You will start to live and be real

…in proportion to your courage to renounce and let go of your mind.

You can´t search for what you already are

Time and again, it shows that there is absolutely nothing beyond this very Moment. The moment is its own reward, the target, the aim, the bliss you crave for, but project away due to your twisted power-horny mind which constantly seeks to empower its madness thru time and linearity.

Again – there is no future. And no past. Only this moment’s Complete Joy where you already abide. You are It. Beyond It there is nothing, but your imagined insanity.

Come out… Shine

It´s time

Come out of your hiding place

Show yourself
Exuberantly, ecstatically, wildly, frantically

Tear away your mask
Show your ravishing countenance
Let out this dazzling Light of you


Time to leave behind your mad vindictive ego…
It s time to put behind all your sorrow and enfeebling darkness




… – provided that Mind is not there to judge.

A rather strikingly dismal truth

The problem with most people is that they are not Human Beings
but much more, Human Havings.

I will love her forever

Not only that she believed in me when no one did, but she trusted and backed me – reminding and prompting me to see the undying Beauty inside of me – even when I had lost faith in mySelf.

Silence is not always golden

You assume a big risk by saying something.

The risk is equally big if you say nothing.

Enchant me forever

These swirling, savagely delirious life-arousing rhythms.

This holy madness…your fiery ecstatic dance.

Sing Goddess


Why search for it, when Paradise is ever-present?…

Self-infatuation and great artistry never ever rhyme