A man sitting next to me in the subway. He must have been around 45-50.

Can a man understand women?…Hardly ever, he said with a rather sad smile.
It´s so funny, he went on, my wife thinks I cheat on her. But how the hell can I be unfaithful when I hardly manage to be faithful…? 😛

So, I wanted to put a smile on your faces. I am off to Budapest and further to Romania.
The sunny teracces are waiting for me there.

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Hell, guilt and punsihment – the most wicked inventions

Since time immemorial, Church has harmed and deliberately humiliated us, and with its perverted doctrine of sin, it has inflicted fear in our souls. The most evil inventions are these: hell, guilt and punishment. Not only regular, but Eternal Punishment.

How a loving God can punish his own creation, is the most imbecile contradiction ever invented in order to fetter people. The most abstruse and insolent statement which has ruined many lives.

These are nothing but stupid and cruel fabrications in order to control and prevent us from living an innocent and real life.

This shameless propaganda has suffocated all natural life within us. Along with the crime of consciously decreasing man´s greatness and natural dignity, by encouraging his cowardice and fear, Its target has also been to injure woman and womanhood in general. Through mocking and inhibiting her predisposition to ecstatic passion, punishing her for her magic connection with life, repressing her irrational but intuitive subtle knowledge, they have injured us all.

I will return to this subject in a later post.

However, woman is the giver of Life. The timeless Divine aspects of femininity have to be restored and
restituted to Woman´s soul.

This trust and dignity given back to woman, will save us all.

Real answers

The answers given from someone else, even if “true”, don´t mean much…
The answers we find through our direct experience…those are real answers.

The world is your reflection

The whole world outside is your reflection.

Everything outside is connected with you. You are the master of your reality, and “REALITY” IS YOUR FEELING.

If you understand that, you will take back your personal strength. Meaning – pure and simple – that you will start being honest with yourself. The truth is that how you feel inside, is perpetually reaching out  the world. All the confusion of the world is to be found in yourself, in YOUR FEELINGS.

The ultimate reality is YOU. Your emotions. The Universe communicates with and through your feelings.

How do you feel just now? If you don´t feel well, don´t pretend you are well. Accept your pain, because only by excepting it, it can heal.

Once you heal, you heal the whole world.

Live now, not later

Actually, each moment is an unspeakable surprise. What distinguishes a living person from the other dead souls is this ability to recognize life here and now. To be happy NOW, not later.

“Later,” is the biggest lie we have invented, and unfortunately, the majority of people live later, that is, never.

The more unhappy the more we search

Stop searching!

There is a big truth in that. When we cease searching, we find us exactly how we are. We might not like it always…
And because of that, we search further and further. We invariably want to be more rich, more healthy, more satisfied, more I don´t know what…

We are so busy searching, so we end up chasing ourselves and life around us. “Sometimes in the future we will find”…
Searching becomes thus important, so great chances, opportunities, people we can learn from may come in our way but we see none of these gifts.

Thinking that achieving the things we strive for will make us happy, is pure illusion. If we manage to achieve certain goals, we will rush to new ones right away.

It makes sense, doesn´t it? The more unhappy the more we search…

If you are willing to face this simple but overwhelming truth, your life is about to change.

Many people become ill in this race of “self-fulfilling”. Becoming ill for them may be a blessing in disguise as they are forced to stop and accept What presently is.
If you have the discernment and common sense of quitting  this crazy race before you attract a serious disease, then you might say you are blessed with wisdom.

Taking the decision to accept HOW YOU ARE AND WHAT IT IS NOW, is the end of searching.

You might find you are utterly miserable, ugly, too tall or too short, not so talented, frustrated, insecure, lonely…For sure, it is uncomfortable to face this raw reality…

But, there is such a great relief to accept yourself! To put away the burden of searching is so incredibly rewarding…
Getting to know this ineffable rest is the beginning of a dignified life. What matters if you are big or small, talented or untalented, this or that…


Rest comes out of acceptance. Once you know this, you will begin TO FIND without searching.

Gradually, you will FIND that hidden person, the very thing you were so hardly looking for:


No questions

Happiness knows not what acceptance or rejection is…
She has no questions, she embraces without thought

She is free

Are you?…

A quote by Dostoevsky

‎”To go wrong in one’s own way is better than to go right in someone else’s.”

Let us share something

Hello my friends!

Let´s share something today!

Let´s  forget our fears for a while, our sorrows and shortcomings, let´s come out of our narrow shell and take some interest in each other, spread a good word, a generous smile, a beautiful song. Let´s exchange some ideas, let´s open a little in reciprocal trust, let us enrich each other in honest communication, let us find a way to collaborate in a New Joy and a New Truth, let us our innate magnanimity find a way back in our life.

It doesn´t matter how you think you are, you are worth, you are alive, you can read these lines now!  We share these gratitude of meeting each other in thought! Isn´t it something?

You never know, if we open ourselves we can forge a new life together, may be some day we will even meet in person. I look forward to that!

Life is a beautiful secret to live, so let us hear Her mysterious whisper, and LIVE !

Let´s get started

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Anne Frank