“Me and mine” – the prerogative of Hell

Hell is not the other – as Sartre mused – but You.

You, the prisoner of your selfishness.

Can we ever untangle the maze?

Mirrors of Encounters

“Light bulb ideas I thought held promise, fade away, yet this one stays bright.
I’ ve made it all, now what to do or undo with it.”

Is the end the beginning, or the beginning another end?…

How can we know…?

How can we know while being in the maze?…And being there,
where do you start other than in the very spot you stay?


How did we end up here?

Is “here” another insidious “there”?…

What word to utter?…What step to take…?

Sometimes you can´t no longer stay still, but moving is no answer either,
as you might end up in the same spot from which you once proceeded…

Everything is the same and not the same.

So “to do” is no answer…- as little as “undo” is…

This fumbling around is so depleting…

But one thing I know:

As I write these words to you “I move”…even if I stand…

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Successful Action

Coming to the point when doing or non doing is equally important.

Or unimportant.

Logic and happiness never rhyme

What Is Enlightenment?

…When all myriad manifestations become a single breath.

…The Blessed Music of One Tone.

In a split second, it all dawned on me

That was the end of sorrow…I grasped it all, or so it seemed. In fact, that instant reassured me that there was nothing to grasp:


Yes…this unmediated Joy had in truth no counterpart, but intimately knew what sadness was…

And then I woke up.

I had forgotten it…

Was it a dream, or am I dreaming now?…


In you is all of heaven

Every leaf that falls is given life in you.

Each bird that ever sang will sing again in you.

And every flower that ever bloomed has saved its perfume and its loveliness for you.




All external things are only shadows of a decision you made, but fail to remember

The separated ego´s worst nightmare is illumination

Cause then it can no longer hide you from YOU.

Ancestral Healing – if you heal the past, you heal your future

Mirrors of Encounters

I reblog here this amazingly meaningful article by Toko-pa Turner.

“One of the most powerful dreams I was ever given was a visitation from my maternal Grandfather who came to me as an adult, twenty years after he died.

Like many ancestral dreams, it was singularly vivid and more lucid than everyday dreams.

I looked into the bright clarity of his eyes, felt the warmth and weight of his hand on my shoulder, and recognized the melody of his thick accent even though I was 7 years old when last I heard it.

A great stillness stretched around us as he looked at me tenderly and said, “I’m sorry for having given you my eyesight.”

Towards the end of her life, my Granny told my brother and I many stories she’d kept secret for a lifetime. She spoke of many unfathomable atrocities, and the near-death miracles that kept my Grandparents…

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