Be with it in this moment

It has taken me a lifetime to get this.

As long as you live in division – that is, in the gap between you now and what you want to achieve in “the future” – whatever “ideal” you strive for, will inevitably enhance your fear and turn out to be another painful disillusionment.

You simply can´t miss the target, if you instead, are already one with, and vibrationally exert in this moment whatever you are looking for.

Nothing Real can be established

Mirrors of Encounters

Thanks for your post here. It means a lot to me …. making progress in non-thinking.

All those comments are like lights from different perspectives to the whole “thing”. Quite a lot of what is said is logically contradictory and that confuses us. We’ve been taught throughout our life that contradictory statements are nonsense. What if they are not?

Think about that for a few moments.

Either I get completely nuts right now or I begin to understand.

Whatever we knew yesterday is no longer valid today. To approximate this very moment through the filter of the past, deprives us the joyful freedom and clarity of a fruitful approach.

Thus – although I get what you say – there cannot be any “progress in non-thinking” – thought must stop, if we are to get a clear picture of the ongoing reality.

You say that “quite a…

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Life is this moment

Mirrors of Encounters

If I say “Life is now”, you will most admittedly think that you know what I mean.

Obviously, this truth has been said million times. The question is:


It is very tricky: we mostly THINK we know, we take our thoughts for knowledge, but TRUE KNOWLEDGE – which is Life-knowledge – can never be reached by thought.

This is a platitude what I am saying, but Life is not a thought, as little as a Tree or a Cat is a name. Thought is memory and OUR MEMORY DISTORTS REALITY – we get stuck in names, in definitions, our ideas are the product of our past.  Consequently, it is these ideas of ours which condition and corrupt our reality. This corrupted reality we call Knowledge.

Knowledge means living in the past, and living in the past is not living at all.


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As long as we live in Memory, we live in a continuous distortion

Whatever we knew yesterday is no longer valid today.

To approximate this very moment through the filter of the past, deprives us the joyful freedom and clarity of a fruitful approach.

“Me” – this insidious troublemaker

The debilitating sense of “I” – with its fears, idiosyncracy, defeatism and constant
striving – is the beginning of all conflict 🙂

That’s an interesting perspective. Completely understand where you’re coming from with that and I enjoyed the injection of humor.

In actual fact, it is a non perspective – cause whatever perspective entails subjectivity, and the subject – the so-called I – being always fragmented, always brings about doubt, as the total picture is beyond its grasp…

For sure…humor always loosens up the righteous I…


Non relation

The definition of total failure:

Being in no genuine relation with yourself, with life and with people around.

Unless you lucidly confront the hellish, you´ll never see the True Light

Don´t wait…as you might wait forever

Divine jokes are not to be taken too seriously

Saint Peter shows God what’s happening on earth.

The first thing they see is a group of people labouring from morning until night. God is amazed and asks “What is the matter with those people down there? Saint Peter then replies: “Didn´t you say they had to earn bread by the sweat of their brow?” God answers:

“But I was only joking.”

Next they see robed Cardinals and Bishops at lavish tables piled with food and Wine. And then God asks who those people are. Saint Peter tells him:

“They My Lord are the people who understood you where only joking.”