Writing to Emma

She wanted to help but “he absolutely defended his right to be utterly miserable. And now I am left wondering if I totally failed myself, my values and my will to help the world, let alone him.”

My comment:

It´s a hard lesson to get that, but sometimes people need to face and confront their misery. Oftentimes, the best way to give something to another person, is to give nothing. It sounds strange…but just ponder on this! Whenever we try to help, we consciously or unconsciously activate our projection, giving it away to “the other”…
Trying to help the other, we are unaware that we give away a false projection, even if the intent is “right”…

The other is always our mirror – the other, somehow activates the blind spots in us, those hidden things that are hard to come by in our soul.

The moment you give nothing but your undivided attention, you allow that person to confront directly the issue.

So actually, YOU ARE THE WORLD. Bear in mind that “giving nothing to the other” means that you take home your unprocessed projections. The person who always needs your interest and deserves most to be given something, is yourself. Once you are radiating energy and wellness, this tacit presence will instantly heal the other, without you needing to raise a finger…

Trust me, by the time you reach your inner center, whoever is prepared to change, will expressly ask for your help.

Only then can you rightly give something, without losing your energy.

About julienmatei
I feel an inner urge to express what I see, to communicate and share with others all these impressions. Often the things I see are there, not yet manifest, but waiting... to be observed, talked about, and embraced. These new insights need another approach, a more vivid curiosity... Due to fear and prejudice we prefer to see only "the official" truth - but THE OFFICIAL TRUTH IS DEAD - being dead, it has nothing to give... We can continue pretending Death is fascinating or... we can take the trouble to LIVE... THE NEW has no definition yet... Again, IT requires another "perception", the courage to apprehend everything differently, from a totally new angle, with new confidence and inquisitive touch. This blog is not about interesting concepts, it is about participation... finding new solutions, inspiration, togetherness.

2 Responses to Writing to Emma

  1. Joy is now says:

    Tack sa mycket Julien. Du ar en annan av mina favorit ‘bloggar’ so far – Yaz, Richard, Cristian, Evan och dig – over hela varlden! How I love you all!! Thank you so much for your message, so like Yaz’s. Yes, do nothing, be present for them, with love and good humour. There was no need for me to ‘fight back’ and try to fix him with the advice that helped me over the years. He could not hear me. He needed me to listen. Well I listen to you. Tack encore une fois, mon ami!

    • julienmatei says:

      Mais ma chère amie, avec grand plaisir…
      Again, it´s hard but we have to learn to fix ourselves first…inte lätt alla gånger…

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