Give them no specific reason for loving them

…and they will find every possible reason to misunderstand and mistrust you.

An unwonted encounter

It came out of nowhere.
Smiling in its resplendent gentleness.
It healed the day.
Healed my afternoon shadow.

Wrong perception makes no music

I cannot be more unequivocal

Mirrors of Encounters

This nauseating modernity has killed woman´s soul…And killing woman´s natural proneness to nurture life, along with that, also beauty, elegance, poetry, music and everything which implies creativity and the arts, has been wiped off…
Unless we allow women to heal and retrieve this inherent unadulterated Love, we´re all fucked…

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Self-knowledge can come only through relationship, not through isolation

Relationship is action, and self-knowledge is the result of awareness in action.
– Krishnamurti

Courtesy of Monica Cassani

Nothing scares them more, yet no one will ever admit this

Humans find naked honesty the most detested menace.

Every second is new…




Totally illogical.

The safety-seeking and achievement-oriented mind will never fathom this grand truth. Never ever fathom love…- as Love is this naked second:

The Death of all preconceived notions.