Det nya livet

Jag klev in på bussen. Framför mig en man med sin barnvagn. Tittade närmare på
bebisen – det var så gripande:

En sån spröd liten varelse som låg där, jag gissade hon var ett par veckor gammal. Det var ofantligt rörande och fascinerande att se det lilla, bräckliga livet och samtidigt så enormt häpnadsväckande att bli varse den enorma styrkan ock auktoriteten som denna nyfödda flickan utstrålade.

Jag kunde inte fatta, hon hade liksom ett “gammalt” ansikte.  Var det en ålderslös ande som var inkarnerad i denna bebis lilla kropp?

Flickan var bara 4 dagar gammal, fick jag reda på.

“Hon är helt opräglad”, sa pappan när han såg min förundrade blick. Det fanns inga ord att yttra, annat än att hänfört beskåda detta under…
“HON HAR INGET NAMN ÄNNU, hon är bara 4 dagar gammal. Men vilken vilja hon har, må du tro, hon vet verkligen vad hon vill”, fortfor han…

Ja, det Nya Livet känns ibland som en spröd 4 dagars bebis utan namn.

Liv utan definition…i oöverskådlig förvandling.

About julienmatei
I feel an inner urge to express what I see, to communicate and share with others all these impressions. Often the things I see are there, not yet manifest, but waiting... to be observed, talked about, and embraced. These new insights need another approach, a more vivid curiosity... Due to fear and prejudice we prefer to see only "the official" truth - but THE OFFICIAL TRUTH IS DEAD - being dead, it has nothing to give... We can continue pretending Death is fascinating or... we can take the trouble to LIVE... THE NEW has no definition yet... Again, IT requires another "perception", the courage to apprehend everything differently, from a totally new angle, with new confidence and inquisitive touch. This blog is not about interesting concepts, it is about participation... finding new solutions, inspiration, togetherness.

15 Responses to Det nya livet

  1. livvy1234 says:

    Language barrier is a figurative phrase used primarily to indicate the difficulties faced when people who have no language in common attempt to communicate with each other. It may also be used in other contexts (Wikopedia).

    The language of babel separates humankind. What a cruel trick!

    • julienmatei says:

      Isn´t it so…

      You see, I speak almost 7 languages, and sadly, sometimes I have no real language to rely on…

      • livvy1234 says:

        When I practice silence at a zen center (meditation retreat), there is no talking. If you need to use language to express yourself, you can write down what you need. Basically, zen teaches you to talk much less, because talking creates chaos.

  2. julienmatei says:

    You know what…I can certainly relate to that.

    Sometimes even uttering ONE SINGLE WORD feels like a terrible effort, like felony. Talking somehow hurts the soul…

    • livvy1234 says:

      I have made countless mistakes by talking in my life. I am trying to curb talking nowadays. I do love to write, and I try and write about what matters to me. I am also realizing, that I do not have to join the extrovert crowd anymore. It fatigues me. I like conversation in depth, that is multi-dimensional. A good glass of wine, a great appetizer, and a great discussion make for a wonderful encounter.

  3. julienmatei says:

    Oh, I love that too…I will quote you again with this…

  4. Joy is now says:

    Hej Julien. Vad kul! Jag larde mig lite svenska for 25 ar sedan, eftersom hade jag en svensk pojkvann pa universitetet. Jag vill prata 5 sprak (helt imponerad av dina sju) men hittar inte tiden for att studerar. Jag tycker om allt du skriver och det ar perfekt for at ova Svenska litegrann ochsa. Tack for att du foljer mig och ursakt att jag har ingen ‘proper alphabet’ och rusty Swedish. Je parle un tres petit peu de Francais aussi parce que je l’ai appris a l’ecole depuis tjugo fem ar. Snacka svenglishais – English/Svenska/Francais? Jag vet ingen som comprends all three!

    • julienmatei says:

      Mais c’est chouette, pas mal…

      Vad roligt! Den killen måste ha gjort ett stort intryck på dig så att du lärde sig svenska. Mycket duktigt! Mötte du honom i Amerika?
      Visst kan jag skriva på svenska till dig. In exchange you can maybe help me with certain words and expressions in English
      which I have a hard time with…

      Det var faktiskt intressant att hitta din blog…En ren tillfällighet.

      På vilket universitet studerade du? Did you study languages?

      Vänliga hälsningar till Dig


      • Joy is now says:

        Tack! Nej, inte sa stort intryck. Jag bara tycker om att lara! Nej, Maths was my favourite subject och jag studerade Economics pa Universitet i England. Jag foddes i London. Med 21 ar,sa flyttade jag till Australien for vadret och sunshine(n), som alla ‘poms’! Da borjade jag att studera Svenska eftersom Calle skulle flytta hit (men gjorde aldrig det). Vi ar kompisar pa Facebook nu. Dat var sa kul att lara mig Svenska eftersom det bara finns inte sa manga folk som gor. Jag self-taught med boker och band and I had to get drunk att prata eftersom jag forsoker att prata med Svensk accent! Det gar bra men efter en stund sa brukar folk fraga om jag kommer fran Norge eller Finnland 😦 Samma med Franska. Jag kan lasa Dansk, Norsk, Spanska och vill lara mig Italiensk! Sa mycket att jag vill lara – quantum physics, video production and editing, blogging. Jag ska gora en video for Youtube snart!

        I don’t think I can help you with certain words and expressions in English because I suspect your English is better than mine! But anything I can do to help, I will 🙂 What your seven languages? Bor du i Stockholm? Vilken del? Vad studerade du?

        Vanliga halsningar till dig ocksa

        A bientot


  5. Joy is now says:

    Sorry I had to write again. Jag hittade dig och Ewa pa Youtube! Merveilleux. Jag lyssnar nu mens jag skriver. I have goosebumps. Beautiful piano and I read all about you! Studerade music i hogskolan etc. Jag studerade (bara) klassisk piano ocksa i 8 ar men it is rusty now just like my languages. I knew there was a link between languages and music. Do you like maths also? You are one talented man – Svesnka Filharmonisk, music for Rumanian film, 7 sprak. Wow. I wonder how you have tid att blogga (est-ce que c’est un/e verb/e?). Ewa’s voice is beautiful. How can I hear both your own compositions? When I showcase music, it will be my daughters singing. My teenage angels!

    • julienmatei says:

      Hahaha, I loved that – when you try to speak Swedish they think you are from Norway of Finland. I can almost imagine…

      Ja, jag bor i Stockholm, i en trevlig förort 15 min från centrum. Well, I speak Swedish, Romanian, English, French, Italian, German and a little Greek, I used to spend my summers in a little island called Leros in Greece. I had even a couple of girl friends there, but I was rather
      lazy, I could have spoken even better the language than I do.

      Ja…att blogga är ett verb.

      Yet, you see, I don´t see Mirrors of Encounters as a blog. I don´t blog. I spread information.

      I started writing here out if inner necessity, as my way of seeing and understanding life and human existence collided quite seriously with the prevalent so-called modern beliefs. It also coincided with a period in my life when I had to take a break from music – from everything for the record – and re-consider and re-build myself. So I have devoted all the time to the rediscovery of the Real Me, for the last two years.

      It´s been quite a journey…I don´t know how I managed to make it thorugh, cause what I have encountered was 100 times worse than what is said in Dante´s Inferno or the the journey back to Itaca Ulysses undertook…Seemingly I have survived…

      And now…. I am on the verge to find what others claimed to be a childish whim, and with this new force and confidence, I am about to launch again in playing, painting and composing.

      The journey has been long and unspeakably ardous. Dante had Virgil, I had no one but my intuition…
      It has started long ago, it has taken long time, that´s why I quoted you today.


      A la prochaine.

      • Joy is now says:

        Jag verkligen trivs i Australien. Manniskorna ar sa open, trusting and friendly! Jag har ocksa bott i Paris, Cairo, Stavanger, Scotland och Caracas (i nagra veckor bara tyvarr).

        Yes thanks for quoting me today on your site! They were my own words and now I appreciate them more because you liked them! I write for myself also, as a way of reminding myself of a better way of thinking. I had depression years ago hence the motivation. I realised I was ‘polluting my headspace’ (my words again) with my thoughts. Since I started publicising my blog 2 weeks ago I find myself looking at the stats too much. 14 countries have looked at my writing though. I love that!!

        No one looks at my diet blog for example but I have such motivation now to eat better because of it.

        Det ar som en liten mirakel, att blogga! It causes us to feel heard – by ourselves mostly and possibly others. Oprah said everyone just wants to be heard and validated. In our local newspaper today, a young girl was cured of anorexia really quickly because she had 50,000 views on her blog in a matter of days.

        I am sorry for whatever you went through and am glad to see you here on the ‘other side’. Playing, painting and composing – so creative. And you have very high standards and talents. I also paint, craft, play piano, compose, sing, dance, all badly, and will make youtube videos and write books and articles eventually. So many interests. Have you heard of Scanners? (Barbara Sher). People who learn fast and over a broad range of subjects. Ideas people like Leonardo Da Vinci. I learned from her only this June not to feel bad about my crazy energy and diverse interests. I have read about 15 books since then and found my Mojo again. I am so happy.

        I like the sound of your childish whim. I wrote a post on the subject of age called Guess your age in September.

        Vi ses

    • julienmatei says:

      Trivs du i Australien? Hur är människorna där…?

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