Do we dare assuming wholeheartedly the illusion of the separate ego?

Every time we stress the importance of “mine”, we call in strife and despondency. Infelicity.

The thing is that whatever is “mine” is neither optimistic nor pretty, even if we ascribe it resounding names like “spiritual journey” or “the adventure of the soul”.

Whatever is separate – the “I” – is bound to depress and disconcert…

Disappointment and enmity is inherent in I-ness.

The most vital question is this:
Can we exist without this distinct sense of falseness which is the separate ego?…

Can we wholeheartedly stay with and assume this very dilemma?

We´d better…

As only Wholeness, which is the cessation of the illusion of separateness, of “I” as the center, can thoroughly heal us from conflict and misfortune.

Doing things “right”, can be the best recipe for failure

Mirrors of Encounters

The so needed solution to a seemingly insoluble problem, is not to be found in book knowledge. Whatever applicable “way out” is not an answer given by experience either.

Verily, expertise can be totally counterproductive in many cases.
What is required, is a readiness to stop relying on your “knowledge” and activate other cognitive levels within, which, from a rational point of view seem queer and unfounded.

And yet…Life puts you most often in situations which are anything but recorded.
We miss incredible chances, we spoil promising and unwonted encounters, because we expect things to follow the foreseeable course of what we have learned.

Bad news – nothing truthfully great does.

If you were attacked by a hungry bear in the woods, you would have to immediately find a way to handle the threatening situation. There is no textbook to teach you cope with the inherent challenges of living.

It is obvious:


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If there is no question inside of you, there won’t be either any answer in the Holy Spirit

Hildegard von Bingen

Do you want to be a sham like everybody else?…

It may sound pathetic but I´ll say it anyway:

The naked truth is that in a few decades no one will give a damn if you tried to fit in. In fact, nobody will actually care if you existed or not. No one will raise you a statue for you having worshiped the God of Compliance and not having dared to be alive. 

So stop hiding from your True Self.

Stop hiding your real and spontaneous emotion because everyone does it. By trying to adjust and settle for the ubiquitous canons and imbecile expectations of an era, whose only ambition is to deny and repudiate all that is natural and beautiful in you.

To hide your genuine feeling and continuing to live “secretly”, conforming, invariably censoring yourself because it is not “civilized” to exhibit Who You Truly Are, is the surest path to failure.

Formidable hubris

Imagine ice claiming to exist per se, as if not being
another state of Water.

Only man thinks he exists, independently of the Spirit
keeping him alive.

Let the “outside” rest a while

Listen from inside out

Be your own best friend, before someone else is

Stop hiding yourself from you

Mirrors of Encounters

“I am very sensitive, it’s been the bane of my life. Although few would believe it. I’m very good at hiding that part of me with my boisterous personality. I don’t listen to the news or read newspapers because all I see around me is how inhuman people can be. I just can’t take it. It plays havoc with my mind. Every day is a struggle for me against the terrible thoughts that flash through my head. I don’t know anyone else who thinks this way. I’ve always assumed something is wrong with me.

It must be difficult to accept solitude. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it. You see I don’t want to be alone. I want someone to care. I want to be able to spill my inner thoughts and feelings to someone, and still be secure in their friendship. Do you understand?”


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A prayer for today

Release me from all Knowledge

Release me from the misconception of Justice or Injustice

Take away

All Judgement

The burden of Every Thought

The burden of Distinction

Save me from All Fear

Let the Endless Space shine upon me


I really don´t know, but if you ask me, I might know

Ignorance – the right to remain evil

This is truly a meaningful dialogue between Aniketan Bath and me:

– You articulate my experience. Now I have the words to express myself. 

– Thank you for saying that! Talking to you helps me find out and sort out the truth…that´s the blessing of a true dialogue. It helps me know that my inner Voice is uttering the right thing both for you and me. After all, putting words to a certain problem is highly liberating. It feels like a disenchantment. Like a casting out the evil spell, sort of thing.

– Yeah, like chanting mantras.

– Indeed…It gives me a soothing sense as to the why of continuing this thankless endeavour to write about these things no one is interested in. Only the truth sets us free, but unfortunately humans are interested in anything but the truth…

– They are, but they deny, because of the core belief.

– And what is the core belief? As far as I see, the “core belief” is the actual denial of Truth.

– The core belief is ignorance.

– Right, but then they all defend the right to remain ignorant.

– Exactly.

– This is really mind-blowing: they all struggle to remain ignorant…-meaning that they are not so ignorant after all…They just play ignorant – they know, but pretend to not know. “I SEE CLEARLY WHAT IS GOING ON, BUT DENY IT NONETHELESS.”
This has overwhelming and far-reaching implications: if we replace “ignorance” with “evil”, than it clearly means that Man is defending HIS RIGHT TO REMAIN EVIL.