What is Joy

Mirrors of Encounters

There are some very valuable topics I´ve been intending to write on. Joy,
is one among them – but I kind of didn´t find the right “touch”.

So instead of waiting for the adequate formulation, which can be a terrible waste of time,
I thought I´d better write certain posts, even if they feel like loose drafts. Sometimes, it seems that even the syntax is superfluous as long as the message is vivid and true. After all, it is not the form, but the content which needs to come out.

In fact I prefer a happy and clever illiterate than an insipid, infelicitous scholar.

Joy is creation.
Joy is center.
Joy is always Now.
Joy is timeless.
Joy is energy.

Joy is freedom.
Joy is always perfect timing.
Joy is success.
Joy is knowledge.
Joy is Truth.

Joy is Peace.
Joy is inspiration.
Joy is gratitude.

Joy is openness.
Joy needs no question…

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The mirrors are shivering in silent ecstasy

Gaze beyond the veil…

The Core

By Steve Taylor

It can take a whole lifetime to become yourself
years of feeling adrift and alone
trying to be someone you could never be
wearing clothes that don’t fit you
stammering in a language you weren’t meant to speak
trying to pass yourself off as normal
but always feeling clumsy and unnatural
like a stranger pretending to be at home
and knowing that everyone can sense your strangeness
and resenting you because you don’t belong.
But slowly, through years of exploration
you see a landmark that you suddenly recognise
hear vague whispers that seem to make sense
strangely familiar words, as if you had spoken them yourself
ideas that resonate deep down as if you already knew them
and slowly, your confidence grows,
and you walk faster, now you sense the right direction
and feel the magnetic pull home.
And now you begin to excavate,
to peel away the layers of conditioning
to shed the skins of your flimsy, false self
to discard those habits and desires which you absorbed until
you reach the solid rock beneath
the shining molten core of you.
And now there is no more uncertainty
your path is clear, your course is fixed
and this bedrock of your being is so solid and stable
that there’s no need for acceptance nor belonging
no fear of exclusion nor ridicule
and everything you is right and true
and deep and whole with authenticity.
But don’t stop, this is only the half way point –
maybe even just the beginning.
Once you’ve reached the core
keep exploring but more subtly
keep excavating, but more delicately
and you’ll keep unearthing new layers, finding new depths
until you reach the point which is no point
where the core dissolves
and the solid rock melts like ice
and the self loses it’s boundary
and expands to encompass the whole.
A self even stronger and more true
because it is no self at all.
A self you had to find
so that you could lose it.

Where is the point when you should stop caring about others?…

…wondered Andrea.

For sure, this is a very subtle and rightful question.

Is caring personal or impersonal? Why does one care eventually?…

Could possibly Love be a dispassionately sharp perception of the other…?

Can IT be an immediate yet pervasive clear sight?

A swift grasping as to what is and what is not?…

It´s about measure eventually…- that is, “judging” right whether the other is receptive for one´s gifts or not…Open to receive love…

Cause if the receptivity is not there, “caring” leaves one totally drained…

Sometimes you are lonelier than lonely

Mirrors of Encounters

You go through life threatening trials, indeed, veritable ordeals, and after inhuman strain, you skillfully manage to come out alive…You then try to reach out and share what you have been through.

Despite the manifest perils and the harshness of your experience what do you hear?

“Oh, it was all in your mind, it couldnt´t have been that bad, don’t overdo it…”

And then you wanna say: “It was much worse than your idiotic idea of what “bad” entails, you petty moron. Stop discarding the seriousness of Life, relegating it to some kind of inane kindergarten affair!”

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It´s their greateness they fear foremost

The funny thing about humans is not that they hide their ugliness, guilt and darkness, but that they are terribly ashamed of and therefore conceal their beauty, innocence and light…

Watch out

The clearer and wiser you are, the bigger the likelihood
they´ll turn you into a mirror of their stupidity and insanity.