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It feels draining to deliver all these posts without having some feedback. I am grateful about your “likes”. But please take some time and reciprocate my writing here, because WHAT I WRITE IS ABOUT YOU, ABOUT US.


The inner parasite

There is something within me which constantly steals my joy, many times making me feel down and despondent.

Thanks God, I know that this inner “blue authority” is not to be trusted and yet…it calls itself  “me”, it claims to be my only life perception, in short, this energy-stealing thief is very tiresome, as most of my moments are a gruesome “battle” to dis-identify myself from its fraudulent chatter.

It is a very wearisome process, to live in incessant vigilance, not allowing this inner counterfeit to live on my expense. I admit that many times he wins over me.

Despite years and years of sustained inner work, I can´t figure it out what this abysmal entity is. Of course I could call it Ego, this or that, but the fact of the matter is, that putting a name to it doesn´t help me to come to grips with its real nature.

What is this parasite at the end of the day, what is its hidden agenda…? It is quite evident that its food is my distress.

More often than not, it manages to undermine my endeavours, sabotaging me in the most inexplicable ways. Despite my strength, competence, willpower and perspicacity, it outwits me with its cunning dire means.

It has enormous potential at its disposal, really, I witness dumbfounded that despite my persistent efforts, this invisible reality – like a film director – is controlling many times the course of my life, AND I DON´T KNOW HOW TO STOP IT!!!

The big problem is that this state of things is not only “my business and my particular karma”, this hidden reality is also your reality, It is ruling the world, it is behind all conflicts, all trouble and affliction, all destruction and mischance we all go through.

This wicked “world ego” is the sum of our timeless fears, frustrations, guilt, infelicity and misfortunes we refuse to look at.


THIS COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS DOESN´T ALLOW ME OR YOU TO GROW, THRIVE AND SUCCEED, NO MATTER OF THE PERTINENCE OF OUR INDIVIDUAL ENDEAVOURS, cause its program is to prevent and discourage whatever great expression in science, art or whatever other field. As long as the ZEITGEIST is the way it is, there are no winners and losers, but only losers.


Do we have the guts to assume this insidious reality and counteract it through our readiness of wise verbalizing and sensible dialogue? I tell you again, this is not the work of some “forlorn” individuals, this is the “battlefield” of our everyday life.

I am grateful about your “likes”. But please take some time and reciprocate my writing here, because WHAT I WRITE HERE, IS ABOUT YOU, ABOUT US.


Be alive, be imperfect

I have to say that many times the music of Mozart goes on my nerves. It is too consonant. It is somehow “too harmonious”.

With all due respect for consonance, but consonance without its counterpart, dissonance, is hell. Dissonances are more intriguing, more alive, more interesting than “pure sounds”. When something is “perfect”, what else can you add? Nothing…Thus, Consonance is a dead-end, as it doesn´t point to any further possibilities.

Consequently, whatever is “right” bores me to death. The wrong, the dissonant, the disharmonious is far more interesting and promising than all “unshakable truths” of whatever it is stated as harmony.

Mistakes are many times a blessing in disguise. Mistake – as it is “imperfect” – can point to something more truthful, more real than all endeavours for perfection. The “mistaken” can grow, the perfect can´t, as it is already dead.

Beauty without asymmetry is pure hell. “Perfect beauty” is the nightmare of bourgeois aesthetics which create more chaos and disorder than anything else, as it refuses to recognize the darkness and inherent chaos in all things.

The ugly, the “chaotic” is many times more interesting and alive and expressive than the “beautiful”.

“Perfect beauty” is the perfect expression for a sumptuous Cemetery. Imagine a beautiful, totally flawless woman. If there is nothing wrong with her, an asymmetry or a minor defect, she is nothing more than a magnificent metaphor for death.

Humanity´s nightmare is the pursuing of the “perfect”. “Be perfect as our Father in Heaven”. No kidding?…

What a disgusting and misleading “truth” invented by impotent dorks that has destroyed many peoples´ life. What perfection are we talking about, when if you look closely at life, life is vulnerable and eternally “imperfect”.

Everything real is a dance between chaos and order, between consonance and dissonance. Dissonance creates consonance, and consonance needs its counterpart.

Life is a glorious blend of beauty and ugliness.

Only the dead are perfect, the alive is eternally imperfect!

So I tell you, be imperfect, be alive!

Communicate for real

All words are meaningless really, except those words said in love…

I do not expect that my words will sooth your loss – or mine, for that matter too. But sometimes being heard, and start communicating for real, can make a huge difference.

A comment: can we deliberately make a real change on the subconscious level?

She says:

“I wasn’t aligning with what I wanted and why I wanted it. I didn’t feel confident in being accepted as the true me, which goes a lot deeper than just how I look.”

The hard part is though, to make those deliberate changes on the inside. The difficulty is that our daily logic and approach, don´t really apply in our inner landscape. The inner world is governed by totally different subconscious structures,
which are hard to come to terms with – you want to let go of them, but mostly they don´t want to let go of us.

To cut it short, – the most difficult thing is to make “changes” on the subconscious level, to introduce such a clear message onto it, so it can change its “story”.

For the last 5 years, I have read most of the books of Esther and Jerry Hicks studying them closely; yes, they say many good and valuable things, but – like many other writers on this issue – they never manage to say how to make this internal switch – how to align yourself with your subconscious by changing its program, in order to make it work for you and not against you.

To use affirmations is really of no avail. So what works really?…

What do you think?

Another answer to Richard about reincarnation

It is not about what I believe about reincarnation – more important for you is
to watch yourself and try to figure it out WHY… – what are the urging reasons
that have you wonder about this topic?

The vital question is – do we speak from inside the topic or from the outside?

You say:

“Somehow I can’t divide my ego from my analytical thoughts. This is extremely crazy. I don’t feel any fear with this topic. I just don’t recognize any hints which show me that it isn’t only fiction. So what facts or hints can you tell which make you believe about your own reincarnation?”

What you really say is basically this:

What facts or hints can you tell which MAKE ME BELIEVE ABOUT MY OWN REINCARNATION.

There are no facts or hints to support one or another approach, as long as the idea behind our quest is the urge to find safety. The ego must ensure its survival, isn´t it so…?

If we speak from the outside, we do nothing but feeding the ego, which will for sure interpret, through choosing, distorting and dismissing things in order to create another pointless story, aiming to show its ascendancy, contradicting everything. There is of course no purpose in that, is it?

It is not that reincarnation may be or may be not a fiction, the problem is that EGO IS FICTION.

Now, if there is a real deeper thirst, if to find out about past lives corresponds to an urgent need in order to get a clearer picture of your present context, yes, depending on your readiness, life will give you for sure certain information.

This was my case. The information came to me.

A letter to an unknown friend

You say: “I feel at a loss for the one most purposeful thing in life: love.”

That is actually the predicament of most people – many wouldn´t express this truth loudly not even for themselves. The loss of love is behind all human endeavours. To succeed, to have this and that, a name, money, a lover, a career, to be a respectable person, all in all, this inane chasing around, is nothing but a frenzied search for love. Of course, people are too vain and preoccupied to admit this, but if you have eyes, you can easily see this sad reality.

Drugs – for that matter, NOTHING ELSE on this plane of existence – can never ever compensate this loss we constantly perceive, that is a fact I can share with you. We try to get rid of suffering fleeing in all thinkable (or unthinkable) intelligent or stupid pursuits. Trying to escape in this or that, brings nothing more than more isolation and pain – I think you know this by now.

All words are meaningless really, except those words said in love…

I do not expect that my words will sooth your loss. But sometimes being heard, and start communicating for real, can make a huge difference.

Give yourself this new chance of accepting who and what you are, exactly the way you are, and despite of the loss and hardships, embrace and stay with what is, the way it is.
Accepting can be many things. Accepting can be the strength to forgive yourself, to dare take a different step, it can be the courage to ask for help, if the pain is too overwhelming.

You know best – just be honest with yourself and with what is…

The prison of our ideas

We are the victims or our habits, living in the prison of our misconceptions. We suspect something is completely wrong with our myths and ideas,
but our sloth, lethargy and fear of losing the familiar comfort, prevent us from assessing another way of living.

We want different results continuing with the same pattern of action. We fail to recognize that doing the same thing, desiring to get different results, is the perfect description of madness.

Can we embrace a new paradigm?

In a way, we want to find out…On the other way, our ego, somehow doesn´t allow that, and hampers us to perceive things clearly.

If I were to tell you “new things”, would your ego want to hear, or dismiss them as pure phantasy inventions?…

How can you give something unless there is also the desire of the other person to receive that? The desire to receive may be there, but, as the mind is a bad interpreter, it interprets according to its conditioning. With other words, it often doesn´t recognize the gift. The key to a problem may lie just in front of our eyes, but because it comes in a “strange” package, we won´t be able to see it, or accept it. Often we dismiss truth through indifference or sloth.

Our habits are our prison. How can we recognize “new facts” when we are conditioned to live according to outdated patterns? We claim that we are so modern, yet our way of perceiving reality is old: we keep repeating and reiterating our ancestors´ totally false ideas about reality which we still  take as The True Paradigm. Can we recognize that the Paradigm of Darwin, Newton and Descartes is totally outdated, that this specific assumption that life is nothing but a material process, can be the menace for our survival?

To illustrate my point: if only the strongest makes it, it means that life is nothing but a constant struggle for survival. Survival of the fittest is the result of pure madness, madness generated by abysmal fear. It is this fear always trying to dominate and compete. Not knowing WHAT or WHO they are, most people define themselves only through competition. Basically this thesis builds on “I dominate and kill you so I know who I am.” That´s our present recipe for success.

It is quite manifest that, having the urge to dominate, struggle and kill for life, we define ourselves ultimately through crime, through death.

In this frenzied state of despair to survive, how on earth can we have time and peace to think, consider, see and think clearly, embrace beauty, approach life with a deeper understanding and joy? It is clear, we think of ourselves as being victims to be soon executed, and how can a man constantly living with fear of extinction be sensible, generous or altruistic?…A total contradiction, don´t you think?…


Obviously, we cannot change our way of action, unless we get at the very Ideas which generated our wrong way of thinking. I am aware that it is overwhelming to start considering life and ourselves as a part of a spiritual grand design, but failing to recognize that, we are doomed.

Are we prepared for a new comprehension of Reality?…

Who is going to answer: our Real Self, or the fearful Ego…?

The mirror of this moment

Good things are worth waiting for, they say. The risk is, you can wait forever…

For most people, future is postponing and escaping now. So sad, they are frustrated now, and so will they be in the future, as Future is nothing but the mirror of this moment. If you ponder this, there is nothing you can reach “later”- you have to start now, feeling the way you want to feel.

Learn to stay with the moment the way it is, the moment is in fact everything you have. Never sacrifice this moment for a “better promise” in the future. Promises remain most often, nothing more than empty promises.

Know that the really good things happen always spontaneously, synchronistically, NOW…

I take it again: