A perfume with no name

Mirrors of Encounters

Oftentimes you feel this intense presence of something irremediably vague and indistinct. A yearning coming from nowhere. A traceless whisper. A perfume with no name. You give it soon up, relegating it as a figment of your unfulfilled desire.

And suddenly…

You encounter it in a poem. In the painting of a great master. In an unforgettable film.

Such relief.

That formless secret mildly whispering to you was no delusion. It is real, but no one around you could testify its subtle purl.


I know…but I don´t know that I know.

I don´t know what I know.

Do you?…

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If I wasn´t here, where would you be?

I saw what she refused to see

She didn’t understand what I was talking about. But above all, I perceived her blatant reluctance to understand.

In vain we give a chance to the ones who are unwilling to give themselves one

When the abnormal becomes normalcy, the normal becomes a menacing abnormality

A good reminder

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

– Marcus Aurelius

Beware of the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated

Agreed. It’s also very tempting to perceive yourself as deserving to be treated unfairly. Both are dangerous. Perhaps the real trap is the conceit that the world is aiming at you on purpose.

It´s truly hard to realize and assume this, but the false perception creates the actual event… – the attacker tacitly responds to the one secretly thinking to deserve to be attacked…

But isn’t the attacker also thinking that they deserve to be able to attack others? This is also a false notion. Even if someone is asking to be attacked, doesn’t make it right to do so. Thus the attacker also believes just as strongly in the actions they feel they have a right to perpetrate. The feeling of deserving leads both astray.

What you say is very apt. If I am afraid to see and acknowledge the guilt in myself, I will most certainly project it on others…

No matter how obvious their distress, you can never help those who don´t want to be helped

How do we bring about a radical revolution within?

As you say, we do so need to change…

So how do you propose we change?…As we seem so caught in the traps of our illusionary world and perceptions…

If I were to say few words, we urgently need to question what we think we know. Whatever was good and functioning yesterday, not only that is no longer useful today, but downright evil.

We thus have to necessarily look at What Is, not according to any preconceived thought system, but with a vivid intelligence which is not the outcome of “knowledge”. But that requires great courage. Guts. A sense of great spontaneous Freedom which is not the outcome of thought. A willingness to expose yourself to the immediacy of Life and living, putting behind every sense of vain security.

Also, individually and collectively, we need desperately to pragmatically look at and examine our fear. Like never before, people today are totally in the grip of fear. Possessed by it. To such extent that they take fear – the ubiquitous perception – as the only ruling reality.

Fear – the appanage of the separate Ego…- which takes itself as the Ultimate Creator…

True nearness – man´s worst nightmare…