Divine hopelessness

You come to a point when whatever you undertake is fruitless. No matter the passion, good will or effort you put into that particular action, you see no real outcome. Indeed, very frustrating. Time after another, you feel defeated by some kind of relentless fate. The more you try, the less you achieve.

What do you do…? To act is hopeless, inaction is no answer either. In plain language,
to do or not to do, doesn´t change a thing…You´re powerless. Stuck. You can´t solve the problem.
You just don´t find the right solution. The utter futility of human endeavour.

In this powerlessness, something happens. You are ready to surrender. To accept whatever it is, the way it is. You realize your limit. Surrender to what is, is unspeakable sorrow, as you no longer can flee your sorrow.
You can try to flee, but whatever you do, whoever you meet – your sorrow will be mirrored back to you…

Deliberately facing this hopeless loneliness is the hardest blow to Ego. You meet Fear,
you meet your Separation. Projection is no longer a choice.
In fact, nothing is a choice. Surrendering to this horrific helplessness is the key.

You give up, you let go, you let life. You trust…You are now free to let Soul whisper…There isn´t anything to do, but LISTEN…

Just listen.

About julienmatei
I feel an inner urge to express what I see, to communicate and share with others all these impressions. Often the things I see are there, not yet manifest, but waiting... to be observed, talked about, and embraced. These new insights need another approach, a more vivid curiosity... Due to fear and prejudice we prefer to see only "the official" truth - but THE OFFICIAL TRUTH IS DEAD - being dead, it has nothing to give... We can continue pretending Death is fascinating or... we can take the trouble to LIVE... THE NEW has no definition yet... Again, IT requires another "perception", the courage to apprehend everything differently, from a totally new angle, with new confidence and inquisitive touch. This blog is not about interesting concepts, it is about participation... finding new solutions, inspiration, togetherness.

9 Responses to Divine hopelessness

  1. Raunak says:

    beautiful post! surrender is the key…the moment you give into the flow of life, it becomes more enjoyable. I believe in astrology and with that I believe in changing phases of life. No phase, whether high or low is permanent.
    A wise man once told me that a happy person is one who has realized that change in life is a constant. If you are happy today, know that this phase will pass. And if you are sad today, know that this phase will pass too.

    • julienmatei says:

      Isn´t it so? The changeable passes, sorrow and joy constantly intermingling…

      But than there is also the unchangeable…and the Unchangeable never passes 🙂

  2. goldennuggetde says:

    Hmmm. I feel as if You have written this right in time for me personally. I’m in a situation where I’m struggling and struggling but nothing succeeds. I don’t know where to head to. Every new effort seems to be hopeless. I mean in concerns of earning money. On the other hand, everything is at it’s best with my family and my friends.
    But this situation stresses me a lot ….. psychologically. Raunak’s comment is really wise, too. Your writings show me what to to: let go for a while and watch what happens.



    • julienmatei says:

      You see, I am in the same predicament – otherwise I couldn´t have written this post.

      I encounter the same dilemma: ” I’m struggling and struggling but nothing succeeds. I mean in concerns of earning money.”

      Every effort seems to be hopeless, as not only that its doesn´t bring any real benefit bur it worsens the whole situation as well – as you say, it creates a lot of stress.

      I think the solution for earning money – I only gather!! – is looking somewhere else. Changing focus…

      Money is ultimatelly a question of Value and Trust. The world doesn´t know that, but you and me – and seemingly others as well – begin to embrace and trust this truth.

      We maybe have come to the point where it is as important to acknowledge OUR REAL MISSION and in that insight recognize a new way of earning money as well.

      How does it sound?

      • goldennuggetde says:

        Thanks for Yours. It strengthens me a lot.

        It’s amazing. When I read Your initial post above I had not the faintest idea that it would apply to You personally. I thought You are a heavily engaged pianist with a permanent lack of spare time.
        You see … that was my perception.
        When You say “Money is ultimately a question of Value and Trust. The world doesn´t know that, but you and me – and seemingly others as well – begin to embrace and trust this truth.” it is as if You could read my innermost thoughts. Somehow I know that it is as described but I don’t dare to really get into it. But it’s probably the same with You?!

        I feel like Columbus must have felt when he was sailing across the sea for weeks. Only the horizon in front and the innermost hope to reach land. Caring about oneself and even more for the ones you love to safeguard the material basics for living.

        I’m surely moaning still on a high level, compared to people in the Third World. But as I live here in the midst of Europe I feel kind of poor. This is my perception right now.
        When I reflect my life 5 years ago I’d like and dislike to go back in time. I had plenty of money then. That is to say I got my own house, a big car and great vacations all over the world.

        Sorry. Got to go. Will continue later.

        Thumbs up! Thanks, Richard

  3. goldennuggetde says:

    I’d like to resume my recent post here.

    As I mentioned my life 5 years ago ….. it wasn’t all roses, either. I had been working 70-80 hours a week and I slowly but steadily developed as a stranger for my family and maybe for my friends, too.
    Everything I did was centered by gaining money. For a few years I was pretty successful with this. But, as Raunak said, phases are changing and there wasn’t much I could do about it when this hype was over and the downswing began. It felt like my destiny, although I do not believe in that. Nor in astrology. Maybe it’ll come to me sometime :-). Doesn’t matter.
    During this financial downswing I found back to my original character. That was really liberating.

    So …… as soon as my stress situation will be over, I will have developed a new and ever better form of being. Maybe it’s a kind of metamorphosis which I have to go through. I’ll keep telling You.

    At least I’m really thankful to have these sort of conversation with people who know what I’m talking about. Otherwise I might have resigned, already.

    Thanks again,

    • julienmatei says:

      You see Richard I am not flirting with Busy, I am really flirting with Truth here on Mirrors of Encounters. 🙂
      Only truth strengthens us:
      To speak honestly from the heart is the purpose of me writing here. Conversation about these life-matters are unspeakably vital. Many people resign often cause they are short of these real conversations.

      Finding youself is value. Liberation. Sense. That kind of sense that money only, never can buy…
      Everything is so new, so sometimes I am overwhelmed by not being able to really grasp the newness of it all… This ” New Truth” has turned me upside down.

      But the great thing is that I´ve never before felt so unshakebly certain, joyful and anchored.
      Grateful and focused. Motivated.
      Real money is Energy, Flow and Motivation. Clarity! I don´t have a “method” as to how it goes practically, but I know money will pour – pretty soon.

      In a way we are like Columbus, not seeing yet the shore BUT KNOWING IT IS THERE. We are still on the unknown waters so every single movement matters.


      • goldennuggetde says:

        Sounds good to me. So let’s go through this metamorphosis and see which kind of land will appear at the horizon 🙂


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