A good one

You are weak when you lie because you aren’t strong enough to face the truth.

A vital insight

Your medicine is in you, and you do not observe it. Your ailment is in yourself but you do not register it.

Hazrat Ali
Sufi master

Plato says

An unexplored life is not worth living.

Never follow the track – find your own way

If you do not have the courage to defy conformity, deviating from the norm and going your own way, you’ll never find your inner source – who you are and what you can.

I overheard this tonight

It was a fierce kind of argument. He was really mad, almost shouting at her:

“When I tell you the truth you refuse to hear me. Why do you force me lie to you in order to fit into your damned petty expectations …?

A sad truth

Everything is under constant change. Only people´s lies remain the same.

A proverb

“Good breeding and good grace
Are not sold in the market place.”

Hm…Anyone knowing where these can be purchased…?

Great uzbek proverb

Don’t choose a house—choose neighbors. Don’t choose a path—choose traveling companions.

No, I am not the only one to see

I just received this mail from my friend Meli. As it happens she is just 25 years old, but despite her young age, she sees with dispassionate clear eyes the factual state of the Western world today. I am indeed immensely grateful as she confirms through her lines the truth of what I have long pondered on: modern man runs away from his emotions. It is quite striking as she speaks as if it was me writing. It shows that I am not the only one observing what is concretely happening around us:

“I think what is happening right now in our post-industrialized/capitalist countries is something we call “Entfremdung” in German, alienation in English!

WE DON´T KNOW WHO WE ARE ANYMORE, WE ARE NOT LISTENING TO OUR FEELINGS ANY LONGER  (we don´t know anymore how emotions work)… We are alienated from each other because we have forgotten how it is to have real interactions with each other, we are even afraid of that.

Communication and social behaviour is such an important part of our lives but we tend to do it less and less. Everything is uniformed. We eat the same shit, buy the same shit, do the same ….
Look at all these chain restaurants and coffee shops, McDonald’s, Starbucks – I think these places exist as a result of this ubiquitous alienation. People work as slaves in uniforms, people don´t respect them anymore. You sell the same shit everywhere. Sorry for that!

In the end, I don´t know where this should lead to. I am actually afraid of people here. For the last three weeks I was in Poland for a summer school and I think there people still know how to interact, how to talk to each other with respect and moral. Same in Romania. But in Germany, people are cold, egoistic. I don´t like it anymore.
My friends say that I am not right, they don´t see this. But I can feel it, sadly.

PS I am staying in a youth hostel in Leipzig today: I just see around people not talking to each other anymore, instead they´re trying out their new app on their smartphones. What the fuck…?


A short insight

Joy is gratefulness and swift generosity. Joy is the most trustworthy guide.

Despite all the hardships, we have to bring Joy in our lives, in whatever way, in whatever moment.