Do we win together or fail together?

The underlying idea of keeping this so-called blog started out as an attempt to urge people to cooperate and colaborate…To build up a platform of aliveness where unbiased dialogue would help us open and explore ourselves in a further and different light. To create a more sustainable vision and perception through questioning our very entrenched immemorial conditioning.

It is baffling: considering the visitors, I could easily say that Mirrors of Encounters is a fairly “successful” place.

Truth be said, it feels more like a failure:

The paradox is though that despite the numerous views, I get less and less comments. Maybe my writing and may personal way of approaching “reality” intimidates or discourages people to make a point.

God knows…

Fact of the matter is that without your endorsing viewpoints, the whole idea of continuing writing in this form becomes meaningless and rather futile.

I am rather disinterested in monologues.

They´re so rich in vapid abstractions, and so poor in real life

The death of true Art?…

Creation is relation.

There is no distinction between Man and Society. They mould and foster each other.

Everything is intertwined – nothing comes out of nothing. And anything is the response of something else. Meaning that, Art happens naturally…Organically: where there is a spark of life, there will be creation.

Artistic creation is thus the outcome of true encounters. It is a vivid process finding its own way IN RELATION.

But, let´s face it: in this utterly disturbed today-world, genuine relation is relegated to a word in the dictionary only.

TRUE SENTIMENT IS TABOO, which means that every emotional involvement is fiercely thwarted.

So what is the artist supposed to do in this harsh and barren land of today, when there is hardly any true communion and togetherness left in human society?…

My words make probably no difference, but I will never give up writing

Because only when I write, I understand and cure myself.

Because only The Word saves me from the spiritual
collapse of this desert world.

Self-knowledge – the most daunting taboo

The one maintaining to know himself, doesn´t have a clue who he is.

Utterly speaking, the problem is not the lack of self-knowledge, but claiming to know, these obstinate people in fact neither want to know, nor discover themselves.

Being spontaneous is your greatest fear

Mirrors of Encounters

This very moment is unknown, imponderable, untraceable…

Life is a challenge thrown at you moment by moment, but you obstinately
try to keep away and defend yourself from this insight.
Spontaneity always involves a risk – a risk you are never prepared to assume.


You play it safe. You play it tepid.

You long to live, but you´re killing each moment with your phony expectation.

The ready-made is nowadys your Bible.
False answer is your constant answer.

Aren´t you tired of yourself?

Why don´t you take a risk? Strip yourself of what you know!

For a change, stop playing it safe, cause you´re playing it dead.

Can´t you stop defining yourself through fear of loss?

Learn to lose, and you might find out that You are this spontaneous Breath – this liberated second…- a mystery beyond your thought…

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Who would you be without your illusions?

Mirrors of Encounters

Dale Carnegie once admitted to some friends that although he was a billionaire he was utterly unhappy and miserable. “I was better off when I was young and poor, having an ideal to accomplish”, he openly admitted. “Now I have everything I wished for, but no motivation left, no reason to struggle.”

So oftentimes, I can´t help chuckling when I look around: everybody is running a terrible race, frantically chasing success. They worry, they fight, they can kill for their reckless desire to achieve. To make it.

The worst possible scenario for many though, would be if their dreams came true. Imagine Abundance and Happiness coming their way:

“From now on, we are all yours. You could have it all…”

God forbid:

What would become of them if they out stopped struggling, chasing, tormenting themselves?…

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Whatever you explain, you kill

That doesn’t mean that what you don’t explain is necessarily alive…

Which fool do you want to be?

Only a fool would deny what the evidence says.

On the other hand it is only a fool that would believe what the evidence says.

Somewhere inside of all us is a memory of that changeless dwelling place