A spiritual delinquent

Mirrors of Encounters

The difficult part is that almost no one will ever tell you the truth. Everyone hides indulging in their facades. So if you want to find out the truth about anything real, you need many times to be a skilful “thief”; yes, you have to be incredibly astute and awake to see through all the standard deceit, and steal the information people are not willing to share.

With no particular reason, many times I found myself feeling guilty. I just couldn´t figure it out why…Where was this depressing guilt and bad conscience coming from? All this seemingly unfeasible struggle for an answer  came abruptly to an end…Some days ago, out of the blue, I identified the answer I long had searched for:

Of course, I was tormented by the fact that people and society compel me feel and live like a thief – I have to steal in order to find…

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What is the true remedy after all?…

I am aware this sounds terribly far-fetched, but…

The cause behind any form of disease is the separate ego
exercising his most cherished madness: the seeking of
supremacy through Self-Punishment.

So a true physician doesn´t heal the symptom only, but
the Cause – which is making you aware that Separation
never took place, but is a fabrication of the delirious ego.

Everything is but a Second long

I will reblog this post I wrote some time ago.

I do so, because I´ve come to realize that the essence of these words is beyond argument.

Whoever is ready to hear, will hear…

Here it is:

The ineffable Second beyond time and thinking.

That second comprises it all. Everything that has ever been, is, and will be.
It is the breath of life, eternally free, beyond cause and effect. Beyond yes and

It cannot be gained. It can not be lost.

It is beyond experience, beyond rational approach. Beyond projection.
It cannot be “understood”, it can be only be “felt”. Tasted. Embraced.

All searching must stop if you want to know it.

All knowledge and concepts must wither if you want to hear it.

It is mysteriously un-born and ever existing.

“Be not” if you want to know it.

You will never reach the secret place of your deepest desire unless you are “there” now

Beware the naked person who offers you his shirt

With other words, never try to give what you don´t have.

Fear is the enemy of creativity, the hotbed of mediocrity, a critical obstacle to mastering life

– Maria Popova

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you

– Maya Angelou