We have invented time in order to escape sorrow

He says:
To experience and appreciate the “life force” within our breath is the greatest source of personal peace, because living within the conscious feeling of this power will tame our wandering mind and allow us to be who we really are – our true self – in peace and love.

The gift of breath is everything – the beginning and end of human life. This is not something to be taken for granted, but is a reason, every moment of our life, to feel appreciation and infinite gratitude.

Those who are motivated from the longing and thirst within, will find the way – it is their destiny.

This is a life long journey and we have this whole life to practice. The results DO come but perseverance is the key.

All dreams come true – in their own time.

What you say here is apt and true.
It is not my intent to be “picky”, there are some small details I would like to shed some light on.

You say :
This power (life force) will tame our wandering mind.

Who is taming who here? Can we successfully control, attempting to “tame” this wandering mind, and think that our endeavour will have any real effect…?

Of course, we can tame it for a while, we can kind of try to turn the mind numb or make it pliable through different methods – orthodox or less orthodox…Like breathing, meditation, deep reflection, or through alcohol, drugs or whatever kind of addiction.

The very endeavour to tame, enhances the already inherent dichotomy of the mind. Our intent, that is, the very act of taming, creates in this case even more inner conflict, can you see this…?

I am not so sure that “those who are motivated from the longing and thirst within, will find the way”. Give it a thought:

Who is thirsty and longing within us…? Who “finds” the way…? The way from “where” to “what”…?
Can you see that the very longing and thirsting entity is Mind itself…? That its dichotomy separates the longing from the “longed-for”, the witness from the witnessed…?

Mind is the outcome of duality, so how can mind ever grasp anything real, as long as it remains in the domain of the dual…?

Further on you say:
“This is a life long journey and we have this whole life to practice.”

Of course it sounds seemingly true. But the thing is that if we have “the whole life to practice”, it also means that we also have time to procrastinate. When we know “we have time” we perpetually escape the very problem – mind – postponing it sometime in the future…But bad news…Future doesn´t really exist…as future is another side of Now…

If we have “time” it means that we indulge in self-complacency, avoiding the real problem NOW. After all that is what most people do, hoping time solves anything…It doesn´t. We ascribe Time a significance it doesn´t have…

Time is escaping sorrow.

The so-called results must – again – be felt now, when we have the guts to stay with the problem.

Perseverance is many times another word for resistance, projection and refusal to face and confront the most flagrant problem – our mind.

Let me know if these words reach out to you!

About julienmatei
I feel an inner urge to express what I see, to communicate and share with others all these impressions. Often the things I see are there, not yet manifest, but waiting... to be observed, talked about, and embraced. These new insights need another approach, a more vivid curiosity... Due to fear and prejudice we prefer to see only "the official" truth - but THE OFFICIAL TRUTH IS DEAD - being dead, it has nothing to give... We can continue pretending Death is fascinating or... we can take the trouble to LIVE... THE NEW has no definition yet... Again, IT requires another "perception", the courage to apprehend everything differently, from a totally new angle, with new confidence and inquisitive touch. This blog is not about interesting concepts, it is about participation... finding new solutions, inspiration, togetherness.

9 Responses to We have invented time in order to escape sorrow

  1. You say time is now, either to procrastinate or act, what is time? What is now and what is the mind. I can only follow my heart. What one believes is truth? Not what other’s believe is truth. If you are following you are accepting another’s truth. What is time but a time to learn? If I were to constantly remain in my state of accepting another’s reality, what is reality? I can only listen to my heart. And walk a path that I feel is right. But what is my right if another thinks it is wrong? I can only live and learn. And listen. Then follow my heart.

  2. I just added this web page to my bookmarks. I really like reading your posts. Thank you!

  3. seeingwhatis says:

    People think there is a way our låter. So they live and die in museet, without awakening. But the awakening Can only happen now. In the moment without momentum.
    So wake up now.
    Or never.

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