The inner is the outer

Overlooking this immutable truth, every attempt to mend outward discord will bring about even more disorder and antagonism.

This is fact and not some kind of inane abstraction:

First you put things right inside, they will come right outside.

The more suitable word for most grown-ups would actually be “grown-downs”…

Success can be the worst failure

I know a guy, you could say that in worldly terms he is pretty successful. In fact, he is a minor celebrity. But worse misery than his and the total absurdity and disconnectedness of a wasted life, you can hardly see. A self-infatuated sham pompously mimicking success. What´s truly daunting is that people look up to him.

Of course, they also love failure…sorry! – I mean success.

😀 😛

You better keep your mouth shut

My goodness, people are so unspeakably complicated, so hauntingly biased, that whatever pure and unadulterated thing you´ll say, will be torn off and massacred in less than a second.

Sometimes it is wise to realize that the best thing you can say to them, is Nothing.

What is there to do?…

Someone who has only known unhappiness will never believe or accept that happiness can be a “palpable” reality moment by moment. What is even worse is that misery always wants to be right…and whatever doesn´t fit its preconceived notion is immediately discarded.

It´s impossible to be believed by those who have never experienced that particular thing.
It´s like trying to explain the texture of Light to the Blind.

The more lucidity the bigger the pain

Now, does it mean that lack of lucidity exempts that person from pain?…
Most likely – not…

Are we then cursed to live in sorrow?…Or can pain ever cease?
It can…but that requires on one hand perfect lucidity, and on the other, that
lucidity – i.e intelligence – needs to be irrevocably abandoned.

Unobtrusive sameness


I destroy your health in order to sell you a fucking disease…

You all recognize this don´t you?…

Man is immutably in love with his unhappiness

Give happiness to the ones really wanting to be happy

Mirrors of Encounters

For many years I gave away my energy, spreading around my joy and goodwill till I finally found myself completely drained. Obviously, I was trapped in the false belief that I could make other people happy.

Pure illusion!

I wanted to make unhappy people happy, but guess what, they were not
interested to be “happy”…


They kind of secretly like being in constant contention, “to be happy” means struggle, disharmony and punishment…– it´s utterly twisted and strange, that´s why it has taken me years to finally sort this out.

So, to make it short, give your happiness and joy to yourself first, and then the ones who desire to embrace happiness, will just be attracted to you….and you to them.

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