Beware of impostors

I cannot stop being surprised.

There are so many fools, who can say one good and “intelligent” thing after the other. Quoting, even writing great texts. It is mind-blowing to realize that many REALLY BELIEVE, that by saying something great and astounding, they become instantly extraordinary persons. Taking the least effort in the pursuit of something real?…Oh no, give me a break, who needs that…?

Yes, many think it´s enough to speak of grace, virtue, beauty, religion, art, celestial music – you name it… – they simply imagine that quoting da Vinci and Einstein, makes you a formidable person, a genius.

The world is full of these delirious loons. Although they have no substance, in due time they grow to belive in their sham, so they kind of “become” the ideal they so eagerly chase. The danger with these idle dorks is that they are so skilled in mimicking value, sentiment, they can play even misunderstood victims needing your help and empathy, indeed they seem so natural, so versed in their “skill” so oftentimes I have been fatally misled.

Really I don´t know what it is required to see through these counterfeits, you need almost an inhuman discernment not to let yourself be deceived.

The worst part of this is that this dexterous swindlers can be successful writers, philosophers, public figures, known statesmen, people who you commonly look up to.


They can be ordinary people who are so “victimized” and ask for your help. The best example:

A girl I met some month ago – she seemed genuine, talking with ease about literature, art and music, simply, she gave you the impression of being a sincere decent, rather lonely person, I felt sympathy for her trying to help.

It showed some weeks later, that she is a total hypocrite, a disjointed and incoherent neurotic, a deceitful nutcase.

Hence, don´t ever believe in anything! People who seem nice and educated, who are supposed to do good, can be more evil and perverted than you can ever imagine. The world looks as it does, because of these all too many

It takes time to build trust.


About julienmatei
I feel an inner urge to express what I see, to communicate and share with others all these impressions. Often the things I see are there, not yet manifest, but waiting... to be observed, talked about, and embraced. These new insights need another approach, a more vivid curiosity... Due to fear and prejudice we prefer to see only "the official" truth - but THE OFFICIAL TRUTH IS DEAD - being dead, it has nothing to give... We can continue pretending Death is fascinating or... we can take the trouble to LIVE... THE NEW has no definition yet... Again, IT requires another "perception", the courage to apprehend everything differently, from a totally new angle, with new confidence and inquisitive touch. This blog is not about interesting concepts, it is about participation... finding new solutions, inspiration, togetherness.

14 Responses to Beware of impostors

  1. Sometimes quotes used by others can be a way to say some things you don’t know how to express yourself otherwise, can you really judge so harshly by words used in an individuals blog as everyone has their own way of telling a story, sharing themselves or their thoughts, varying educations, skills, language barriers and most importantly different ways, reasons and views, for blogging and helping themselves learn and or get by in life the best they know how at times………

  2. julienmatei says:

    What I am trying to point out here, is the lack self-honesty, the incredible inertia of showing a face to the world that is not yours. There is nothing wrong with quoting others, as long as you find YOUR REAL sincere voice, as long as YOU DO SMTH REAL, smth that rimes with your real personality.

    A package can be nicely wrapped but what do you do if it´s full with rubbish?

    • I don’t see a clear picture of your face hear, beautiful images can be inspiring, not everyone wants to share their own personal photos on the internet due to trust in most cases, as for finding your real self, that is not always as easy as it seems and takes time for some, moods and feelings differ from day to day and everyone has different ways of self expression an learning, rubbish values change from person to person also, and life’s experiences effect the finding of the real self at times as well, I’m not trying to argue hear i just felt a sense of me maybe being the girl you were putting down and verbally abusing in you post about impostors and i didn’t understand what i had/have done wrong, i am not trying to be fake, sometimes imagination helps heal and gives you a break from your own reality at times when life is hard and not that pretty, anyway i’m sorry if i have offended you in any way xo

      • julienmatei says:

        I will answer your comment in due time.

      • no rush i know it takes time to fulfill your own requirements and everyone is working at their own pace in their own world, just stumbled upon that article i may have just been a bit oversensitive at time, sorry to have been any trouble xo

      • julienmatei says:

        There is no trouble. We are here in Mirrors of Encounters to express ourselves freely and without prejudice.
        It is as important not to agree with a point of view cause friction creates energy to inquire further.

        We change opinions, and doing that hopefully enriches us. It enriches me, for one.

        How are you today?

      • It has been a hard day but I’ve made it through, thank you for asking it’s bed time for me now, goodnight xo

  3. Voiceless in America says:

    Reblogged this on Voiceless in America.

  4. Voiceless in America says:

    Perhaps she had an invisible disability, has had no help in social skills, needed you to practice, but you too made her feel evil since she is “broken.” But does “broken” mean evil?

    Soon enough, if she is not strong enough, yes, the way she has been rejected due to a possible invisible disability may make her lose it. It happens too often. The culprits: Many such as ignorance, intolerance and the rest.

    Hope you find your peace and people who are perfect enough for you.

  5. julienmatei says:

    Tell me please,

    What do you mean with “INVISIBLE DISABILITY”?

    In the long run, trying to show whatever you are not, is evil.

    Faking can have many nuances – from innocent to very insidious stuff. Look at the world economy for instance, people spending money they didn´t really have, living a life far beyond their means.

    We should live ACCORDING to what we are, to what we have, and have built, we can fool people, but we cannot fool life.

    Fake , fake and fake in whatever department of life…Of course, no one likes to admit, but we are there we are, in a reality which is THE EXACT MIRROR OF WHAT WE ARE, or are not…

    All these personal “innocent” lies turn into heavy issues in due time. We are what we are, and if we had some kind of dignity and faith, we could have the courage to be ourselves, the way we are: daft, evil, frustrated, lonely, confused, unhappy… As long as you show your misfortune, this is a step forward.

    Then and only then, real solidarity can blossom.

  6. I just didn’t understand what you meant by impostors as everyone expresses themselves differently, i am new to computers and no my education is not the best but have not been purposely portraying it to be any thing other than doing my own thing experimenting with a blog in a world that is new to me,i hope you are well and happy regardless of your thoughts about me, hope you still enjoy playing the piano, that is something i would like to learn one day, take care xo

  7. julienmatei says:

    Know that I cherish good thoughts about you. It is all fine with you. You should care and love yourself regardless of others “good” or “bad” thoughts.

    KEEP ON EXPERIMENTING!! We all do that. No one owns the truth 🙂 We all try to find out what is suitable, proceeding from where we are.

    If you are in touch with your inner source, you will get yourself also whatever education you think you need.

    And if you wish to play the piano, why don´t you start?

    • i have other priorities at the present that are consuming most of my energy but yes once these have been settled then some time to learn the piano amongst other things would be very refreshing, thanks xo

  8. julienmatei says:

    May I ask you – what kind of priorities are those things consuming your energy?

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