…in the midpoint of our being, where opposites meet,
where contrasts – darkness and light – annul each other…

There lives Love…

A fragment from the Upanishads

“I do not know God, nor can I say that I don’t know It. If you understand the meaning of  “I neither know or don’t know,” you understand God. Those who realize God cannot be known, truly know; those who claim that they know, know nothing. The ignorant think that God can be grasped by the mind; the wise know It beyond knowledge.

“When you see that God acts through you every moment, in every movement of mind or body, you attain true freedom.  When you realize the truth, and cling to nothing in the world, you enter eternal life.”
(Upanishads, 8th – 5th century B.C.E., translated by W.B. Yeats and Shree Purohit Swami)

Pure light – the first cause

Once, someone told me this:

“Look to darkness through the eyes of light!”

Indeed, it is a good thing to remind oneself of this. But is this “light” a contrast to darkness? Can a opposite understand its counterpart? Hardly ever…

We have to quit this strife for “light” as this very quest can put us in even deeper darkness.

Once we identify this uncommon mechanism, we will embrace our darkness through the eyes of loving acceptance, and doing that, we move further towards the midpoint of our being, where opposites meet, where contrasts – darkness and light – annul each other.

There is the abode of the First Cause, the realms of Pure Light.

This is the comment of a friend on my post about Music

For a greater understanding of this, you may want to read the original post.

Julien! Amen! Agree with you whole-heartedly. The “degeneration” of the “masses of humanity” has been occurring at all times, in all ages of societal life according to the perspicacious individuals living in those times; Thoreau, for example, writing his great journals and “Walden” 160 years ago, complained about the same thing in his contemporaries, their lack of awareness of deeper, higher values of existence. There have been many, many perceptive, enlightened people, of course, who have lived during these 100 years that you indicate as being especially bereft of deeper values, who have attempted to put mankind on a nobler path. But if you insist on a time span so I would say the last 20 years because of the slave-inducing mentality created by the pervasive dependence on today´s electronic-gaget world, hastening the process of a leveling ignorant conformity. The “masses” have always been, are, and always will be shallow and unaware. And your music critique, as an example of prevailing values, is right on! I´m afraid that It´s a futile battle. By the way, your choice of the word `fatuity´ is excellent, but the problem is that I have discovered that Swedish people over-estimate their knowledge of English and I wonder how many of them would understand the word? Use, simply, `stupidity´ instead. But we mustn´t give up! Bill

Metaphoric intelligence

Life is both “real” and metaphoric. Every real thing can be considered a metaphor depending on the perspective you hold – so you could very well say that Life is its own metaphor.

In plain language:

Life is talking to us all the time, but mostly we are not aware of this, as It doesn´t speak in a “clear” rational way, but in a manner which transcends our daily apprehension.

With other words, IT TALKS THROUGH SIGNS! Accordingly, you have to acquire this “hard to get” ability to interpret signs.

Along with your perspicacity, you have to learn to rely on your intuition and your fantasy! It is indeed hard to decipher signs, as they many times baffle our common understanding.
For this purpose, you need a completely unbiased openness, but it is equally important to make use of your intellectual resources, cause otherwise, you can confound “higher realities” with cheap superstition. Many New-Age people are stuck in this misconception.

Caught as it is in the narrow cage of logic, it is highly difficult for the Western mind to comprehend what this openness is about. To be open and impartial is often confused by many with simple-mindedness.

This “simple-mindedness” is the key to see and recognize what is in front of you in plain form, but also the help required to grasp what is beyond form and yet existing.

As life is an ever-present process, you have to learn to listen and see things Now. Usually what you see, is just your projections dictated by your conditioning.
We have to acquire the great secret of watchfulness. ATTENTION, is the keyword for this unaccountable cooperation.

Your mind has to learn to be free and swift and “always prepared” in order to receive this ineffable information. This information may come in the most remarkable ways, in the midst of your “most banal” activities.

But as our perception is distorted, – the daily mind being caught in its mechanical habits and fatuity – we lack this ability to perceive and discern these delicate and unexpected messages, from gross meaningless occurrences.

Is it possible to renew our perception?

You can undergo this process through questioning your patterns of thinking, behaving, ultimately dis-identifying from your habits, from mental and emotional conditioning.


The tool to undertake this difficult task of breaking your conditioning is Watchfulness. Attention step by step.

You have to start watching yourself in everything you do, in all your “mundane” activities.

You have to learn the hard lesson of “being wrong”. If you continue to assert yourself and continue “to be right” – even if you have evidence for being right – you will go on with the same patterns of falsehood.

The saying “do you wanna be right or happy”, is a relevant standpoint.

Life is not predictable and doesn´t function within the range of logic, only Fear does. Questioning your habits, you let fear go.

When you do that, you understand spontaneously that Reality is not a fix, unchanging point. You begin to sense that this many-leveled reality, is not perceivable with our physical eyes, but with our soul and intuition.

You have to develop some kind of “mystical” common sense. To be anchored in the ground but with the head in the lofty clouds.

This is metaphorical intelligence – not the “either-or” attitude, but the simultaneous embracing of both “this and that.”

Life is a multifaceted ineffable process, which escapes prevalent approach. When you begin to be free from your current conditioning, you perceive everything differently; you come to terms and learn to juggle with this “new” levels of being, and this is the beginning of a life in beauty, dignity and great creative richness.

A night out in Leros

Years ago, I used to spend my summers in Leros – a small island in Greece.

There was a great bar on a remote cliff, called Faros. It was a charming place, simple, unsophisticated,
yet with a great atmosphere.

It was a beautiful night, I was feeling free, at ease with myself. I was centered, full of inspiration.

 I wasn´t looking for something in particular.

It is always like this, when you are not looking, things come to you. There were many good-looking girls that evening.
I wasn´t paying any particular attention to any of them.
You could feel those sensuous glances, that subtle but insidious summer-desire. Despite those blatant enticements, I was more interested to elaborate the composition I had in my mind. 🙂

“Hello Julien, how are you”? someone disturbed me from my reverie. There was Angelique, a Dutch girl I had met the summer before as she came and stayed at the same hotel I was living.

This girl was a beauty. Tall, with curly hair, very sensual, somehow looking like a renaissance venetian painting.

She was incredibly outspoken, eager, exuding unequivocal desire. I was kind of perplexed as the year before she hardly noticed me. “Come over to my place for some melon and some other fruits…”, she said invitingly.

As it happens, we were neighbours again at my friend´s hotel.

“Well, we´ll see, I said, I have to write down my composition first.” That was really weird. The year before I had tried hardly to get her attention, and now the more I declined her invitations, the more interested she was.

 Why haven´t I learned this  lesson of remaining so indifferent with other women I cared for…

Anyway, it was such a memorable evening. When I left the bar, the two Greek girls I had chatted with earlier asked me to give them a lift with my scooter.

So there I was in the middle of this beautiful night driving the scooter with two beauties behind me. Such great fun. 

“Do you come in for a drink?”, they asked with shining eyes…
Eros was obviously very benevolent to me that evening.

“No, I have to go home, to compose”. I answered.  I still do not understand what was going through my head that evening…

I reached my hotel. I was staying in a beautiful room facing a garden at ground floor. Angelique was living in the next room.

She had left the window wide open. Of course, IT WAS HOT, she had opened the window “by chance”…:)

I caught a glimpse of her.

She was lying naked in the bed, reading, with the book on the pillow. She had a breathtakingly beautiful body – interminable legs, marvelous buttocks which made me think of a great antic sculpture from Louvre in the same pose.

She invited me in. She even convinced me to put aside my composition. We had some glass of wine and fruit. As we were kissing, out of the blue the telephone rang.

It was her mother from Netherlands. God in heaven, they spoke for like five or ten minutes. I was getting more and more terrified hearing her speak this impossible guttural language.

It sounded so inverted, so incredibly harsh, rough and indelicate so I lost all interest getting totally turned-off.

Her mother managed “to save her”. Angelique was really puzzled not understanding at all what happened. I stayed few more minutes, babbling something about being tired and left.

The other night I went to dinner to a friend of mine, Karin. It was very nice. We were speaking about languages how they sound…

She had lived in Holland for quite many years. She had just met this Dutch man, with whom she later married. It was their first date, and they went home to his place.

When she heard him speak she said: “Darling, please, speak English, cause if you continue speaking Dutch you will lose me forever “…:P

So there I was, feeling comforted: someone else had gone through the
same adventure.

In any case, Angelique never opened the window again. 🙂

But the day after in beautiful Leros, I met Georgia. She was Greek, looked and spoke like an ancient hetaera. Whatever she said sounded like poetry. So was our liaison that summer – a rampant poem.

But about that, another time.