Sometimes it´s wiser to shut up

In vain you encourage the good in them
they are prone to see it in themselves.

Totally illogical

And yet…

If you’re going anywhere
Any road is the wrong one.

What is music eventually?

It all comes down to reducing it all to one note.

If you are totally committed to that single note and play it with greatest presence and sincerity, that very presence will spawn another note, which in fact, is the initial tone, but in a “different” guise.

To put is simple. music is right relation between a tone and another.

You tell me

What do you do when an entire nation has irrevocably gone awry, stubbornly and sufficiently promoting Disease, thwarting and fearing every natural and healthily spontaneus expression, taking Truth for Delusion, and Delusion for Truth…?

What is to be done in a society which simply takes Death for Life?…


How I have been punished these endless years…Punished for daring be myself, punished for being in unspeakable emotional pain, punished for my unrelenting urge to search for and uncover the truth. Punished and laughed at for my gigantic desire to be free, to create, for my attempt to find new sustainable solutions to heal and empower ourselves.

Indeed, I have been harshly sanctioned for the hardest sin of daring to express Love.

All those who have maliciously aimed to kill my Joy, ridiculed, diminished and humiliated me, can go and fuck themselves now.


Human havings

“I am only surreptitiously alive. In fact I vehemently thwart everything living.
I enjoy being dead, and I do everything possible to remain so…”

Life is a glance away

Mirrors of Encounters

“I love your poem”, she said enthusiastically.
She had seen me writing at the café and she was keen to hear what I wrote. She was nice, graceful, with a classical beauty, her elegance came from inside.

“It is good, you have managed to catch this fleeting moment of the afternoon”, she continued.
“You can almost see the beautiful sunset, rain falling, people going by…this dreamy atmosphere.”

She had a glance as if she heard the poem with her eyes…

“Isn´t it strange”, she went on, “most of this people going by are so incredibly stupid.
They´re  always in a big hurry, as if running  a race, seeing  nothing of this simple but great beauty…”

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You have reached the destination before you even started


But you are simply not aware, as you have never been allowed to know that.

Everybody asks you what you do

…but no one is interested to know HOW YOU FEEL.

And yet, your emotional perception totally decides
what the entirety of your action and its outcome will be.

Divine hopelessness

Mirrors of Encounters

You come to a point when whatever you undertake is fruitless. No matter the passion, good will or effort you put into that particular action, you see no real outcome. Indeed, very frustrating. Time after another, you feel defeated by some kind of relentless fate. The more you try, the less you achieve.

What do you do…? To act is hopeless, inaction is no answer either. In plain language,
to do or not to do, doesn´t change a thing…You´re powerless. Stuck. You can´t solve the problem.
You just don´t find the right solution. The utter futility of human endeavour.

In this powerlessness, something happens. You are ready to surrender. To accept whatever it is, the way it is. You realize your limit. Surrender to what is, is unspeakable sorrow, as you no longer can flee your sorrow.
You can try to flee, but whatever you do, whoever you meet – your sorrow will be…

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