Be your secret! A recipe for creative success

Mirrors of Encounters

Success is ultimately a secret!

Don´t be rational, don´t go in anyone´s steps, forget everything you are told, doubt and question everything, but commit yourself to what you know, when you feel you know.

Never compare yourself, instead be grateful for being exactly what you are!

Watch life as a constant wonder, be a surprise to yourself, listen unbiasedly, feel your way, give of yourself because you give to yourself, be vigilant as if you see things for the first time, be uncommon and healthily crazy!

I can take you to the source, but once there, nobody but you can drink if you wanna quench your thirst.

Thus Yearning to express yourself must feel like hunger and thirst, only when you´re hungry for expression, your expression is likely to be heard.

Everything comes down to this:


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Beware of the problem maker

I feel so content where I am, because I am driven in moving forward, I am ambitious and interested in my surroundings, I am engaging and enlightened. I am feeling 100% positive 100% of the time. Whether I am just riding my roller-coaster of ups-and-downs; I don’t see myself ever getting upset again, because I have the skills to deal with whatever life throws at me!

Truly a humbled and grateful ‘free-spirit’ now.

I am going to be just fine – because I now know myself! I now understand that everything is as it was; and yet everything has changed.

I will just tell you this:

Beware of “the problem maker” within – the Master of Delusion. He is incredibly cunning, he has many guises, easily shape-shifting, turning everything upside down. That is, he can make hell seem heaven and heaven hell.

He can even call itself “enlightened”, continuing the same insidious game, though in a different “tonality”.

Its agenda is to obfuscate reality – to hide you from Who You Really Are.

Learn to watch it attentively – letting go of all conclusions.

“What” is “Who”

…and Who is What.

Your whys are interchangeable.


Either too early or too late

The function of the mind is to obfuscate your Now.
That is, to prevent you from living.

Is mainstream our only option?

Where the hell are the healthy troublemakers, the rebellious dissenters?

The bad news – it never happened

The good news – it never happened

No, but really…

I can hardly go out to a cafe or more fancy place these days.

It is absolutely preposterous.

Everywhere, you bump into the same nonsensical hoax:

Shallow, bloated, self-sufficient idiots behaving like fucking VIP´s.

Most of them have never done anything worthwhile.

No talent, no achievement, no fruition.
Just conceit, airs and more conceit.

Women as men.

Nobody smiles. God forbid! They are so strikingly serious, oh my,
so precious, so perfectly unapproachable.

Who said it was easy to flawlessly maintain a successful pose while
feeling like a total failure inside…?

Verily, this is the age of the self-appointed freaks.

It is maddening really – you feel like shouting at them:

“Take a break and be yourselves for a change, you pathetic fools.”

This is no poem

Kill all repetition

Kill everything you think you know

Kill your past

Wipe out the memory of you

Don´t be afraid

You´ll rise…


Our enchanting age

The triumph of vainglory and single-mindedness.

Look no further

If you want to understand why the World has become such a nasty place, take a look at yourself.