That is all…

You just need to occur.

How can we make a sustainable difference?

Our earth is crying. People “hear” but not heed.

Against all evidence, common man is unwilling to see, to admit the most obvious.
God, soul, spirit…? These are mere senseless words for the vast majority…
The only thing they focus on is their stubborn ignorance and blind greed…

Everybody reverently speaks about how unsustainable our present life-style is,
yet the result is null – just daft and perverted bunkum…

How can each of us make a pragmatically sustainable difference?

In Romanian

Cam asta suntem azi:

O sumă de înstrăinări. O sumă de precarități.

Community today

We are together but each one is masturbating on his own.

Keep in mind

You are someone only when you see, heed and honor the person next to you.

You are what you give

What you fail to give the other, you fail to give to yourself.

You are nothing without the other

He had the courage of putting it plainly:

“To me a lot of blogs are boring. Full of daily life events”

For sure, full of daily events which benefit no one, I would add.

I wholly agree with him, I can hardly read most blogs – you are overwhelmed
by futile, vain and narcissistic, grandiloquent babbling.

Blogging to many is some kind of mental masturbation.

Obviously, this is the thing today, everybody has an urge of masturbating publicly.

Quoting him further:

“My goal is to one day be a Free Range Human. The goal would be more feasible with some collaboration with other bloggers. The power in numbers is extraordinary.”

Togetherness…Fruitful cocreation.

Since I started this blog two years ago, I have tried – seemingly in vain – to stress the importance of True Collaboration, but obviously, I speak to deaf years. Everybody is running his own race, failing to recognize the importance of reciprocal inspiration.

Nonsensical chattering seems to be the only motivation.

Aspiring for a commonly shared goal interests no one.

Most people are totally estranged from one another, as if their stupid
single-mindedness and petty pursuit should be the center of the Universe. 

Other than very few individuals, no one is really interested to partake in something universally valid, that eventually would increase their happiness and well-being as well.

That is the thing: 


Stop killing your passion

There is no greater sin than holding back
your humanity,
your Love,
and your genuine expression.

What makes a real writer

A single dot or comma can make the whole difference between life or death…
Only the one knowing this, is the real writer.

Where did they all go…?