Rollo May says

The creative artist and poet and saint must fight the actual (as opposed to ideal) gods of society – the god of conformism as well as the gods of apathy, material success, and exploitative power. These are the “idols” of our society and worshiped by multitudes of people.

A great quote

Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.

– Albert Einstein

Can silence talk…?

It is so great to have so much to say but to prefer to remain silent.

Let`s be silent a moment and see what we hear…

The secret witness


How everything withers,

How everything blooms.

You wither

You bloom

Society and conditioning

Society is a sum of all the restrictions, inhibitions, fears and interdictions that have been imposed on us for trackless time. This twisted legacy we can feel deep in our souls. It is our identity.

It is there – inside of us that the real struggle takes place. These inner foes are blind, harshly inertial forces incredibly tough to deal with; to let go of them requires incredible courage, perseverance and ingenuity… Leting go of them means also to drop our so-called identity. A difficult task. After all, this False Identity has been our abode, it is something which has had us in its grip for millenia.

That´s why confronting and letting go of these timeless evil shadows is a hellishly troublesome process. It involves a lot of pain. In this sense, becoming a child again means having the courage to let go of the “known”, confronting the unknown, dropping deliberately prevalent falseness and humbly and faithfully trust Life – one is guided towards something which is not yet “established”. In this process you become also a new type of grown-up. By giving up this timeless falsehood, we become the “perpetrators” of a new individual and collective identity.

Becoming a child again

These last days, incredible truths have been “delivered” to me – not from an outer source but from inside of me. These “truths” kind of search me and I have to listen to what they´re telling me. Their messages seem at first sight so frighteningly simple and yet so extraordinary, so first I need to integrate them, digest and see whether they heal me.

I am ”required” to have the courage of being a child again…Heed with no interpretation, listen unbiased to what it´s being whispered. Difficult. I have to un-know everything I think I know…

A totally new and uncommon outlook on life…It´s like turning everything
upside down – a total switch of perspective. Something so pervasively grand so it is hardly conceivable…

About awareness

Most of us think that awareness is a mysterious something to be practised, and that we should get together day after day to talk about awareness. Now, you don’t come to awareness that way at all. But if you are aware of outward things -the curve of a road, the shape of a tree, the colour of another’s dress, the outline of the mountains against a blue sky, the delicacy of a flower, the pain on the face of a passer-by, the ignorance, the envy, the jealousy of others, the beauty of the earth- then, seeing all these outward things without condemnation, without choice, you can ride on the tide of inner awareness. Then you will become aware of your own reactions, of your own pettiness, of your own jealousies. From the outward awareness you come to the inward, but if you are not aware of the outer, you cannot possibly come to the inner.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Do we dare to look inside?

Everything around feels so empty because everybody is obsessively looking for worth and meaning outside.
It is sort of peculiar to say this, but the reason why our present age feels so hollow is because modern man is hollow inside. He is always on the go – where to really?…- ever eschewing, ever procrastinating. As he feels frustrated and unhappy, life is always somewhere else. Everybody is busy to escape. Indeed, out of fear, cowardice and sloth, people refuse to grow – that is, to take the trouble to initiate the inner journey, to confront their inner essence.

So due to this sometimes seemingly irremediable inner poverty, invariably projecting themselves away from themselves in order to escape their inner hollowness, Self-loss and blatant worthlessness, most humans have lost contact with Life, with everything alive. As Oscar Wilde very well put it, they know the price of everything but the value of nothing.  Most of the people today have lost the ability to recognize real worth, they kind of recognize only their inner absence, really, the monstrous stupidity we face everywhere is the outcome of this fear, escapism and refusal to go inward.

It is so flagrant, despite the incredible outer richness in the Western world, people have never been so hauntingly poor. You can witness this inner poverty in the ubiquitous greediness, ignorance, despair, sloth and stupidity. For sure, the more you flee yourself, the more univocal and dumb you become – like music today.

Meaning, beauty, order and Sense stem from being in touch with the inner world, with Self. Absence of Self is evident: no art, no music, no real expression, but infamous ugliness everywhere, disorder, noise…Modern man not only that is hollow but is very noisy.

He loves noise…NOISE IS THE SONG OF HIS NON IDENTITY. He is always noisy trying hardly to conceal his inner worthlessness and misfortune.

I do not intend to be cynical I am just diagnosing the age I am part of. All this being said I ask you all:

How can we tell people that they are dreaming an evil dream? That nobody is poor, that there is incredible riches inside their souls, that beauty, order and meaning are not just “philosophical stuff” but absolute reality.

My question is of the highest importance, it´s the key to the change we all need to undergo.

Do we have to keep projecting our worthlessness into total outer chaos? Do we have to see war, violence, destruction and calamity before WE DARE TO LOOK INSIDE?

Take your responsibilty to love and be alive

You must have felt it –  that feeling of despondency as if being trapped within yourself beyond escape. That utter isolation, hopelessness of not being able to reach out. Nobody to reach. Nobody interested to see or hear…Just indefinable isolation all the way in to the marrow of your being.

What is this inner pain about really? Can we find out what it is without trying again to escape from it? If we don´t find out what pain is, we will continue be the slaves of our isolation.
Yes, somebody left us in the lurch – our mother or father…? – there was no one there to follow us wisely, care, hold and embrace us attentively. See us for real. We were left by ourselves, having to bear both their pain as well as ours. You couldn´t talk to anyone. Nobody listened, or if they listened didn´t hear. Nobody was disposed to assume or admit anything. Everybody was busy to escape.

It hurt like hell, but everybody pretended to not see this pain in themselves or in our souls. They all vehemently refused, blaming you for being unadjusted, rebellious, “different”, too sensitive.

DID OUR PARENTS REALLY LOVE US? Did they really care for us? Did they ever see us? If they loved and cared for us as they claim, why is this age so utterly unhappy, confused and miserable?

The answer is NO. They didn´t see, care or love us, because in their turn they were to afraid, unhappy, confused as to Who they are and what they do. They were also isolated in their pain. Most of the people got married having no clue what love is about, got kids out of total inertia, living a kind of “somnambulist-ic” irresponsible life.

Consequently, it´s time for us to say the truth and wake up. To wake up means taking the responsibility to understand in-depth what Life and Love is about. But first we have to heal our pain…

We have to learn to trust each other and show our real feelings.

A comment from a wise man

Seeing was the way away from me for me.
Waiting was refusal of the only everlasting present moment.
Now seeing what is, is all there is.