Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving

– A Hat Full of Sky

She comes in her invisible Shadow

…She is more a smiling fragrance, rather than a memory.

Will she ever have a name?…



If you understand that you understand nothing, you may understand it all

Dare to be so “insane” as to love yourself beyond any judgement or division

I find myself trying to find myself a lot lately (more than usual). Sometimes what lies within can often be too frightening to deal with. What if I look within myself and realize there’s nothing? What if I’m just as vapid as the next person? I know you dislike fear of any kind but sometimes a healthy dose of fear is the only thing keeping me sane.

Replace “trying” with “resisting.”

“I find myself trying to find myself a lot” means actually “I find myself resisting and thwarting myself a lot lately” – of course, due maybe to your present predicament, “more than usual”…

Being afraid of what lies within you, you “deal” with it through escaping it…through defending yourself, creating an ever-growing division inside of you, indeed, a greater and greater gap between what you term as You now, and the “afraid you” you want to flee from…

Can you see this?…It is of no avail if I say all these things without your readiness to explore this along with my words.

Now…Facing fear is anything but easy – it “can often be too frightening to deal with” – undoubtedly true.

But if you stop trying to “deal” with it, that is, to rationalize it, maybe – and I say maybe!! – it is not that frightening to behold Fear in the face.

Really, how can you know what lies inside of you unless you deliberately initiate exploring yourself for real? That is, exploring into the nature of Nothingness.

What if I told you that behind Nothingness, THERE IS EVERYTHING…? With “everything” I mean endless Life, Blessed Presence, Joy… For sure, you wouldn´t belive me as you have never experienced anything but your fear.

“What if I’m just as vapid as the next person?”
It is not what you want to hear, but let me point out to you, that as long as you live in fear, you will remain just as “vapid”, like everybody else…

Utterly speaking – I wonder – who is there to judge what “vapid” is except yourself?

Let me finally put it like this: Fear is basically the work of our mind. The outcome of the division of the mind.

Now please follow this: most people are insane on this planet insofar as they are the victims of their split mind. People are the slaves of their fear, slaves under their insanity.

You too in this sense. Don´t be afraid to go mad, because you are already insane.

So, if you want to “do away” with Fear and insanity, you need to do away with division. Let it all crumble: Dare be vapid. Be boring, dare be nothing special, indeed, no one. Just remain as you are: if you are afraid, be afraid, be what you are now – BE YOURSELF…and embrace yourself.

Just surrender. Surrender to what is. Surrender to all expectations of being one thing or another.

Dare to be so “insane” as to love yourself unconditionally – that is, beyond any judgement or division.

The Sage doesn´t say what he knows, whereas the Fool doesn´t know what he says

Have Faith

You can never miss what is bound to happen.

To a sleeping Rose

Your Night breeds Silence

Everything is dormant

Even Hypnos is asleep

So the enchanted gardens

Only bells are sighing from afar…

You dream me back into my dream

I dream you back into your dream

The voyage still goes on

 No remembrance

…just echo


  a lingering perfume…

 Your hands

 are still


Elsewhere takes place the world party, not in the palpable realm

Constantin Noica

Inspiration – the blessing healing us

Mirrors of Encounters

Sometimes I think it’s almost as if inspiration comes through us, not so much to us

We are simply the conduit for the expression of beauty that needs to be spread in the world. There’s healing in that expression of beauty for each one of us, in both the expression and the observation. It is truly medicinal for our souls.

“Sometimes I think it’s almost as if inspiration comes through us, not so much to us”- you say. You bring forth a very good point here.

When Inspiration comes, you have to be “there” to “seize” it. That´s a huge paradox – if I am to better explain the process, you – as an “I” entity – have to be absent, so this honoured guest – inspiration – can unimpededly move through you.

Thinking must completely stop. Also the very wish to catch it…

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