Give, give and give

The key-question is :


We all want to live richly but many times we are stingy, stingy with ourselves and others.

Generosity breaks the blockage – the false I-ness. Many times it´s our stinginess which keeps us stuck in negative patterns.

Flow is what you give, communion with “others”, and your confidence of knowing that giving is replenishing, will clear the way.

Give, give and give, because giving and sharing is the mirrored reflection of  joy!

What blocks us?

Change cannot come when the mind dwells in resistance. Because resistance is stagnation.

What are you resisting?…

The energy of Creation creates with and through us, if we permit it… if our vessels are empty – but mostly they are not, due to whatever reasons.

What blocks us?…

When we are in touch with essence, means is secondary.
The renewed contact with Source, drive us forward, and ideas and “know-how” come easily as we proceed.


Everything else is literature.

Every story you are told is real insofar as you want it to be true. Stop giving away yourself letting others live and make profit on your yearning!

Take back your projections, your strength, your confidence! DON´T GIVE AWAY YOUR DREAMS AS YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR DREAMS!

YOU ARE THE IDEAL YOU ARE LOOKING FOR in others or in the world. Your only obligation to yourself is TO BE YOU !

You have the power to disassociate yourself from everything! You are free to be what you are… Whoever or whatever you are is fine!!

It can sound like a terrible platitude, but The Greatest Gift you can give yourself, is Accepting yourself NOW despite flaws and shortcomings. Acceptance is tuning in with your true Self .

You are the most important person in your life!

Imagine…everything is one breath away…

Life and you are the same:


Why do we watch television?

Why do we look at TV at the end of the day?

With some few exceptions, how is it possible that people give so much time to this manipulating crap?

Do we evaluate so little our precious life so we can swallow all these lies and bad taste? Have we become so incredibly dumb, short of fantasy and empty to allow this rubbish to steal our life?

Sometimes I happen to put on the TV set, and I realize that I DON´T EVEN HAVE A SECOND TO LISTEN TO THIS FAKE BULLSHIT…

Every second is gold…

Why would I give my invaluable attention to things that are mostly senseless? To stories that are completely devoid of any substance?…
If I have a real life, why would I buy a false version of what life is?


If people lived a rich a meaningful life, really took interest in themselves, would they have time to waste in front of the TV set? Would they give away their self-esteem to some crazy fools who twist your imagination?

What do you think?

Those whe need the guiding light will find it

I put a fragment from one of my posts on Facebook. I will quote the text and the dialogue I had with Andrea, a singer friend of mine.

“By trying to escape problems, we create Time.

Time is the distance between you now, and the “better” version of yourself in the “future”, some kind of ideal self. This “ideal-self” is pure escapism, as it exists only on an imaginary level.

Give up the idea of looking for yourself !

The thing you call Ideal is a chimera, “the Ideal” is You, now!!…exactly the way you are.”

Andrea Gerák:
Julien, your thoughts would deserve a much larger publicity!

I write of course on my blog, but somehow the things I write about are “too charged” and more often than not, I have the feeling this information is rather scary, as it is a different way of looking at things.

Andrea Gerák:
I hear you. Scary for whom? For your readers? Whatever you write about, I would find it more scary if certain truths didn’t come to light… And we need those who can shed some light 🙂

Thanks for what you say! Often, I get no feed back, although the stuff I write is pertinent. It is ripe time, we talk about these issues – this is the kind of “feed back” I am speaking about – it is not enough a “like”. IT IS ABOUT BUILDING A DIALOGUE which seems so incredibly hard today .

Andrea Gerák:
Very often I also don’t get any feedback on my stuff, but I keep sending out my newsletter, writing my blog and promoting it etc…often it happens that people get back to me after months and make a comment on how they liked this or that.
Think of this Julien: a lighthouse is lit in the dark sea-shore, regardless of what boats are passing by. Many times, maybe there are no boats around.

But those who do need the guiding light, will find it.

The ultimate meaning in life

Only the idea of separation sponsors the thought that we can search for ourselves.

I am “this” but try to become “that”. Separation is the distance between “the one I am now” and “the other” I am hardly trying to become; this idea is the beginning of all pain and inner conflict.

I am not satisfied with me now, so I’m looking for myself. This search presupposes the idea of  time, right? But we cannot find ourselves “”in” or “through” time, but through IMMEDIATE FEELING AND ACCEPTING  OF WHAT IT IS, AND WHAT WE ARE NOW, in this very moment.

I repeat:

Time is the distance between you now, and the “better” version of yourself in the “future”, some kind of ideal self. This “ideal-self” is pure escapism, as it exists only on an imaginary level.

Without the idea of ​​distance between “different” aspects of yourself, Time  would not exist. If there is no time, there would be no suffering, or vice versa, if suffering didn´t exist, there wouldn´t be any time either, don´t you agree?

I  take it again: Suffering exists only in time, as Time is separation. Confront your problems now, cause by trying to escape problems, you create Time.

If you understand this mechanism, you will give up the idea of ​​ looking for yourself. The thing you call Ideal is a chimera. “The Ideal” is You, now!!…exactly the way you are.

When search ends, you will experience quite a huge turmoil and confusion. In due time, step by step, learning to live with what is, you will know beyond doubt that immediate Feeling is the key…

Feeling is the direct contact between your soul and you.

Life is Now, there is nothing to postpone. Being alive, embracing and fully confronting fully What is, is the ultimate meaning of life.

And this has unimaginable implications.

This moment has never been before

This very second – NOW – is a totally new situation. This “now” has never existed before…

The question is: can you forget just for a single moment that “you know”?… What do you know really…?

In this second, can you just dare to forget who you are, and feel this moment as if it was the first time?…Can you?…

Let´s stop and ponder about this: who is more happy? A “mindless” child seeing the newness of life every second, or some abstruse educated fool who claims to know, repeating obsessively the same “intelligent” bullshit on and on?

The huge problem with people who think they know (and alas, they are not few) is that they stop growing. They install themselves in their respective roles, in their “comfortable knowing” refusing any further real exploration, transforming life, in their own image. In plain language, they kill everything around them – including you – as their mind has become like a dungeon.

There are these miserable souls who think it´s better to be unhappy but respected, than happy but not in high esteem.

These idiots have modelled today´s society. They have taught you to forget about yourself and your natural happiness, and had you learn their fucking perverted “truths” in schools and elsewhere.

Whatever reminds them of real life, that is, of the unknown, is a terrible menace. Whatever doesn´t conform with their petty expectations, is instantly rejected.

To summarize:  since early age, you have been conditioned “to know”. This very knowledge we were taught, is mostly non-sense, as it is built on “the known”.

“Knowledge” which rejects the unknown is complete rubbish.

Consequently, they have stolen your Now, your Life.


What does it mean TO NOT KNOW? It means of course that you are given the freedom to explore. But no…they took away your freedom and have taught you fear, conditioned you to be a slave of conformity, they have taught you what they want you to know!

A free man is not a respectful citizen, he is a threat.

What do you prefer?To be a miserable respected idiot or be happy and on your own…?

I will say it again: this second is NEW, this NOW is unknown as it has never been before.

It is your NOW, your secret,  your most precious right by birth!

Art beyond established convention

Literature, philosophy, to a certain extent even poetry and music, are – more often than not -, subtle but uncanny approximations, which in the long run entrap the soul. Even the loftiest aesthetic expression can be just mere appearance, which empowers the “more refined” levels of the ego in its everlasting dream.
Of course, I am aware that this goes against all rational convention, as there is an evident risk that I seem totally odd, since in fact, I am an artist myself.

However, to find those powerful tones, words and colours who put you in direct contact with Life beyond the dream, is the quest of a real master.

A very interesting composer who reaches “beyond”, into the essence, is Arvo Pärt. Check his Spiegel im Spiegel and you´ll hear…

Are you willing to look at this with an unbiased mind?

The thiefs and the gullible

“Why do people ignore independent expertise and  accept what governments feed them?”someone asked me today.

Because most people are living in lies, cowardice, and distortion, and so being afraid of confronting Truth as such in their own life, they are not able to perceive obvious facts. Many are brain-washed, others would be flabbergasted to realize clearly what is happening …

The government is nothing but a continuation of people´s misrepresentation of themselves. There is no thief without the gullible, no executioners without victims…