The inner yields the outer

We blindly focus on what is happening around us, stubbornly ignoring what is happening within us.

We are all bad interpretors

Mirrors of Encounters

Since we can´t handle Now, we strenuously turn this present moment into a
remote ideal. Our now-s become unfailingly something to be reached instead of
something to live.

The only thing we do is creating distance. Distance to anything.
Distance to Now, to who we are – above all, distance to Life itself.

This distance between life and idea is Fear.

Can you see that?

Fearing who we are, we resent all direct encounters,
including the encounter with ourselves.

Invariably, we end up interpreting everything …

We raise thus insurmountable barriers between us and the thing or person
we painstakingly interpret

In most cases, interpretation means punctually misinterpretation.

As our ideas are wrong, how could we get it right…?

Instead of living, we obsessively keep interpreting …


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It´s meaningless to say anything

Yet it´s even more meaningless to shut up.

I hate myself for being lazy

Mirrors of Encounters

…says Bianca:
I hope tomorrow is better.
It is hard sometimes as a student, when you know that there is always something that you can be doing! I don’t even know what I’ll do with myself when I graduate!

The prevalent credo “that there is always something you can be doing”, that indeed, we constantly miss something important “out there”, is such a harmful misconception.

Doing, doing, doing…

“Glorify busy. Glorify compliance”, that´s the ubiquitous song.

“Do something even if you have no hint as to Who you are or What you are doing.”

Blind Action is our God. We are throughly manipulated to believe that “doing” is the only valid answer to all life problems.

Is anyone raising the problem of Being?…Is anyone saying “there is always something you can be”? Oh no, this is superfluous stuff.

And yet, that´s the only valid answer: BEING.

It is…

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The urge of “being someone” is totally usurping the real chance of truly BEING YOU

What Is Living – a dialogue between me and Richard

Mirrors of Encounters

In my opinion this is one of the most essential posts I have written. Reading this carefully can bring a major change in your perception.

What I’ve learned from the Buddhists and which is really hard to understand: there is no I or me. So the question of yours might be more precise if we say “Living is finding out WHAT YOU ARE”. One of the milestone steps towards this is to get rid of all conventional definitions. I know, this seems so be contradictory and it surely is sometimes. But that’s also a part which has to be learned. You got to skip all the sometimes so hardly learned patterns. You got to skip all thoughts about the past and the future. You got to skip the gossip in your mind. You got to skip the judge and the lawyer in your mind.

“One of the…

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Don´t be too keen

Otherwise you run the risk of becoming the slave of your own interests.

Meaning, The Mirror of Now

Mirrors of Encounters

What is this thing called Future?… It is hope, fear, expectation, doubt, uncertainty, frustration… In short, future is ideal and fear of ideal. Will it happen, will it not…?”, “what happens next?”, “what´s the next step, how shall I proceed with this or that?”

I won´t induce in philosophical speculation, I just wonder: What if future didn´t exist? What would happen if we took a healthy choice and eliminate “future” at least for a while…?

The consequence of this would be unimaginable: If there is no future there would be no ideal
either. No ideal – no fear.

Yes, future means basically projection, doens´t it?…No future – no fear – no projection. What is projection? Projection means that we give ourselves away. We give our force away, our hopes, vitality, strength and fears to something uncertain basically.  What if we took home all projections, projecting them on this very moment…? For sure, we would retrieve…

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In vain you try to help, if they refuse to help themselves

“Future” is another name for rejecting yourself now