only here only now

Just before dawn the black night lingers.  The light from within transforms my windows into a set of hazy mirrors.

The last day of the year.   An ending that promises a beginning.  Resolutions to make the new year different from the old.

All a crippling illusion.

Resolutions are our pretense that we shall soon bring forth change. Shuttling between imaginations of the old and the new, judgments of the bad and the good.  Living for the shimmering portent of a change that never comes.

If we say that we resolve to live differently in the coming year, we are already lost.  Such resolution is existence deferred.

Our life is here and now.  Each precious and unique moment.

I lift my head and in the time it has taken to write these words, the dawn’s glimmer reveals the natural world beyond the still mirroring windows.  I see fresh snow blanketing the…

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Life is about emotion

Where there is Emotion there is Creativity.

So may 2014 bring you all a lot of emotional fulfillment.

Learn to be wrong

…and in due time you’ll be right – without even knowing it 😉

A leap of faith

Mirrors of Encounters

His comment:
“The “leap of faith” you referred to resembles gambling because you are not 100% in on the outcome. Until you actually get the outcome. That’s probably why you couldn’t provide proof for me.”

My answer:
We are reluctant to investigate for ourselves, aren´t we…?
Cause if we unfold the path to self-discovery, we are never certain of the outcome.
We might win or lose…

Yet everyone wants to win, isn´t it so…? Who wants to lose…? We always want to play safe, don´t we…? – as we always want to have some gain, otherwise we don´t take the risk.

The very risk is to “invest” without having any guarantee as to the outcome.
That´s what Faith is about:

To learn to lose.

To lose it all…to empty yourself of any wish to follow anything or anyone – to learn to live with “no proof”, to discover…

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Non-thinking is not the antithesis of thought

Nothing exists without me

…yet “me” doesn’t exist…

Questions and the questionless

Mirrors of Encounters

Let us ponder a moment – linger with every question:

Does Time exist?…
What exactly is Memory…? Who remembers what?…”What” remembers who?…Why…?

Would time exist if there was no remembrance…? If time and memory didn´t exist, could we ever speak about “Culture”?…- think about this… as for sure, what we call culture is the outcome of memory.

If memory didn´t exist, we couldn´t possibly speak about conditioning either, could we…? “Why” couldn´t exist if there was no conditioning, as conditioning means possession ultimately. Again, no possession – no Why.

So if time, memory, culture, conditioning and possession didn´t exist, there wouldn´t be such thing as “Knowledge” either…Yes, Knowledge is possession. Our conditioned knowledge and thirst to possess is called Science.

Subsequently, if there is nothing to possess, neither What nor Why would be any justified viable issues.

Now, this being said, I ask you: as there is no such thing…

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If you didn ‘t exist, would there be any future?…

Stop a moment

A friend just reminded me of this post, so I find it worthwhile to reblog it.

Mirrors of Encounters

Let me tell you a big secret:

Take a moment and forget all the books and all writers. Forget Plato, Wittgenstein, Schopenhauer or Aristoteles, forget Jesus Christ, forget Buddha, forget all the false or real prophets –  Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle, forget culture, forget about Bach, Beethoven and company, Leonardo da Vinci, Sting or Guns N´Roses, or roses without guns 🙂

Forget about science and history, the known and the unknown. Forget about your failures or successes.

Take a break from name, from thought and definition, from life or death,TAKE A BREAK FROM ALL THERE IS. Forget you´ve even read these words.

Stay with this un-created moment for a while. Know…and un-know…Breath in this freedom. There is nothing to fear…

If you have the guts to do that, you will encounter the most precious
and incredible person:


The You that knows no past and no tomorrow.

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LOVE – the ultimate relief from memory

I was reading your post “Memory is fear of now”.

I do not pretend to understand all of what you say of course but I do not agree that all memories are vapid dreams. There are things we should let go of no doubt, things which hold us back. But there are memories which deserve to be remembered and yes, even those which can be counted on.

I was just thinking, if you forgot me today, it would hurt me. I cannot explain why, I’ve never met you, I don’t know if I even understand you. But if you wiped your memory clean of me, it might help you lessen your burden but in doing so you have effectively created a void where I was. What is that, if not a barrier or wall?

That´s interesting:

“If you forgot me, it would hurt me.”

Let´s suppose I did – which is not the case in reality.

Really…stay a moment with this question and ponder: Is it really my forgetting which would upset and hurt you?

Or is it something else here worth considering?…

Let´s put it like this: As you never met me in “reality”, you have never made the experience of me. And despite this never experiencing or understanding me, you would still feel a loss if I “disappeared” from your life.

Isn´t it so? When we feel loss, we feel hurt, we fall short on something important.

Look at this dispassionately: when our false sense of safety is jeopardized, we are threatened – it is quite obvious.

So what is the real Loss here, can we give a satisfactory answer to that?

The funny thing is that unbeknownst, you have given yourself the Answer.

If we replaced “you” with “I” that would be quite a message to yourself:

“If I wiped my memory clean of me, it might help me lessen my burden and in doing so I have effectively created a void where I was.”

If you “managed” to do that, you would instantly know: This Void is Who You Truly Are, but is seen as a barrier or a wall, inasmuch as it is invested with fear.

And Ego is and directly derives from this seemingly relentless Fear.

Ego´s constant fear of Loss is ultimately fear to lose itself.

Whatever It does, it eternally reinforces itself, carrying along the burden of yesterday, turning it into a memory of tomorrow.

The mad ego fears Life, and its function is to keep you away from this direct and immediate “experience”.

Where Ego ceases, LIFE – which is “the real You” – begins.

When Fear is dissolved, you will need no memory, as you will simply “know”.

And this “pure Knowledge” is the memory-less breath: