All external things are only shadows of a decision you made, but fail to remember

The separated ego´s worst nightmare is illumination

Cause then it can no longer hide you from YOU.

Ancestral Healing – if you heal the past, you heal your future

Mirrors of Encounters

I reblog here this amazingly meaningful article by Toko-pa Turner.

“One of the most powerful dreams I was ever given was a visitation from my maternal Grandfather who came to me as an adult, twenty years after he died.

Like many ancestral dreams, it was singularly vivid and more lucid than everyday dreams.

I looked into the bright clarity of his eyes, felt the warmth and weight of his hand on my shoulder, and recognized the melody of his thick accent even though I was 7 years old when last I heard it.

A great stillness stretched around us as he looked at me tenderly and said, “I’m sorry for having given you my eyesight.”

Towards the end of her life, my Granny told my brother and I many stories she’d kept secret for a lifetime. She spoke of many unfathomable atrocities, and the near-death miracles that kept my Grandparents…

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A perfume with no name

Mirrors of Encounters

Oftentimes you feel this intense presence of something irremediably vague and indistinct. A yearning coming from nowhere. A traceless whisper. A perfume with no name. You give it soon up, relegating it as a figment of your unfulfilled desire.

And suddenly…

You encounter it in a poem. In the painting of a great master. In an unforgettable film.

Such relief.

That formless secret mildly whispering to you was no delusion. It is real, but no one around you could testify its subtle purl.


I know…but I don´t know that I know.

I don´t know what I know.

Do you?…

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If I wasn´t here, where would you be?

I saw what she refused to see

She didn’t understand what I was talking about. But above all, I perceived her blatant reluctance to understand.

In vain we give a chance to the ones who are unwilling to give themselves one