At the end of the day, it´s about learning to celebrate your solitude

Cause if you find your bliss there, no one will make you either happy or unhappy.

A blessed encounter

Fate arranged that I met some Gypsy people tonight. The winsome honesty with which they were talking, the craziness, the generosity, the wisdom, playfulness, deep humanity, all in all, all facets of the human drama were charmingly embraced and exultingly talked about. There was no trace of false modesty, hypocrisy or emotional restraint. No taboos. Nothing to hold back or be ashamed of. How we laughed…Everything humane was covered and taken into account.
I have never in my life before conversed this freely, seamlessly and without any sense of guilt or tímorousness…in such deep and natural insight.
Staggering what nearness can be shared and conveyed when it´s right…

I understand even more now why I named this blog Mirrors of Encounters…

This is Law, not clever but nonsensical words

That “someone” who you´re craving and so eagerly look for,
is beyond all doubts – YOU.

Once you are in un-mediated contact with this imperishable You, another kind of
“you” – your true Love – will seamlessly manifest as your counterpart. WHAT I SAY HERE IS LAW, NOT LOOSE CLEVER WORDS.

Please let go of “mine”…

Let go of possession, let go of yearning, cause longing distances you from what is truly yours. In the freedom from the false me – which is Fear – the true You will come forth in all its splendour.

I am not afriad to fucking lose it all

Every single moment can be the perfect one to die or live…

She punished me fiercely

That’s her way to show her love.

Watch out for them

Mirrors of Encounters

Narcissists are enchanting, until they are not. Woe betide you if you let yourself be drawn into their snare:
There is no measure as to their callousness, cruelty and recklessness once they hook you.They take a malicious pleasure to inflict suffering and misery in subtle or vehement ways. It´s very hard to trace them though, because they are incredible masters in faking emotion.

Unless you are a masochist wanting a rollercoaster life, living mostly in the abyss of their emotional absence, you should never choose a narcissist for a friend or love partner.

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They´re all stuck to their notion of themselves

The gypsy talks like a gypsy, a doctor like a doctor, the whore like a whore,
the poet like a poet.

Even the imposters are predictable nowadays.

So fucking tiresome:
Everybody is a slave of his identity and identification.

Arioso in reverse

Her life is a symphony of shards.
Don´t play your music too near her – you may cut your strings.

There are almost no people with whom you can share silence…

That´s why I love to be on my own.

I am therefore I postpone you

The ones who love you respond and reciprocate you instantly. “Nower” than now…

Time is sorrow and pain. Those who thus postpone you, feed themselves on and want your despondency. Your misery. They inflict pain and suffering on you, stealing your life. Your Joy. Your hard achieved inner confidence.

Fuck these cursed vampires.

Get rid of them. NOW!