…life is ever new

thought is ever old

stop trying seizing the new with the old

I resist my natural emotion therfore I exist

“Oh, I am so tired…I am really tired…worn out…”

Everything seems to be a reason for stress nowadays. Yes, you invariably hear this chorus everywhere – “I am tired, I am so stressed…
I have done this, been there, worked hard…I am exhausted…”
Working hard for everything seems to be the thing.
Calm and seamless living, what is that…? My virtue is my stress.

I´ve given this a lot of thought, so when I hear all this inane wailing I realize that it is not the effort or hard work which is to blame. This tiredness is the outcome of inner resistance:
“I AM THINKING TOO MUCH, I constantly and perseveringly resist my natural urges,
Self-tribulation is my virtue.”

These lamenting people are tired cause – I repeat – they are thwarting against and kill every natural spontaneous emotion; bluntly put, “I AM TIRED CAUSE I DON´T HAVE A LIFE”…What can you be other than worried and down when you know deep inside that despite all your actual achievements you don´t really live…

When not alive, what else can you feel other than fatigue, stress and pervading torment?

Get a life instead of stress!

Do you catch it…or not?

Self-confidence is alertly relying on your immediate perception – it´s like catching a ball coming in full speed. If you wanna catch it, you just need to be there…awake and

Life throws fast energy balls  – one second too early or too late and you don’t quite “make it”.

You usually don´t catch these balls cause you think too much. The more you think the worse confidence you have, as thinking means procrastination.

I´ve never seen an unhappy person having a good confidence…have you?

Not recognizing this unutterably quick soul and life movements,
you soon become like everybody else – outsourced and unhappy.

So here I throw you the ball – did you catch it?

A good one

It’s better to stumble forward than to proceed blindly.


So sad…or not

“We are born as originals but die as copies.”

A comment I made

The more we know, the bigger the morons we become.

As long as “knowing” doesn´t take into account Being, as long as the process of learning
doesn´t help us find out Who we are, we are naught but pathetic parrots.

School should teach basic human common sense. It would be better if we were taught how to cook a soup, iron a shirt or chat up a nice girl…

All the rest comes naturally when we are in touch with basic reality…

What is Inspiration?

Inspiration may be a form of superconsciousness,
or perhaps of subconsciousness – I wouldn´t know.

But I am sure that it is the antithesis of self-consciousness.

Aaron Copland – american composer

Open your window

Poetry enters through the window of irrelevance.

M.C. Richards

A great inspirational truth

Do not fear mistakes. There are none.

Miles Davis

Quote of the day

It takes two to know One.

Gregory Bateson