Happiness is Who You Are Not

We deceive ourselves so easily with quotes or “intelligent” sayings, which eventually bring nothing but even more confusion to the already confused Mind. Here is a good example:

How do you attain happiness? By allowing your mind to go back within yourself and resting in your heart. Happiness is your divine nature. Happiness is what you are.

No kidding…?

First of all “happiness” is not, and can never be a goal, thus It cannot be attained.

For the record, once you are happy, you cannot strive to be happy, cause you are already, quite logical. So who wants “to attain” happiness?… Unhappiness, right?
Who is unhappy? Obviously, The Mind.

Let´s explore:

Who is the authority who “allows your mind to go back within yourself”?
It´s Mind again…trying to fool itself that it´s resting in the heart. Pure delusion – mind trying to make itself “happy” – that is, unhappiness striving to be happy. Mind playing daft games with itself.

Mind is knowledge, memory, repetition, continuity – with other words, the old… Being old, whatever it finds, is but the same projection in different shapes and disguises. “Divine” is nothing but a lifeless, inane symbol, another figment of its mad imagination.

Divinity is thus not to be found within the range of “the known”. Mind with its search for continuity must stop, in order for happiness to be, for Happiness being outside all concepts, is eternally discontinuous.

So in this sense, Happiness is WHO YOU ARE NOT!

About julienmatei
I feel an inner urge to express what I see, to communicate and share with others all these impressions. Often the things I see are there, not yet manifest, but waiting... to be observed, talked about, and embraced. These new insights need another approach, a more vivid curiosity... Due to fear and prejudice we prefer to see only "the official" truth - but THE OFFICIAL TRUTH IS DEAD - being dead, it has nothing to give... We can continue pretending Death is fascinating or... we can take the trouble to LIVE... THE NEW has no definition yet... Again, IT requires another "perception", the courage to apprehend everything differently, from a totally new angle, with new confidence and inquisitive touch. This blog is not about interesting concepts, it is about participation... finding new solutions, inspiration, togetherness.

7 Responses to Happiness is Who You Are Not

  1. pastorsvoice says:

    deep deep words like that true spit!

  2. Hehehehe! I guess so, in context of that reply given. But when people DO things to be happy, does that mean they are not really happy? (And I hope we won’t be stuck in a battle of semantics over the word “happiness”.)

    • julienmatei says:

      Who cares about semantics? I for one care for emotional essence.

      Anyhow, I think you know the answer to yr question:

      We “don´t do” happy, WE ARE HAPPY…And if you are, you do happy things…If not…

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