Today´s world

Wrecks playing celebrities.

Happiness is Who You Are Not

We deceive ourselves so easily with quotes or “intelligent” sayings, which eventually bring nothing but even more confusion to the already confused Mind. Here is a good example:

How do you attain happiness? By allowing your mind to go back within yourself and resting in your heart. Happiness is your divine nature. Happiness is what you are.

No kidding…?

First of all “happiness” is not, and can never be a goal, thus It cannot be attained.

For the record, once you are happy, you cannot strive to be happy, cause you are already, quite logical. So who wants “to attain” happiness?… Unhappiness, right?
Who is unhappy? Obviously, The Mind.

Let´s explore:

Who is the authority who “allows your mind to go back within yourself”?
It´s Mind again…trying to fool itself that it´s resting in the heart. Pure delusion – mind trying to make itself “happy” – that is, unhappiness striving to be happy. Mind playing daft games with itself.

Mind is knowledge, memory, repetition, continuity – with other words, the old… Being old, whatever it finds, is but the same projection in different shapes and disguises. “Divine” is nothing but a lifeless, inane symbol, another figment of its mad imagination.

Divinity is thus not to be found within the range of “the known”. Mind with its search for continuity must stop, in order for happiness to be, for Happiness being outside all concepts, is eternally discontinuous.

So in this sense, Happiness is WHO YOU ARE NOT!


If you want to know, suspend everything known.

The ultimate meaning in life

Sometimes I write things – like this post – which seem uncommon even to me, and first long after, I find that those words actually show to be quite meaningful. So here I reblog it.

Mirrors of Encounters

Only the idea of separation sponsors the thought that we can search for ourselves.

I am “this” but try to become “that”. Separation is the distance between “the one I am now” and “the other” I am hardly trying to become; this idea is the beginning of all pain and inner conflict.

I am not satisfied with me now, so I’m looking for myself. This search presupposes the idea of  time, right? But we cannot find ourselves “”in” or “through” time, but through IMMEDIATE FEELING AND ACCEPTING  OF WHAT IT IS, AND WHAT WE ARE NOW, in this very moment.

I repeat:

Time is the distance between you now, and the “better” version of yourself in the “future”, some kind of ideal self. This “ideal-self” is pure escapism, as it exists only on an imaginary level.

Without the idea of ​​distance between “different” aspects of yourself, Time  would not exist. If there is no time, there would be no suffering, or vice versa, if suffering didn´t exist, there wouldn´t be any…

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What´s the point of all this pretense and dissimulation?

Everywhere, fake people doing fake things.

hakesplace: That accounts for the majority of the population – fake folks doing “for”
fake things.

pastorsvoice: Where I live, many can’t afford the rent, cannot provide food for their kids and a house with light and running water, but instead, they will show you a two hundred-dollar pair of shoes.

Me: Pure insanity…- the whole civilization in a nutshell…Basically, that´s what everybody does: wrecks playing celebrities.

hakesplace: There does not see to be a way out of this…

MeONCE YOU DON´T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU FAKE…quite obvious, isn´t it?

Ubiquitous faking has taken gigantic proportions, and yes, that is undoubtedly overwhelming.

In reality, we all are waves of the whole Universe. We are not separated, we are but living expression of the Whole. The major part of humanity though, is not aware of this, and lives in total illusion…

For sure, Illusion can not save itself, right? Thus, as long as there is illusion,
there is no way out of it.

The only pertinent question is, whether you and me now, can step out of the False.

Stepping out of Illusion, means that we immediately return to the realization of All Being One, and feeling that to the very core of our heart, we simply know.

Knowing this, we can no longer fake.

Bottom line: the only “doable” thing is to be authentic, to do something that brings joy and real satisfaction in “your” life. If you and me, and the next person, start being real, as we are part of One, we will create further waves and affect “the others”, simply because – as I said before – we are the Wave.

The rest belongs to Fate…

The highest form of spirituality is to be fully present here and now

Whatever we see is our creation

I feel almost compelled to reblog this post, as it touches the core of the problem as to why this present society looks the way it does.

Mirrors of Encounters

We create our reality.

I am aware that to the average skeptical mind this statement may sound flat and totally unfounded.

The gravity of this issue requires a serious thorough approach hardly possible to put in few words, yet I will do my best to make my point in few coherent lines :

Most of us are afraid to look within, because investigating what´s inside of us is a big threat, and indeed, starting this inner journey is undertaking a big risk as we never know what we may find in there – what we may be and become.

The equation is quite simple: due to conformity and intellectual laziness, we refuse to delve inside, so we give the responsibility of our life to others. We let them decide for us, choose for us, take care of us.
It is quite clear, that when you shun your inner responsiblity expecting others…

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This is the real crisis

Fake people doing fake things.


What happened to music today?

“It went from love to screw! How can we say that music is for all, when it only talks about sex! Every song has only one thing in mind. People have stopped falling in love, and all they want to do is give head and lick tail no one wants to have a fulfilling and lasting relationship. Why?… What ever happened to love songs?

No one wants to sing with meaning any more all they want to sing about is fake people doing fake things and stuff that me or you don’t want to hear about – some things are meant to be private; why would you sing about getting head or money that you don’t have! Sometimes the singer these days is so stupid (…) never hearing any song of substance, why they can’t hold a note to the one’s that came before them!”

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Can you trust what makes you glad?

“The voice we should listen to most, as we choose a vocation, is the voice that we might think we should listen to least, and that is the voice of our own gladness.

What can we do that makes us the gladdest? What can we do that leaves us with the strongest sense of sailing true north?

Is it making things with our hands out of wood or stone or paint or canvas?” Or is it making something we hope like truth out of words? Or is it making people laugh or weep in a way that cleanses their spirit?

I believe that if it is a thing that makes us truly glad, then it is a good thing, and it is our thing, and it is the calling voice that we were made to answer with our lives.”

 Frederick Buechner

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