About pain and suffering

Mirrors of Encounters

Suffering has become an essential part of common sense. But it isn’t given.
Suffering derives from dualism …. which isn’t given, too.

For sure, suffering IS what the human condition is about – generally speaking.

But while someone is in pain, you can hardly say this to this person: your suffering derives from dualism…
It won´t be heard. Besides, it will be interpreted like an awful cynicism.

I guess if we want to help someone else, we have to have learned ourselves what
non-duality is about.

Very well said. I’ve often been thinking what the essential difference is between suffering and pain. It seems there’s no significant border between these two expressions. Maybe real pain is like the physical answer for any violence on your body. And suffering are the thoughts about pain.

What do you think?

We can easily get lost…

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Dismiss what you have been taught to believe

Mirrors of Encounters

Going against and dismissing what I have been taught to believe is truly hard work. My brain functions have been conditioned to fathom and consider reality according to such deceitful civilizational legacy – a bunch of idiotic crap really – so the new and healthily transformational Truth which bursts out of me, has as yet no coherent words inside myself.

So these last days, I have been going around in a state of “knowing”, yet without being able to articulate these highly uncommon insights. So – great serendipity or not – I´ve just bumped here into this excerpt by Alan Watts, which just happens to put words to my epiphany.

“Just because it is a hoax from the beginning, the personal ego can make only a phony response to life. For the world is an ever-elusive and ever-disappointing mirage only from the standpoint of someone standing aside from it — as…

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The cure of pain is in the pain

Paul sent me on Facebook this meaningful quote by Rumi, which felt like a great reminder this evening. Here is our dialogue:

– To acknowledge pain is to also acknowledge your aloneness. And that, if anything, is terribly challenging.The pain of loneliness and the loneliness of pain…So yes…the cure is both “in” the pain and loneliness, but also beyond…in togetherness… Or…?
– Ah yes, in UNITY with the divine…
– Participating in this dialogue now is alleviating the pain…it means that we are United…aren´t we…?
– Yes I’d like to think so.
– What happens if you cease thinking, at least in this very now?
– Then I realize what IS.
– And what is, is a shared Emotion…which is the cure. Fact is, that either we heal together, or continue to suffer separately…
– Brilliant.

Un-word yourself


The compass to your life

Mirrors of Encounters

What brings us a real benefit really?

How do we recognize if something is “good”? Very simple: through the Joy we feel. Whatever is good and real instantly brings a feeling of ease and contentment. Whatever true creates real consequence – it grows, it flourishes, it is distinctly dynamic.

Let´s say you have a thought, an idea. If this idea of yours is meaningful, you will see that it creates further “positive” thoughts but also highly unlikely synchronistic incidents around you. Thoughts are “real”- real, in the sense that sooner or later they became manifest.

It is so simple: Whatever is positive, will bloom, will grow, will create more waves of joy and inspiration. The “negative” in turn, creates nothing but conflict, sadness, doubt and despondency. You can recognize negativity
as being the manifestation of the static –  a stagnant swamp. Negativity is non movement, non creation, in short, it is non…

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Your disease – our thriving

Mirrors of Encounters

We are not really interested to cure, the remedies we invent are part of the disease itself.

“So, don´t ever recover, be a reliable citizen!”, say the multinational companies “we respect you so much, we are here to encourage and take care of your fears, your wellness doesn´t pay, so please remain diseased – your sickness is our true source of great enrichment…”

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Nothing to obey or fear

There is nowhere to go. There is no precise destination.
Grasping that, you stop creating “future” and when future is suspended,
the past dies too. When time is invalidated, all conflict and suffering instantly stop.

You proceed moment by moment with the steady pulse of every second.
This very Instant is the mighty pulse of the Universe, comprising all there is.

So know that there is nothing to achieve, nothing worth fighting for, nothing to endeavour as it all swiftly comes to you. There is nothing to know, no Einstein, no Beethoven, no Jesus, indeed, no authority whatsoever, nothing to obey or fear.

There is only this blissful breath – Everybody and Nobody in a Happy Dance.

Once you are aware of this, all doors are wide open.

Life is just a second old

Mirrors of Encounters

I was feeling troubled, weary, hopelessly sad. Stuck. Nothing was working for me.
Out of the blue the message was seamlessly delivered within me:

Let it all go! Stay still! Nothing exists but this Second. You are just a second old.

I just stopped in deep amazement. These were not “mere” words, oh no.
It was a wonderfully soothing, almost palpable, reassuring feeling of peace.

My gloom and sorrow were instantly blown away. Such an indicible relief.

I felt joy again. Motivation.

I ran straight to the gym. I felt incredible energy. Those otherwise
draining and boring exercises, felt now like pure joy.
An hour and a half passed like a breath.

Really, I have never before experienced this wonderful ease…
There was no effort anymore…No tiredness, just some kind of joyful rhythm.

One, one, one, one…As if One was the…

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The greatest human contradiction

Mirrors of Encounters

Man loves his unhappiness at the same time is hardly struggling to get rid of it.

Valentine says:
In some way or another, I’m happy for unhappiness. It’s a force that creates happiness. To live in a perfect world would be imperfection, a boring path. There is not much to be achieved from happiness. Unhappiness on the other hand holds a lot of value as much as I am saddened by its existence. Unhappiness for me is a truth to be told.
I myself hold in high regard the idea of ‘seeking’. It is the unfound that keeps humanities journey alive in my opinion.”

So, following your line of reasoning that you are happy for unhappiness as it is the force creating happiness, it means subsequently that what you call “happiness” is not more than a modified and disguised unhappiness.

Intrinsically we are unhappy on a permanent…

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A story never told before…

Swarn Gill shared this moving tale with me:

There was once a beggar who was walking along unable to get anybody to give him any food or money.

He finally finds a group of traveling performers, who welcome him as family and offering him food and drink and a place by their fire. The beggar suddenly feels ashamed as he has nothing to offer them in return. The leader of the group of performers says to him:

Don’t be ridiculous, everyone has something to offer…the story of their life. Tell us yours, for it is a story that we have never heard before“.