A night out

If you go to a regular club nowadays – and not only in Stockholm – you see people “dancing” on their own, never with each other. The kind of frantic barbarism called music today,
doesn´t allow you to dance together. The way we live, the way we dance: Everybody is in his own swirling frenzied trance. Nobody sees or is interested in the other.

It´s a perfect metaphore for our life: Everything in the clubs is kind of invented in such manner, so that you can´t possibly reach one another –  you can´t talk, you can´t dance,  if you wanna say something, you either yell  your wits off, or play the bufoon… In brief: everything is made to be twisted and difficult.
Why is that? Because inside people´s souls there is a frightful noise, chaos and shame, resentment and despondency, so obviously, no one is supposed to see their insidious secret. TOUGH LUCK – I SEE.

And that´s why they flee. They see that I see. They avoid you, often with a politely but fake smile.

Like last night, I would have loved some meaningful communion – and that´s exactly the thing you don´t find in this town. People refuse and hate to be themselves, they are not interested, not curious, not nothing…You have the weird feeling that you don´t exist…
Everything is feigned…Thwarted…Distorted. A peculiar, upside-down and rabid theater…
Eugen Ionesco – the founder of absurd theater – would have probably felt totally outwitted by these times…

This is our present age.

I guess this is the outcome of the nihilistic education they have received. “Don´t touch my
feeling” – that´s what you´re tacitly told. “Don´t move me…don´t make me feel.
Or if you do, prepare to be punished.” I am aware that what I say sounds awful and surreal, but that´s the truth…
It is such a chaos inside their souls, so obviously, nearness and humanness, are the last things people want to be reminded of…Our so-called music today is the best proof and illustration of my point:
Appalling harshness, indiscriminate and narcissistic arrogance, relentlessly idiotic monotony, no joy,
no pleasant rhythm, melody or harmony, oh no,  just flat and eviscerated madness.

Anyway, yesterday I was feeling great, but I had to celebrate my being joyful on my own…I understand that when you are low people flee your company. BUT WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY AND THEY FLEE, that my friends,  is really incomprehensible…the hardest thing to take.

Really, it sounds crazy, but people seem to be terribly afraid of joy, of happiness and true togetherness.

They kind of deliberately seek and indulge in trouble, misery and unhappiness.
It is much easier and rather convenient.



About julienmatei
I feel an inner urge to express what I see, to communicate and share with others all these impressions. Often the things I see are there, not yet manifest, but waiting... to be observed, talked about, and embraced. These new insights need another approach, a more vivid curiosity... Due to fear and prejudice we prefer to see only "the official" truth - but THE OFFICIAL TRUTH IS DEAD - being dead, it has nothing to give... We can continue pretending Death is fascinating or... we can take the trouble to LIVE... THE NEW has no definition yet... Again, IT requires another "perception", the courage to apprehend everything differently, from a totally new angle, with new confidence and inquisitive touch. This blog is not about interesting concepts, it is about participation... finding new solutions, inspiration, togetherness.

23 Responses to A night out

  1. SprinklinThoughts says:

    I find that if I look – and am presentable as well as present – there are (just a very few) real people out there. Sometimes, if I am ‘spot-on’ they come to me. If everyone shuns me then either I am truly (way) ‘off’ or I’m walking in the land of the living dead…
    …just a thought

    • seeingwhatis says:

      What is real people?

      • SprinklinThoughts says:

        Those who are not afraid to think, feel, touch, make mistakes, and admit they don’t really know shit – instead of pretending to.

      • seeingwhatis says:

        Sounds like the guy I used to be. But I was afraid to admit I was wrong though. That was the first thing I did since the “I” was gone though.
        But I only thought I existed. I had lived my whole life in a dream. The dream of “me”. I was not a good person though.And I don’t hesitate to admit it.

    • seeingwhatis says:


      I guess I am abliged to tell you the truth.
      Truth is you are a hippocrit.
      This is very obvious. Can’t you see it your self?

      Real people?
      And you are one of the real ones?
      Because of the fact that you divide people in real and unreal?
      Because of this judjeing of others?
      This is ludicrous talk.

      Deeply ignorant.
      If you go out no real one will com to you.
      Neither will you want that.
      Without will you sit down.
      People trapped in illusion may recognice truth in you.
      If not there is no truth in you.
      This is the valley of the dead. Cant you see that?

      Awakened ones are not here to have fun with other awakened ones. And that simply won’t happen. We don’t have fun.

      Stop pretending to know something when obviously you don’t.
      Regards Avaloki

      • julienmatei says:

        Hey mr,

        I, or someone else, may be an hypocrite – and so what…?

        The thing is that it takes an hypocrite to see another hypocrite, so please look into your own mind first before labeling someone.

        I told you before about your animosity. We discuss peacefully here at Mirrors of Encounters even if inconvenient topics are at hand.


      • SprinklinThoughts says:

        Perhaps you are right… perhaps you are wrong… yet I ‘pretend’ nothing… I simply try to be what I am, as best as I know how. If you are so awakened, why does that not show in your communications?
        Here is a little story… for Julien and in answer to those of your kind…
        There was once an old weary soul who was heading home upon the road less travelled. He came upon another, who had stumbled over one of the legion of “Nothing is”. As he extended his arm to help his brother up, he offered him this, “The defense against those of the legion of ‘Nothing is’, is to know that ‘nothing’ does not exist. ‘Everything’ is.” Then he coninued upon his way home.

      • seeingwhatis says:

        There are many things I would like to say, but it doesn’t come out right. The tone in my “voice” gets distorted, by writing, and writing in a forreign tongue.
        I embrace the opportunity though to appologize for insulting you.
        With hippocrite, I meant, that there were hippocrasy. It was not intended to be personal. We are all hippocrites. I am at least.
        You should really not take my words seriously.
        I can’t see that I have a point of view, but this statement may be a deliberate or unconscious lie. A defence mechanism or just pure insanity.
        If I say I don’t know, how could you or anyone else see truth or descieve in my words.
        Julien is true to the bone. Listen to him if anyone.
        I am sorry.
        I will practice patience and to keep my mouth. I don’t know anything. Of course there are ego left in me. Me insulting you is proof of that.

      • SprinklinThoughts says:

        Accepted… or as we used to say when I was a kid, “It’s cool man.” 🙂

      • seeingwhatis says:

        Thanks for opening my eyes to my flaws. Sincerely – Avaloki

      • julienmatei says:

        Great answer:
        ” I ‘pretend’ nothing… I simply try to be what I am, as best as I know how.”

        The hard thing is to learn to deal both with “everything-ness” and “nothing-ness”.
        All the wonders of the world can mean nothing, but a falling petal can mean it all…

      • SprinklinThoughts says:

        Thank you Julien…

      • SprinklinThoughts says:

        You can call me M, for now. 🙂

      • SprinklinThoughts says:

        I’m not sure if it matters, but probably someplace it may… Man… well male anyway 🙂

      • julienmatei says:

        I´ve just written to you as a reply to your About section.

        I thought you were a man. It was only Seeingwhatis who thought you might be a female hehe…:)

      • SprinklinThoughts says:

        That’s the danger in aknowledging one’s sensitivity. 🙂

  2. Joy is now says:

    We don’t need to worry about the ones that seek to share misery. That’s their own path. Let’s focus on being happy together! Awakened or not 🙂 There are enough like minded happy bloggers out there forming our own tribe against the odds perhaps. Jag har ingen aning vem ar den kilen some skriver above. Han later inte awakened i alla fall. Du kan val skriva allt du vill!! Hugs

    • julienmatei says:

      Exactly, I love this:
      “Let’s focus on being happy together! Awakened or not “…:)

      Thanks for your comment Emma. Indeed, against all odds I will continue to write about whatever I find impending.

      • seeingwhatis says:

        I will stop commenting, if you just ask me to. I know I don’t sound awakened. And I am not. I have no idea what I am.
        There is truth though. And I think it makes a difference. Most times truth is inconvenient. There is an agenda. An assumption about how things are supposed to be.
        “I” don’t fit into that.
        So people label me.
        No one wants anyone to tell the truth. That’s for sure.
        I love you all though, even if it comes through as negative feelings manifesting. There are no such here.
        Regards Avaloki

      • julienmatei says:

        We need simplification and refinement. Comments need to be offered without Ego or attachment and that type of harsh speaking needs to be modeled here…

    • seeingwhatis says:

      Hi, Well it was the truth för what its worth.

  3. Sounds like a sad night, I wouldn’t take people fleeing from you at a club too personally, most are too wasted to stand still let alone sit or talk and quite possibly threatened by being observed, as far as dancing goes, a swirling frenzied trance is well put as this trance music is one of a genre of music today designed for just that, dancing on their own it may well look like but together is a form of being within the club, that’s why it’s called a club I would imagine. No body see’s cause it is too dark, designed to make people comfortable being as numb as they like. Clubs are places that are designed to support a wasted form of escapism from daily life which is easier for some than reality, or it becomes their reality. You don’t go to a club to talk and would be lucky to get anything close to meaningful communication. Everyone or most are happy lost temporarily in their drug of choice and yes do deliberately seek to indulge in trouble or if not often become part of it in some way as a target or an abuser. Sounds a bit grim. But that is my basic view on night clubs I thought id make an effort to try and share……

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