Depression is ultimately Absence of Life

  • Im – pression

  • Ex – pression

  • De – pression

Have you ever thought about this? Probably not…

Pression, meaning Energy. Force.

Impression: “pression inside”, to take in something.
Expression:  “pression outside”, to put out what you have inside of you, taking in and relating to something.
Depression then? Well, depression is neither taking in, nor giving out.

Depression is with other words, absence of both impression and expression.

Can you see that Depression is Absence of Emotion, absence of relation, ultimately,
non-living – ABSENCE OF LIFE?


About julienmatei
I feel an inner urge to express what I see, to communicate and share with others all these impressions. Often the things I see are there, not yet manifest, but waiting... to be observed, talked about, and embraced. These new insights need another approach, a more vivid curiosity... Due to fear and prejudice we prefer to see only "the official" truth - but THE OFFICIAL TRUTH IS DEAD - being dead, it has nothing to give... We can continue pretending Death is fascinating or... we can take the trouble to LIVE... THE NEW has no definition yet... Again, IT requires another "perception", the courage to apprehend everything differently, from a totally new angle, with new confidence and inquisitive touch. This blog is not about interesting concepts, it is about participation... finding new solutions, inspiration, togetherness.

17 Responses to Depression is ultimately Absence of Life

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  2. leamuse says:

    Clinically, Depression is anger which we internalize.

  3. This is certainly interesting – care to “express” more about this, Julien?

  4. I mean, I too have actually thought of depression like this, although maybe not using the exact same words. I would be interested in engaging in a meaningful discussion about this when you have the time.


  5. I think for me, depression is largely a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding of my position in the world at large, so to speak. For me, my depression, at least at its root causes has been a fundamental misunderstanding about the universe in which I thought for some reason I was somehow supposed to know, with 100% absolute certainty, what I was to do in the world. I asked myself terribly difficult questions, big questions, that I expected myself to be able to answer – questions like “Why am I here?” This was all at very young age, or at least started when I was quite young. But I took them quite seriously, I was expecting and expected to know the unknowable. That is, quite frankly, the cause of my depression – at least that is how I have come to understand it.

    The non-life you speak of is a result of this gross misunderstanding about the nature of life (I am not sure if these are the most accurate words). As in, I experience non-aliveness because of my misunderstanding or misinterpretation of what is knowable as a fact versus what I must just live out, experience or take action in order to sort of “find out.” I am not sure if this is making sense nor am I sure if I am expressing exactly what I want to say so I will leave you with that for now.



    • julienmatei says:

      I “hear” your words here, but also try to reach “beyond” them too…trying to figure out what you say without (mis)interpreting you.

      Indeed – this is a very different outlook: depression is for you some kind of ontological misuderstanding…interesting I have to admit.

      Let´s analyze what you say here and see what you really are saying:”For me, my depression, at least at its root causes has been a fundamental misunderstanding about the universe in which I thought for some reason I was somehow supposed to know, with 100% absolute certainty, what I was to do in the world. I asked myself terribly difficult questions, big questions, that I expected myself to be able to answer – questions like “Why am I here?”

      What strikes me here is that according to your surmise, Depression derives from your “inability” to “know”. That being said, the natural question is:

      What is “knowing” or knowledge ultimately?

      Can we split reality into Knowing and Un-knowing?

      Who knows and who knows not?…

      That being said, can one know anything with 100% absolute certainty??….Especially when this “knowing” refers to “doing” something?…

      Who is this entity within you who wants to know, and expects you “to know”…?

      What do you want to know? And above all : WHY?….

      I am not playing with words here…

      Follow me on this please:

      Can you see that Knowing or Knowledge means separation? The Distance between “the Knower” and “the Known”

      If there was no gap between What is – You – and what it is supposed to be – Knowledge – would you need “to know” anything?…No…because if you were “whole”, you would know because you simply know, not because you expect or try to know…

      What I hear subsequently, is that you have been attempting to understand what Cleavage – or Separation, or for that matter, Isolation – is about.

      So when you say “Why am I here” is in fact, “Why am I not here”…? With other words, you saw instinctively the state of the present world, that you were here, but not allowed to be What You Really Are: WHOLE.

      No one has shown you but Separation from yourself, yet no one could tell you about this, as they are all separated, everybody suffers from this disease…

      So again, you were trying to reach “the un-knowable”, that is, to find out WHAT HUMANS REFUSE TO SEE, NAMELY – SEPARATION??

      What is knowable as a fact and what you just must live out, seem to be different things but this is pure delusion . What is knowable – or what should be knowable and what must be lived out, IS IN FACT THE SAME THING, but we don´t recognize it as such.

      There is no action required from you “to know” or find out, as YOU KNOW WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT, because you are alive.

      So BE ALIVE…!! That is, stop seeing Life as distance…

      You are what you are, there is no distance to What is and you, – just embrace and accept the pain you see in yourself and in the world, knowing that you are here to heal this pain!!

      Let me know is this is fathomable to you!

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  7. I think I understand, as this is what Krishnamurti says…the knower and the known are inseparable. Also, this is the way I had been think many years ago and do not hold the same views now. But anyway, why was this thought about “needing to know” occurring in the first place? What motivated this idea? Conditioning I suppose?

    So why are we seemingly dissatisfied with “what is?” Meaning, why do we create all of this complexities and problems by fragmenting “what is?” What do you think about that?

    Thank you for such a well posed and thoughtful response! I look forward to your next one.


    • julienmatei says:

      Look! Thinking is not understanding. So either you “think”, or you understand.
      What I stress here is whether or not we see the urgency of our predicament.
      When hungry, we eat. It is not a method, a “know-how” to pick up the food
      so to say – you simply eat cause you are hungry.
      The same applies to whether we are motivated or not to look into the nature of Depression, TAKING A REAL STEP TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING and eventually “get free” from it.
      Understanding means lucidity, that is, unreservedly and directly confronting and dealing with the problem; only this immediate lucidity brings the fruitful action which brings about “a healthy change”.
      Immediacy means Attention now. Alertness.
      If you face a literal danger, YOU REACT IN THE MOMENT WITH NO FURTHER THINKING.
      Consequently, if we “think” of a problem, it means that we don´t see the impending danger inherent in it. We don´t take it seriously with other words – cause only Attention and Action Now counts.
      Most people intellectualize their problems, without being really interested to deal with them.
      We can fall into the same trap after all, indulging here in intelligent discussions that will bring no real benefit, or we can seriously consider the problem.
      So basically, we need to directly confront this thing called conditioning! To delve into it. Here and now.
      This “needing to know”, is required in order to identify the problem, but this very urge “to know” can also mean AVOIDING THE PROBLEM – avoiding to take clear action.
      Where there is inner conflict, there is fragmentation.
      We live in complexity as we refuse to assume Simplicity – that is, looking dispassionately at the very nature of Ego.
      Ego is problem, ego is intrinsically a sum of conflicts.
      And only when Ego is seen for what it is – conflict and fragmentation – then and only then we have a chance to get a glimpse of the whole picture.
      “The whole picture” means clear vision – to see through and beyond ego. Only this realization will heal us from depression.

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  9. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Thank you for liking my quotation.Best regards.jalal

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  11. Redo You Project says:

    I would only add to this the thought that if we sit still, not taking action to change or treat our depression, we will be overcome by it. The body is made to move, the mind to search for reason. We must understand this about ourselves or we cannot begin to improve.

    Good post.

    • julienmatei says:

      Far from wanting to contradict you Jeff.

      Let´s just give it a thought here:

      Who is the Authority within us taking action, and treat depression?…

      WHAT IF this so-called authority is the very one which has created depresssion in the first place?…
      If it is so, how can the same authority which created the problem, solve the problem?…

      Can a conflict solve another conflict?

      Can Mind heal Mind?…Hardly ever…

      I think it is about swiftly allowing and going WITH the process, and not trying to overcome it – because “overcome” is another word for resistance. Thus, the attempt to “overcome” something, may enhance the already existing conflict.

      Healing comes along with the full comprehension of this inner mechanism.

      Once the conflict has been “resolved” our life-force can start flowing unimpededly.

      Than the body can freely move, and the Mind retrieve its initial acuity.


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