Do we dare to look inside?

Mirrors of Encounters

Everything around feels so empty because everybody is obsessively looking for worth and meaning outside.
It is sort of peculiar to say this, but the reason why our present age feels so hollow is because modern man is hollow inside. He is always on the go – where to really?…- ever eschewing, ever procrastinating. As he feels frustrated and unhappy, life is always somewhere else. Everybody is busy to escape. Indeed, out of fear, cowardice and sloth, people refuse to grow – that is, to take the trouble to initiate the inner journey, to confront their inner essence.

So due to this sometimes seemingly irremediable inner poverty, invariably projecting themselves away from themselves in order to escape their inner hollowness, Self-loss and blatant worthlessness, most humans have lost contact with Life, with everything alive. As Oscar Wilde very well put it, they know the price of everything but the value of nothing…

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Reality is wholeness

Mirrors of Encounters

For most people, “Wholeness” is a mere futile concept, like music for the deaf. They are “deaf” to reality insofar as they take thought for Life.

Thinking – as we know it – cannot consequently grasp “Wholeness”. We can´t heal unless we question and eventually give up thought-identity.

Insanely difficult…- as this is our most precious heritage – our very Identity is and
stems directly from Thinking.

I don’t know what you mean by “give up thought.” Have you experienced this?

I write only about things I have directly experienced.

Most assuredly, I have always wondered what it was meant by “Learn to die before you die”. I have lately understood: it is for sure the greatest challenge for man – to give up the false ego – that is, the wrong immemorial identification with THOUGHT! Thought is with other words, the “me”- identity which is…

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What is I-ness and identity?

Mirrors of Encounters

The hardest thing to grasp that our culture never speaks about is this:

The sense of  “I”, our very identity is intrinsically fragmentation. What is fragmented – namely our I-ness – is, and leads invariably to struggle, conflict, resistance.

What is fragmented struggles actually to wholeness – wholeness is in fact the goal for all our human endeavours, the “final” destination for al our strife and aspirations.

All manifest existence, us included, strives back to One, to wholeness, that´s the hardest paradox to fathom.

If we look without prejudice, everything we know is basically the outcome of our sense of identity. Identity trying to defend, preserve and commit itself, identity trying hard to thrive, through struggle, conflict, friction. What else can we find at the end of this road other than suffering?

What is identity? What is at the root of our very Identity…? Fear. Fear in all its infinite…

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Future loss is not your fear, but present joining is your dread

It is genuine Togetherness which is your ego´s worst nightmare.

The biggest threat – Love.

You are in fact afraid to lose your fear – that is,
your made up Identity.

Can we ever go beyond the ways of our condtioned mind?

Thought means inertia. That´s why, even when thought is trying to question itself, that very process is nothing but further thinking. Further defense…

It is something else within us – let´s call it objectless observation – with the help of which, we can inquire into the insidious mechanism of our mind.

“If we already think it is ‘insidious’, is that inquiring?” – Jone asked.

Obviously, one of the most favorite subterfuges for the mind is semantics. We can get lost forever in different interpretations, can´t we?…

The ways of the conditioned mind are indeed “insidious” – it´s the least one can say…

To see clearly and be aware of the erratic “mind-maze” is to inquire.

Simplicity – which is disidentifiation from its eternal roundabout – requires great courage and lucidity. It is to access that very reality which is not conditioned by any function of the brain…

You´ll never truly be aware, as long as you are preoccupied with your own importance

The basis of our thinking is craving, which creates the self, and thought expresses itself in worldliness, in possessive love, and in the belief of self-continuity.

What happens to a mind that is occupied with itself and its expressions, consciously or unconsciously? It will limit itself and so give importance to itself. Thought, thus occupied, must engender confusion, conflict, sorrow. Being caught in its own net, it tries to escape into the future or into those activities that assure immediate forgetfulness, the so-called social service, worship of state or person, racial and social antagonism, and so on. Thus thought gets more and more entangled in the net of its own desires and escapes.

As long as thought is preoccupied with its own personal importance and continuity, it is incapable of becoming aware of its own process.

J. Krishnamurti

True Art – like Love, like Life – is beyond all concepts and intellectualization

I don’t believe that rational understanding is an essential element in the reception of any work of art. Either a film has something to say to you or it hasn’t. If you are moved by it, you don’t need it explained to you. If not, no explanation can make you moved by it.
– Federico Fellini

In Choiceless Attention, time withers

Although man imagines to be different, nothing and no one is outside Relation

Everything is the same.

Everything is intertwined and in relation.

The greatest meaning and fulfillment is to inwardly and concretely
feel you are this tacit relation.

Why we live in a society of addicts

Being disconnected from their true Self, people seek dramas and adrenalin inducing experiences, which are to compensate their inner sense of emptiness and futility.