A great insight

There is sorrow in the world, we see it everywhere. We see sadness in our own lives too. But if we are wise, we should neither adhere nor walking away from sorrow.

This goes for everything: we should look unbiased at it all, the pleasant along with the unpleasant, see through, accept all fallacies of our limited knowledge, reconciling with the false, but in the meantime finding a different and wider unifying standpoint, which will naturally generate new applicable solutions.

About julienmatei
I feel an inner urge to express what I see, to communicate and share with others all these impressions. Often the things I see are there, not yet manifest, but waiting... to be observed, talked about, and embraced. These new insights need another approach, a more vivid curiosity... Due to fear and prejudice we prefer to see only "the official" truth - but THE OFFICIAL TRUTH IS DEAD - being dead, it has nothing to give... We can continue pretending Death is fascinating or... we can take the trouble to LIVE... THE NEW has no definition yet... Again, IT requires another "perception", the courage to apprehend everything differently, from a totally new angle, with new confidence and inquisitive touch. This blog is not about interesting concepts, it is about participation... finding new solutions, inspiration, togetherness.

6 Responses to A great insight

  1. livvy1234 says:

    I am learning to walk in the middle of this messy chaotic world. We are all swimming in the stream of universal suffering. Learning to find joy in this tear ridden stream is liberating. Facing my grief about all the sadness I see in the world is requiring me take a look around. It is not only “I” who know this pain, because grief is our universal experience. Coming face to face with my own humanity has been quite painful. I do not want to die, just like all other beings on this earth. This sorrow “I” feel about all my losses is like a stream that runs in the underpinnings of all our lives. I am shining Light into the darkness, discovering my truths in the experience of my own suffering. There is no time to waste. This morning I am here, this afternoon I could be gone from the earth. I am working with the bones of loss – my mortality.

  2. julienmatei says:

    When we say “death” what is it we really fear…?

    Everything we do happens in the shadow of Death. We have to learn to promptly and thoroughly delve and discover what loss, – respectively -, what Death is about. There is no other way to do that but through own experience, through direct confrontation.

    Unless we face this huge counterpart of life which is death, we will never know something essential about Life. We will never know what Love, Joy, Creativity, Empathy are about.

    What are we holding to really?… Cause we know nothing about the nature of death, thus we fear not death, we are afraid OF OUR THOUGHT OF IT.

    Why are we afraid of reality?…CAN WE INQUIRE THAT? Can we look our fear(s) in the eye without finding halfhearted answers…?

    Can we concomitanlty find out what our thoughts and thinking is about? Becuase – isn´t it so, – if thinking didn´t exist, fear as we know it, wouldn´t exist either. Fear is consequently the the gap between “what is”and “what it could be”.

    If we understood wholly and thoroughly “what is”, would “what could be” have any effect on us anyloger?

    What do we fear at the end of the day?…

    Isn´t it so that we are afraid to lose “the known” – our experience, suffering, memory, identity – that we in fact are afraid of “the unknown”, which is our real abode…?

    Can we delve now into this “unknown” and find out?

  3. livvy1234 says:

    Yes, I think all living things is afraid to lose “the known,” our experience, suffering, memory, identitiy. I have watched dogs die, insects, family members. I watch my in breath die to my outbreath. I watch my thoughts die to one another and rebirth themselves in a different intersecting time and space. I watch my hunger die, after being satisfied. All day, everything that composes this “I” is dying to itself or shall I say Source? All my memories, all my dreams, all my wishes, all my petty stupidity I am dying to each second. All of us are dying from the first breath we take. Clouds die to the sky all day long. I love to do sky watching. Birds die. Where do birds go when they die? The innocent, wicked, and indifferent die without a trace. Who remembers anyone and what is the truth of history? Historical text is full of human “memory” which is full of delusion.

    Yes, our “unknown” is the traceless beginningless abode. Yes, let us delve into the unknown here. I am deep sea diving for years on the subject of death. But there is this deep sorrow within about my impending death. I am wondering what I will experience as I am dying. Each of us experience death differently. I have a wish to be lucid as long as I can as best I can so that I can get a glimpse while in relative reality of Absolute Reality even though both are one.

    So, this dying, that this “I” is doing all day long is like a meat tenderizer. I am becoming more forgiving to everything. For everything there was a reason in someone’s deluded mind. All of us are ignorant of how to be and how to live. Humans are sensitive creatures. We are amazingly big of heart and when our heart is hurt, singularily or collectively it is not easy for us to forgive. That is the dark side of our Light Side. Oh how we all wanted to be in the image of God, Source, Buddha, Christ, Jesus, angels, whatever reverent name we give to Absolute Reality.

    Throughout our life we grow by giving up. Amazing. It is only through our losses that we become full.

    Who is Yevgeniy Vinokurov

    I found a poem written by this person in a book written in 1986. If I did not pick the book up off a dusty old shelf in a good will store, I might not have met the beauty of the poet’s words.

    “There is no ache more
    Deadly than the striving
    to be oneself”

    We are abandoned from the time we are born out of a human womb. We are thrust into relative reality unable to care for ourselves. We are dependent totally on a human we have no knowledge of to care for us. We cannot speak. We cannot walk. We are born helpless. It is hard to become a separate self, to stand within one’s own authority. We are shaped, molded, pressed, and rolled with a rolling pin by our culture. We know no better.

    In order to grow, we must separate from our parents. Then we must separate from our friends perspectives, and on and on it goes for decades – if we are so lucky to live long. Letting go of clinging to others, we embark on a journey into the forest, we retreat many times out of fear, running back into the arms of culture. Our expectations and responses are all skewed and chaotic on this journey to the Self. We continue to challenge culture, dust ourselves off, and go into the forest of our mind.

    This plant would like to grow
    And yet be embryo
    Increase, yet escape
    The doom of taking shape

    Richard Wilbur

    There is psychological birth and psychological death. I think we are delving here into psychological death. We are deconstructing our identify with culture, dissolving entrenched ways of relativily being. Dying to what is in every moment. We are learning how to accept our death, and live brightly perhaps stopping off on Mirror of Encounters for emotional refueling. We get a chance to charge our engines here by expressing the Song of Myself in a safe incubator without ridicule, shame, guilt and all the other garbage we learned from culture as to who and what we are.

  4. julienmatei says:

    I will answer this later tonight! 🙂

  5. julienmatei says:

    Let us look here a bit and try to see what is behind your words:

    “But there is this deep sorrow within about my impending death. I am wondering what I will experience as I am dying. Each of us experience death differently. I have a wish to be lucid as long as I can as best I can so that I can get a glimpse while in relative reality of Absolute Reality even though both are one.

    Let´s replace “death” with “life”:

    ” But there is this deep sorrow within about my impending LIFE.” How would that sound?

    As I see it,
    the deep sorrow stems from not giving the right answers to Life. Life is a constant challenge second by second, and when we give “wrong” answers to the impending challenges, sorrow is there right away. Sorrow notifies us about something being wrong – in this case, your answers to yourself. In plain language, I think there is something within you that still doesn´t receive the right attention and interest. Something having to do with repressed emotions?…

    We feel unfulfilled as long as we don´t live – don´t Feel – certain things, this is the real issue…But how can we live them when we don´t know how to do it?
    Here comes the searing sincerity I am always talking about: we have to bring everything into NOW.

    CONFRONTATION NOW…We have to die now, completely, irrevocably. That is the only way to find out what life is about.

    “Each of us experience “life” differently. I am wondering what I will experience as I am “LIVING”.

    You see…? Again…somehow without you being aware of this, you still deprive yourself of certain experiences your soul yearns for, and project this onto the idea of Death.

    Isn´t it a huge paradox?…You are one of the most lucid persons I have ever met, and yet…certain basic things escape you – this is my case as well.

    When you say

    “I have a wish to be lucid as long as I can as best I can so that I can get a glimpse while in relative reality of Absolute Reality even though both are one”

    it seems to me that despite your great insights, your ego is afraid and still deters you from perceiving “that glimpse” you are longing for.

    You know that when we are in touch with it, when WE LIVE IT, delusion and fear disappear.

    And so does time, sorrow and resentment.

    I think our heart knows best what that Glimpse is about…so let us ask the heart!


  6. livvy1234 says:

    I am writing in real time, without any calculation – free writing here so I am letting thoughts arise and I write them.

    You shared some thought for serious reflection. I am at a point in my life, that I take seriously every moment I have. I try and set the intention each day to do something for people, animals, and nature. In the life of other beings, I see my own. Let us call this a Mirror of Encounter.

    I lived a comparatively peaceful life when I look at the life of people in the world who haven’t any medical care, or enough clean water to bathe and drink, or no transportation or job. Billions of people and animals are suffering. I die to this each moment, but it arises again. Wherever I look, there is suffering – even for people that live fairly comfortably, you see the suffering they experience.

    The glimpse I long for is to see people and animals live in peace, without this constant pain they experience. Logically, I know that this is the way of life, and so during my last phase of life – which is now – I have a wish to be as lucid as I can till my last breath. Of course, this may not be possible but I will try.

    We finally learn in mid life that no matter how safe we try to make ourselves, we will die. We learn that there is no safety out there. We relinquish our fantasy that if we do this or that, death will not touch us. Awakening to the brevity of this life, there is no time to waste. The hour glass is emptying fast. So how do I live in this moment. What is my intention? That is my passionate interest at this juncture in time.

    Connecting constructively with the world instead of bathing in depression, or a who cares attitude, it is my passion to live wisely. Living wisely for me last night, I was able to save a dog in a poverty stricken county – a little dog that had no health plan, no family, no retirement plan. I went to sleep feeling happy knowing that I was able to relieve suffering.

    So, with each moment of the day, I realize the importance of using my physical body well – for the benefit of myself and others. Staying healthy in body, speech and mind as best I can, while setting the intention to speak as kindly as possible even when I do not feel like it, smiling when I would rather frown, lending an ear to those in emotional strife, writing a letter to someone who is ill, or feeling lonely – meditating instead of talking wasted words – all of this is what I do.

    I will never become anybody big or important, gave that fantasy up decades ago – but It is in the small things I can make change with these two hands, ten fingers, two feet, and two legs. I think I have arrived at acceptance of the dark and light within. I am cognizant of my dark side, when I manipulate or aggress. I am cognizant of my envy, jealousy, and all other less than appealing characteristics that humans tend to hide. I am good enough.

    I think what I am saying here is I am slowly letting go to all that is. Yes, I have some more things I want to do – keep my dogs happy and safe! LOL. My time of struggle is done. I am dying to this world as I know it. I do not have a fatal illness at this point, can run and jog, and ride a horse, read and write and function well. I mean, I am surrendering to the insanity. If I never took time off from the world, I would have never known how it tick tocks. I raised children, had two long marriages, volunteered, traveled, saved many animals from a certain death, cooked grand meals for grand people, gardened, experienced nature in the mountains, valleys, and forests, touched little frogs, ate all the flavors of ice cream, been with yogi’s, guru’s, and traveled the Agean sea. And much more. So now what? Now I write on wordpress, leaving my thoughts and impressions to the virtual world. I am sky writing on Mirror of Encounters.

    My heart is filled with beautiful tears. I see the world as it is in each fleeting moment. Thank you for corresponding. Living one moment at a time.

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