My gain is your well-being

One thing I know for sure, is that established norms and mainstream “truths” are totally outdated. Trying to find new ways and new approaches to vital life-matters, is a thankless task, as I find myself many times groping in the dark, with nothing or no one to rely on.

It is kind of hard, as I can never be sure whether my observations are “right” and “valid”; in fact, what I experience and confront, is so outrageous compared to conventional notions, so it is above all, a challenge for me to make this “switch” of perception.

Most of the times I stumble, facing enormous difficulty in putting right words to things that don´t obey mainstream criteria, and inevitably I run into obscure misunderstandings and disagreements,
and I cannot “defend” myself, as I cannot pretend  I am right ; I can´t argue about something I am not sure about.

Literature, like abstract philosophy, is outdated. Unlike many writers , I don´t think it´s enough with “interesting” texts, no matter how skillfully chosen words and noble phrases, if they have no direct bearing on real life, they mean nothing.

The spoken and written word has to be powerful, it has to convey passion and vitality, the real word touches instantly, it creates a real, felt impact, it materializes insight into action. Real word is like a piece of bread to the hungry.

In this sense, I wouldn´t dream of writing about things which haven´t derived from something meaningful.

I can see clearly that the things I observe and write about, have enriched me, empowered my actions, and made life quite rich and exciting. In this respect, if something flourishes, it is the best sign that Life is there.

I said before that quite often I am asked – and for that matter I ask myself many times – why I continue writing here, despite no real feed-back. “What´s in it for you?”, asked me a friend.

I would say that, MY GAIN IS YOUR HAPPINESS. If I say something that helps you improve and thrive, than somehow, something of your improved state will reach back to me, cause we all share the same adventure – Life.

And Real Life knows not the boundaries civilization has had us rely on.

I rest assured that Time has come for us to make this switch of perspective.

Watch out

To be the slave of “knowledge”, to live immersed in your habits, to always rely on 1+1=2 is the perfect way to hell.

A conditioned mind can never recognize the beauty and evasiveness of Life.

To strictly live by the rule, is pure insolence, an insult to Creation.

Life is an adventure second by second, a challenge – and usually, we kill this challenge with inappropriate answers.

The wrong answers, are the beginning of all missforutunes.

The Wonder of Life never gets old

To be so centered, so joyful and alert so just raising your hand, or taking a step, feels like a wonder.

This “wonder-perception” is the secret behind real success. Joyful non-action is the outcome of being in touch with this ineffable Wonder.

Non-action brings you Peace, Clarity, Attention and Detachment.

This joy of being “connected”, being mindful and detached, makes you realize that there is no repetition in the Universe.

 All is new every moment! Can you see this?

To be free is to feel “new”, consequently, in this freedom, whatever you do feels new, you have confidence and your actions will be richly rewarded, being the result of ease and flow.

Don´t just read these words, go into and beyond them! 🙂

Fear hates intelligence

Most of humans want “sure cards”- they all strive for security in every respect, but behind the pursuit of personal happiness and success, invariably lurks Fear. Chasing success and security is nothing but fear – now.

Fear and intelligence are each other’s opposites.

Broadly speaking, Fear hates intelligence. Feeling always threatened, fear is never comfortable, avoiding the nearness of intelligent people. So it is quite obvious, the fearful attract other “successful” fearful.

Communication implies honesty. To get to know someone involves also a risk. But a fearful person hates taking any kind of risk, and wanting always to play it safe, this person cannot be honest, as honesty would be interpreted as weakness and failure.

Now, what does all this mean in plain language? Well, it means that you can hardly make friends with people who are afraid.

I have to confess that I find it very hard sometimes to live in this society governed by fear and absence. It is at times lonely like hell – how can you be friends with someone running away from truth, avoiding whatever is natural, chasing “success”, that is, someone chasing nothing but lies…That´s how modern man “lives” life : avoiding his humanity.

I would like to communicate, to share ideas, to inspire and be inspired. But how can you share life when it is fear for life?

The truth is that there are very few persons who show a readiness to explore themselves, taking the trouble to find out who they are.


These are very rare, and there are the ones you can be friends with.

I needed to utter these words now, as I felt some weird loneliness tonight, realizing how few real people there are amongst humans…


It is an act of courage to leave the past, our roles, our hardly acquired habits and sense of security .

To be curious again, to pose other questions, to explore as if we knew nothing, to start seeing ourselves with the eyes of a child.

Newness is the gift of the unknown…

All great solutions come from a switch of perspective.

The princess is dreaming

A secret maze


I woke up very early this morning, feeling huge gratitude for all the answers this man has given me. I know no one else to have faced, observed and articulated life matters I have been pondering for the last 25 years.

I read a while from his book about education, and I felt like making a portrait of  him. While I was drawing him, I was seized with some kind of secret harmony and joy as if he was present.

Jiddu Krishnamurti is probably the most prominent profile in spirituality!

“Life was not made to conform to any system, no matter how noble the system would be. A mind that has been trained only to know facts, is simply unable to deal with Life in all its diversity, with its subtleties, with its depths and heights.”

I translated this from Romanian.

My friend Valentin…

…articulated very concisely :


A straight line is not always the “right” line

The one who has never had the courage to enter the maze and get lost, will never ever know the significance of “straight” walking.