acest lucru – cum vacile mergeau singure pe drum, nemanate de nici un taran, spre casa lor; ma uitam cum unele asteptau rabdatoare sa treaca masinile iar la intersectie unele o luau inainte, altele la stanga, asa cum stiau ele unde le este casa… Ti-am trimis acest mesaj deoarece  mi s-a pare incredibil cum si eu am trait acelasi sentiment despre acelasi lucru, (relatat de amica ta ) si la cateva zile il vad pe internet! ” :)

What is true Self?

True self is joy, infinite energy and expansion in light, ineffable peace. It is timeless, but “timelessness” is not a mere idea.

If you want to get to know what It is, you have to step out of your idea of time. Time is sorrow, time is the invention of your fear. When you are afraid of this moment, when you don´t live it, you create Time.

 I repeat. When you don t live, you are afraid and you create time to postpone this Now.

You are afraid of now, afraid of living…

Our rationality is bankrupt

If we are to follow “the unquestionable truths” society has taught us, we are irrevocably lost. The established conventions are the perfect highway to hell.

Our rationality is bankrupt.

So if you value and care for life, you have to question and detach yourself from this non-sense.

Hear what they are, and not what they say

There are people who speak impeccably about most interesting life-issues. Their skill is obvious, what they say seems so right and convincing. Yet behind these “well-learned-truths” you sense often imposture and hypocrisy.

It requires great skill and discernment “to hear” what people are, and not what they say…

Another odd encounter

Few days ago, a friend called me to go to some exhibition.

I went. The paintings were rather dull and uninteresting, so I was wondering what was the point of me being there. I would soon find out.

 I was talking to this painter friend of mine, and among other people standing by his side, there was this lady. My friend introduced us. She was Romanian and she happened to come from the same city I come from. She had just moved to Stockholm a week earlier, due to her work.

“Julien Matei?”, she said with big eyes uttering my name. “That is really odd, the other day I was surfing around and I found by chance this blog  Mirrors of Encounters. And now hearing your name, I realize that is your blog…Yesterday I was reading your thoughts, now you stand right in front of me. “

We both laughed at this highly improbable coincidence.

Now, rationally speaking, what are the chances that an occurrence like this to take place? Out of the numberless blogs and random information on the internet, she bumps into my “Mirrors”, and the day after, these “Magic Mirrors” manifested our encounter.

I was really pleased with this coincidence for its symbolic value. I took is as a gift.  As I said earlier, I have the feeling sometimes that my writing here is pointless, I kind of speak for “deaf” years.
This encounter though, gave me hope to continue writing, as she admitted that she found my reflections valuable. It means that somewhere, there might be others who are prepared “to listen with new ears”.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, and I trust that even more now.